Bloom Girl


_First test_

Exam gives us nightmares but this is unit test , so none of the students are worried. We have to write only for 30 marks in 1 hour.

After submitting the paper, Riya said from behind, Did you attempt All the questions?.

I sighed, ” Yes but not sure about the right answer ”.

she replied, ” me too ”.

Shruti said , ” This old man will not gonna spare us ”.

I said , ” Yeah ”. we laughed.

Riya and Shruti sit together behind my bench. So, they are benefited during tests.

And I said to Riya,

” its okay , youll get good marks since literature is your favorite ”. I tease her.

” don make fun of me ”. she urged. I smirked. and Shruti smile too.

” actually you two might be the one who will get good marks ”. Riya bluffed.

” Me ….no ”. I defend. Shruti defend herself too.

I shall be the lowest, I thought in my mind.

Marks never really gave me worries. Whatever grades I get, I am satisfied. But, todays test gave me tension because, I have become a rival of our principal. And hes gonna check my answers very strictly.

_Second test_

I said to Riya, ” I know nothing ”.

Riya replied, ” even getting 5 will be more than satisfied to me ”. I laughed. She too.

Second is the mathematics which really don like us. Maths have never considered us as friends and neither do we.

At the gate , We came across Armann

”hey girls how was your maths?. Armann asked

”Horrible ”. we both said.

”liers ”. He said to us.

Riya and I looked at each other and laughed.

we all start walking together. Armann walk besides me.

” Yours ” I asked? .

” I don know ”. He replied and smile.

Both Riya and I rolled our eyes. As I am about to speak, Armann suddenly pulled a band from my Ponytail and run .

He shouted, ” thats the revenge from the other day Lizz ”.

I shouted back at him, ” Oi….you idiot. you pay for this … ”

when he reached his friends bike, he looked back at me and smile wickedly.

This boy will never change. He will always make me furious. For a one minute I thought he will stop infuriating me because he is embarrassed from the other day what I have said, but No, he ain gonna change. He is the cool guy, Armann, nothing affects him.

_Third and Fourth test_

3rd test is the social science . I am more relaxed with this subject. Actually I have liked social subject because it have given me a knowledge to understand the people and society. Though I have not understand the society virtually but with my base knowledge I can relate the subject, especially the women empowerment . I am fascinated by womens role in the society.

My 3rd test went smoothly.

Fourth test is science, I know nothing except the biology part. I told Riya.

Riya , ” Asked from your bench mate Shadna ”.

I gave her a look. She knows Shadna never tells the answer to anyone. Whenever I asked her, she tell me, ” I have no idea ”. Then she will be on second rank. WOW!.

Whatever I thought to myself its not like I am gonna fail. Relaxed Lizz …whether you know, don know, attempt ”. thats what I always tell myself before every exam.

_last test_

Today is our last test and we are happy. Test went smoothly. Hindi subject is always a calm and pleasant one because students doesn fuss about their Hindi exam.

” finally I can sleep peacefully ”. Shruti said , sitting beside me.

” ohh yeah….! ”. I agree too.

” how many hours do you sleep during exams ”. I asked looking at her.

maybe 5 or 6 ”. she replied

” ohh ”. I sighed .

If I tell mind, I would be embarrassed . I have to get at least 8 or 9 hours for a fresh mind.

” Hey Lizz, can I ask you a question? ”. Shadna said, looking at me.

” yeah sure ”. I replied trying to pack my things.

whats your relation with Biraj?. she asked.

I paused .

From where did the question arise?. what the hell is that question, I wanted to say to her but instead, ”what? ” . I said with innocent face.

I mean you guys are like real friends? . she asked to confirm.

No . I said

” Oh ” . she replied.

I asked her back , why did you asked me that question?.

she replied , no.. I am just curious .

I thought to myself , really? Is she gonna lie to me, we all know , she liked Biraj especially Riya and I. She always brag about his intelligent and good looks. But wait , My mind begin to rattle, this doesn have a connection with the questions. Something might have happened otherwise this kind of questions will never come to me.

I said to her with little bit of confronting , do you think I am a fool? . She looked at me. and then begin , its just that, when I went to his house, his mother asked me whether you have a boyfriend or not.

I froze.

What the hack, man ? . His mother will always embarrassed me and her son too. Okay His mother, aunty Neelam is friendly, sweet but I hate when she does that. Since childhood she regard me as her future daughter-in-law. My goodness, is this even a age to tease about such a thing. She always teased me whenever she sees me . During my presence, whenever she come to our house , I don come out from my room. Indeed my mother knows this too but she tell me to relaxed saying …. its just a joke Lizz, she likes to tease you . Now I am furious at my mother too.

Shadna , Lizz . since I didn replied her for a 30 seconds.

I said to her, yeahh…. its just maybe my mother and her have discussed recently ” . I lied to her .

How am I supposed to tell her the truth , When I am already embarrassed.

” Oh yeah..yeah ” . she looks convinced.

She knows that Biraj and I are from same village and my house is only a half km away from his house.

I thought, Now is this my last test gift, ”Embarrassment ”.

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