My eyes opened up to a great blue sky.

”It was all a dream, huh? ”, I muttered beneath my breath. Picking myself off the ground, my face looked dark, as if it were devoid of any emotion. My crippling self worth had taken its toll.

”Phew, whats gotten you in such a bad mood? ”, an old mans voice was accompanied by the smell of burnt tobacco and loud coughing. ”Somethin good happen? ”.

Pulling my hand to grab my sword, I held it firmly in my hands. Wait, its not there-

”Lookin for this? ”, he revealed the sword I had been carrying. ”A good piece of equipment, perhaps this could be my repayment for buildin that fire for ya ”.

He gestured towards a small pit, filled with burnt twigs and branches.

I merely looked at him, keeping my distance.

”Oh come on, cut me some slack, Im just tryna tease ya ”, he threw my sword back to me. ”Whered you come from anyways? Its not safe out here… specially not at night ”.

I merely continued to stare at him, I can act carelessly anymore, I thought.

”Sigh, come on… lets get you some place safe ”, he shrugged walking away from me.

Looking to the sides, I wondered whether I should run or not.

”You comin? ”, he called out.

In the end, I decided to follow him. There wasn much else I could do.

– – – – –


I was led to a small log cabin, it wasn much further away from where I collapsed.

”Don be shy, make yourself at home ”, he put up his large winter coat on a hanger in the corner.

The wood floor, screeched beneath my feet with every step. The smell was unpleasant but bearable. More so of alcohol that anything. A fireplace stood to the left, on top of which were many certificates and a single photo of the man, though he looked much younger.

”Oh those? ”, he noticed my gaze on the frame. ”I used to be somewhat of a name around here, I was a bounty hunter, a killer shot ”.

He stood next to me, picking up the frame in his hands.

”Stuff happened and yknow how it goes ”, he sat on a chair. ”Now Im just passin my days, waitin to kick the bucket ”

”Was it a werewolf? ”, I asked in a hushed tone.

Taken aback by my sudden question, the man took a second to answer before laughing, ”And so it speaks? ”

”I thought you were mute or somethin ”, he was dodging the question.

”Was it a werewolf? ”, I asked again.

”No, the man who injured my left hand was very much human… ”, he sank back in his chair. ”Sometimes humans are more monstrous than the actual monsters ”.

”But alas that is a story for another day ”, he sat back up. ”Say boy, how much do you know about werewolves? ”

I said nothing.

”Back to mute huh? ”, he sat in silence for a second as if pondering something. ”These creatures of the night are quite slimy; always covering their tracks. you never hear about them in the news. Some say it was just a bear, others just don care at all ”.

”Anyways thats enough talk, you
e probably hungry, aren you? ”, he waited for my response. ”Nah you
e definitely hungry, I see that look in your eye ”.

He laughed as he pulled out a bird from his pouch, ”But youll have to wait, needa pluck the feathers and leave it hangin for the blood to spill out ”.

And so I watched the man, observing his every move. I wanted to trust him, but trust did not come easy. Im going to survive and kill that vampire. Hes never getting away, even if I have to chase him to the ends of the earth.

– – – – –

”Here we are ”, he pulled out a bowl of stew and set it on a small table.

”Come on, eat it ”, he handed me a wooden spoon. ”Put my heart and soul into it ”.

Taking a spoonful of stew, I blew on it before-

”Is it really that good that you
e gonna cry? ”, he joked, smiling. ”I really outdid myself today ”.

He pulled out a piece of cloth from the drawer and handed it to me, ”Here use this, or youll over salt the stew ”.

I really tried not to open up my heart anymore, it wasn even about the trust. I just didn want to lose anyone anymore. Yet he was so kind to me.

He left the bed to me, opting to sleep on the chair. Though i felt bad, he insisted on it.

The night didn feel as bad as I thought it would.

– – – – –

”Leavin already? ”, he asked. ”Its only been a day ”.

”Theres some stuff I have to do ”, I replied.

”Be safe ”, he commented. ”I don wanna find you in the snow, almost dyin again ”.

Thanking him once again, I looked to the forest and the path that lead home. Its my first birthday away. Feels… lonely.

Walking along the path, I came across a stream. Its water had already frozen over. There I noticed a tall man, in a large coat that looked like bear skin, on the other side. Long black hair and a scar that stretched across his face, he definitely looked like someone not to be messed with.

He stared at the ice that covered the lake, ”what are you staring at, kid? ”.

His tone was harsh and rough. Anger clear in his voice. Though, he did not wait for an answer, simply walking away from the stream.

Continuing on the journey, I recalled every second of every day that had passed. Reminiscing about my early childhood. The maids that would scold me for making a mess. Brad whod train me while mocking me constantly. Mother who sung in the garden, as I laid on the grass. Father, who constantly came home battered and bruised.

– – – – –

Everything is gone now…


That old guy was nice, though the scary looking dude was kinda rude. Wonder when well meet them again.

Keep reading~

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