Blood, Wolves, and Death

A Tale That Began With Winter (3)

simply looking at me for a moment.

”Thank you ”, I muttered to the man.

Though, I never expected him to lunge in at me. He brought me to his chest, holding me tight.

”I shouldve known you were going to do this, you started acting weird again, idiot ”, hearing his voice, a flood of emotions swept my mind.

”I thought Id never see you again, or mom, or dad, I was scared Brad ”, tears flooded my eyes as I held onto him.

For a moment, It all seemed like it was going to be ok, I wish I could stay in his embrace forever. Seconds passed and neither of us said a word.

”Can you stand? ”, he asked as he pulled back.

I nodded, as I rose up to my feet. My back stung, but it was nothing I couldn handle. Not like I could say no to the pain anyways.

”My my what a heart wrenching performance, bravo, bravo! ”, a voice unknown to me joyously clapped as he walked out of the shadows.

”Who are you? ”, Brad pulled out his sword, pointing it at the man.

”Oh, nothing but a passerby, what do you think I am? ”, he shrugged.

Looking at the man, I noticed his blood red eyes and protruding fangs.

”Vampire… ”, Brad grumbled.

”Correct! ”, the vampire cheered, but he wasn where he was standing before. He was now standing an inch away from Brad. ”Heres a reward for you ”.

If I could return to his embrace, I would, sadly I can no longer do that.

”B-Brad? ”, I looked to the bloodied corpse with a hole in its chest. My face constricting into an ugly cry.

I fell to my knees, pulling his mask away. His face hadn even changed or distorted. He had died in an instant. Why? Why was this happening? Hes dead now and its all my fault. I punched the ground.

The vampire squirmed as he looked at me. His face blushing as if he were suffering from pure euphoria.

”More, more, show me that face more ”, his tone shifted from out of breath to more and more maniacal.

”Tch, Im gonna be late for the main show ”, he looked to the red sky and then back at me.

”Sayonara, little boy, may we meet again ”, he grinned from ear to ear. ”Though youll probably die sooner or later anyways ”.

”Just make sure to come and take revenge if you do live, Ill be waiting ”, he disappeared into thin air.

And here we are now, all alone. I tried walking further and further to find help, but none came. I don know if mothers alive. I don know if father is already dead. I just walked. You know, its moments like these where you really step back and reflect. Yet, its never about anything good that youve done. Its always the wrong. If I were like this or had done that, then maybe none of this wouldve happened.

I thought of going back, I really did. Perhaps I could help father, redeeming myself in his eyes. Id save mother from those scary wolves, Id kill the bastard who killed Brad.

Yet even then, my legs shook, denying my heros complex. Who was I kidding Im not the hero, not the gallant prince who rescues the princess. Im a sad kid who can even get his dad to look at him.

As the snow fell like stars out of the sky, my bloody wound stained the snow beneath my feet- Ugh I don even care anymore, describing the scenery? Is that all Im going to do till I die.

I fell to the ground.


Phew that was a long writing session, tell me if I made some inconsistency or mistake so I can fix it or something.

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