Bloom Girl

unfold 2

o draw a smile. Realising the guys around us, he looked away and I turned back towards my bench.

Riya asked , ” What Happened? ”.

I replied , ” nothing ” .

” don lie darling ” . She said , ” I can see you boiling ”.

” its really nothing ” . I lied to her.

She looked at Biraj first and back at me . She can sense that something was pishing between me and him.

what was he trying to do? Were he trying to mock me or he was being just sarcastic. Perhaps he thinks that I am still his friend. But it didn sound like friendship jokes, he sounded more like some kind of powerful authority who wants an answer immediately.

Biraj and I are childhood friends. We used to play together along with village friends. He used to act a part of being my partner. At the age of 5 he used to tell elders that he likes me. Therefore some elders starting teasing us and called us a cute couple. We didn know what it mean that time. With the growing age we drifted apart. We began to realised what does the like mean. Now our friendship is completely abandoned. He never talks to me friendly and neither do I. Indeed I never have hard feelings towards him , but now , I guess….I DO.

We are trying to find a free table with plates on our hand at the canteen. Riya pointed towards the edge of the room, there was a free table.

As we are heading towards the table I saw Armann, Pijush , Biraj and one junior guy sitting opposite to our table. When they saw us, they smile. But Biraj didn .

” Hey Girls ” Armann from his seat with a flirty smile.

” Hello ” Riya smiled too.

” Isssh ” I mocked both their gestures.

”could you be more friendly ” Armman said .

”I thought that was only for Riya ” I replied.

Arman teased, ” somebody is jealous ” .

Pijush and that junior guy laughed. Riya too but Biraj just seems focus on his food.

I ignored Armans comment because I already had so much of dehydrating comments and couldn bear anymore.

” Lizz I just want to asked just you a general question, Have you ever talked to a guy with female voice ”. Armann always teased me for my husky voice. And he knows exactly where to hit me. He always likes to crossed my mind whenever he get chance . It hurts my ego too.

So he used the opportunity in every possible way to infuriate me. But this time no way, I am not gonna give him that chance.

Meantime a brilliant idea came to my mind . One month ago I once saw a video on the internet about physiological tricks and I am pretty sure it will shut him up.

I said teasingly , ” I too want to ask you a question ”. ”what? ”. He said smilingly

”do you like me? ” . I blaffed.

His smile turned into suspicious.

”because the way you always teased me, it seems to me like , You do ”. I added with wicked smile.

Riya choked and look at me with wide eyes open. Birai paused from eating. Other boys gave teasing smile to Armann.

Huh! I said on my mind. I SUCCEED. I really caught him off guard. He was speechless.

Then suddenly Biraj stand up and leave. Nobody said anything . Riya and I finished our lunch and came back to classroom.

Our class gets over at 2:30 noon. As I am about to leave with Riya , a deep gentle voice called me, ” Lily ”.

I turned to see the person and I saw Biraj standing a few steps away right behind me .

” Can I talk to you for a second? ”. He asked. I nodded.

Riya leave my hand and went ahead.

”I want to apologised for the earlier ”. He said with low deep voice.

” you mean mornings incident ”. I asked.

”yeah ”. He replied.

” Its okay ” I assure him.

We stand there in silence for a 5 seconds without knowing what to say to each other. I really hate this type of moment because when awkwardness prevail, even a second feels like a minute. So as I turned back to leave he called again. This time he surprised me.

” Lizz… wait! ”. He called.

I turned my half body and looked at him in suspicious way. That Lizz word have really caught me off guard. It has been years since he had called me , ” Lizz ”. He was the first boy to ever called me by that name besides my parents.

” With whom were you? ”. He sounded curious. surprised by his question I said , ” what ? ”.

” when principal saw you ” he asked again.

”oh… I was with my brother ”. I replied.

He said nothing but looks satisfied.

So I said , ”okay then, bye ”.

He replied too, ” bye ” in a low voice.

Walking towards the gate, I thought , its really awkward to talk to him, now. Time changes everything. It had change me, and I guess, him too.

I saw Riya still standing near the gate. when I reached near her I said, ” you didn have to wait for me ”. She smiled.

” What was he talking about? ”. Riya asked.

” Nothing, casual ” . I sighed. I can the disappointment in her face.

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