Blood, Wolves, and Death

A Tale That Began With Winter (2)

The moon in its magnificent glow brightened the starry sky. Its luminescent presence almost drowning out the stars around it. Tall trees danced to the whistling wind, as the snow crunched beneath my boots. My breath ragged, I stared ever so intently at the moon. As if it called to me, beckoning me to take my next step, my gaze never faltered. Its beauty showing the very irony of this beautiful, yet so cruel world.

I looked back towards the burning ruins of a home that was no more, of parents that were no more. Was this all I could do? Run away. I felt so weak.

X time earlier…

”Ford! Ford! ”, a man called out my name, his stern voice clearly fed up with me.

Watching him from above, I sat on a branch of one of the trees.

”Graaah! ”, I shouted, as I jumped on his back.

”Ugh ”, he grunted. ”There you are, brat ”.

He chuckled as he threw me to the ground. My back ached as I laughed.

”Your mothers looking for you, and she took out some of her frustration on me. So you better watch your back during tomorrows practice ”, he ushered me to go as he ominously smiled.

”Sorry Brad ”, I scratched my ear. I could only hope that he wouldn go too hard on me. Running to the large mansion, I took a shortcut through one of the bushes to the back. Tossing through hedges, running around trees, I looked towards the back, where I entered the servants quarters.

”Hello, Master Ford ”, one of the servants greeted me, bowing her head.

”Hello Sendra ”, I smiled before running to the kitchen.

The chefs didn even look surprised. They were used to my sudden appearances through the backdoor. They greeted me nonetheless, as I ran further into the mansion.

The halls twisted and-

”Ow ”, I bumped into a large lizard, its red eyes that seemed like they could see right through you, looked at me. ”Oh, hey Simon ”.

I greeted the large lizard, smiling. Petting its head for a moment. Though, I almost instantly recalled my mothers angry face.

”Sorry, I have to go Simon ”, I sprinted away. The lizard became invisible, as if it weren ever there in the first place.

”Ford len Twoir ”, my full name, this was going to be bad.

Looking towards my mother, my eyes quickly looked to the very interesting floor. There seemed to be a stain on the carpet, never noticed it.

”Where have you been? ”, she asked furiously.

”I was… ” I mumbled.

”What? ”, her voice came again. ”Youll have to speak louder than that ”.

The silence was deafening.

Thankfully, mother sighed to break the silence. This is it, hope. Perhaps I was going to receive a second chance at life.

e not allowed to go hunting this weekend with your father ”, she spoke, her strict tone leaving me no room to complain.

”But- ”, I courageously spoke out.

She glared at me.

”So what was it? ”, I asked nervously, though I didn want to have her recall why she was angry, I was also curious.

”I wanted to go on a walk with you ”.

”Huh? ”, my brows trembled as I almost lost my footing.

– – – – –

A gentle breeze, colder than usual blew through my fingers. A glowing orange sun and clouds almost trying to steal the colours of the sky, demanded my gaze. Pink, orange, yellow, red. Yet through its beauty, the sun always seemed so out of reach. It glowed so bright, nothing could match it. Sounds lonely.

”Ford? ”, my mother looked to my questioning face.

”Its nothing ”.

”The wind is growing colder, winter is coming ”, my mum looked at the sky. ”And with that, your birthday ”.

My mother had a bright smile on her face. Her smile was contagious, anyone looking at her right now would undoubtedly smile alongside her.

”If thats the case, won you pleeeeease let me go with father, its the first time hes invited me to anything ”, I interlocked my hands while using my perfected puppy-dog eyes.

Mother simply looked away, still smiling.

”Youll turn 16 this year, huh? ”, she looked towards the ground. ”You
e growing so fast ”.

She sighed, shaking her head, still keeping her gaze towards the coarse dirt path beneath her feet.

”Ok… but be careful ”, her eyes locked with mine, worry staining her usually joyful face.

Why did she look that way, why when Im old enough to decide for myself, does she have to always butt in. I clenched my hand, without looking away as to not show her my clear discontent.

We walked till the sun crossed the horizon, unable to see it anymore.

– – – – –

The curtains of my room flung open, a maid ushered me awake. Her figure seemingly glistening from the bright morning sun.

Being not much of a morning person, I simply could not part from the soft cushiony pillows of my bed. Its desire to keep me captive, unrelenting and disapproving my need to start the day.

Though that wasn a problem as I was flung off the bed by one of the butlers. Cruel bastard, I will have my revenge. Sleep is a sacred thing that must-

”Master Ford, your father is awaiting you in the dining room ”, the same cruel butler told me.

I barely saw my father, he was never around. Either out working or in the study. I almost didn seem to be a priority. Im your own son…

At least, this is what I thought for quite some time. Till one day, I saw my father bloody, covered with scars and barely fighting for his breath. I was truly baffled by the scene of his weakened state. He always felt so out of reach that, in a way, he almost seemed inhuman. However that wasn the end of it. Every day, I noticed bruising, new scars, cuts.

Things that I didn notice, started to become more noticeable. At the very least, I knew he was working hard. I knew he was working to provide for me, whether I was his last priority or not, I lived comfortably.

His figure, brilliant and rough, was something he forged through effort. I wanted to be like him.

e not taking me hunting this week? ”, my steps faltered. ”Why? Did I do something wrong? I thought I could finally- ”.

My mother did not look towards my face, her expression looking almost guilty. My father seemed to notice my gaze.

”This decision was made by me, it has nothing to do with your mother. I simply realised that it was too soon ”, his deep voice rumbled, echoing in the large dining room.

I stepped towards the tall doors, almost bursting out.

”Sit ”, my father commanded and so I complied, I simply couldn refuse, like my body couldn respond.

And so we ate. Silence dominated the room. I would usually talk to mother, but fathers presence just made everything more awkward.


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The ” – – – – – ” represents a shift in time and/or setting where not clearly stated in wording.

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