Blood, Wolves, and Death

A Tale That Began With Winter (3)

The sound of dull metal clanging could be heard throughout the garden.

”Push harder with your foot, I barely feel any force behind your strike ”, Brad instructed, pushing me back with his sword.

”Thats rich coming from you whos basically 3 times my size ”, I retorted.

Brad hit me over the head with his sword which mind you, with my metal helm, made my head rock side to side. And did I tell you hes massive.

”Your clumsier than usual, whats on your mind? ”, Brad looked towards my shaking head.

”So you
e saying Im clumsy in general? ”, I joked.

”Stop dodging the question ”, Brad looked me dead in the eye. I really had been spending too much time with him. He could see right through me.

”Father isn going to take me hunting this week ”, I kicked a rock on the ground.

”Thats it? ”.

”Thats it? Thats it?! ”, I looked at Brad, shock on my face.

”Listen kid, just cuz your dad ain taking you on this hunting trip with rainbows and sunshines, doesn mean you have to pretend like its the end of the **ing world ”, he shook his head back and forth.

”Youve got your whole life ahead of you, just wait till the next weekend ”, he shrugged.

”All I do is keep waiting! ” I lashed out. ”What if he doesn take me the next week, and the week after that, and the week after that? What then? I… just want him to see me as I see him ”.

I turned around, clenching my fists.

Brad didn say anything, scratching his head, he put out his hand to rest on my shoulder, but decided against it.

I walked away. Leaves crunching beneath my feet as my steps grew further and further from Brad, yet he didn call out to me, not once. A part of me wishes he did. The last leaves of autumn had fallen, the dry cold air of winter seemed ever closer.

– – – – –

The day I had been waiting for had arrived, yet it was now just another repeated cycle like every other one.

However, I wasn going to let myself fall into routine once again. I planned to follow my father into the woods.

The day seemed to flash by within a second for everyone else. While for me, everything seemed to be taking longer than usual. I was excited but also anxious and afraid of what might happen if Im found out.

Brad noticed my odd behaviour but decided not to pry this time, simply training me as usual.

Darkness took over the sky, as the night drew in. Father along with some other older looking men, geared themselves. Each now looking almost as if they were going out for war rather than just some deer hunting. Their figures soon started crossing the gravel roads, leaving me behind.

I wondered why they passed the stables, but in the end, it was more of a blessing than anything. I doubt I could follow them without revealing myself, let alone ride a horse. Pulling a sword I had nabbed from the shed, I followed them. Keeping my distance, I ran behind tree and rock. I couldn let them see me.

The wind grew stronger as my limbs felt numb.

Torches from the group in front seemed to lose their lustre. Where are we going, I wondered. How much longer till we arrive? I couldn even feel my hands anymore, let alone walk for another hour.

”Stop! ”, my father commanded.

The hairs on my neck stood up. Had they perhaps noticed me? Was this it? I stopped my useless thoughts.

The group halted their steps. Are we here? Where ever here is…

A rumbling as if the world had decided to erupt and fold into itself, rattled my ears. Growls that sounded like death and steps that inched ever closer, filled the atmosphere with an eerie and ominous danger.

Wolves? I thought to myself. I readied my sword, pulling it out of its sheath. I had no source of light and so I simply stared, trying to focus my eyes on places where the moons glow shined bright.

My fathers group had also armed themselves, pulling out their swords and muskets.

Eyes that seemed to glow in the dark, revealed themselves. Yet for some reason, they began to float higher, and higher, and higher.

”Werewolves! ”, my father shouted as he pointed his sword at one of the set of eyes.


Werewolves huh? Now thats different right? Youve definitely never read a story which involved those right? Right?

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