Blue lock demon

1: reborn of a new life

Darkness thats all I could see the everlasting darkness that embraced my soul and swallowed me as if it was trying to devour me

It felt like an eternity passed

when it had only been seconds

But thats when I felt it the pain that shot through my body was excruciating it was like nothing Ive ever felt before it felt like my body was placed in acid and I could regenerate for eternity

What stopped me in my rants of pain was the voice of many people around me who seemed to be shouting

e losing her!

said one

Bringing out the shocker

said another

Doc whats happening!

The last one said in a worry tone

I was about to continue listening only for a large weight to be pushed on my body slumber quickly came after that as my eyes closed in and out

I couldn finish as sleep took over


Once I regained consciousness I couldn see anything I could only here the sounds of other babies either crying or babbling to themselves

I tried to get a grasp on anything as I reached around only to feel cold air hit my skin which made me return my hand towards my body out of natural instinct

I then heard the sound of multiple footsteps entering the room and trying to hush down the babies as one of them walked towards me and picked me up

I nether cried or made a fuss but kept my calm since I was trying to get a grasp of what was happening since I still could feel the searing headache that ached my head

What do we do with him

said the women who held me with a country accent

Well his farther don want him and his mother is dead it seems nether the mom or dad has any family members

Said another women who seemed to be Hispanic

and head nurse

Ill take him I mean Ill be moving to japan anyways don wanna be lonely for the rest of my miserable life

said a male voice at the front door

Doctor are you sure

Said the country accent

Yes Im more then sure

Said the doctor

Well then there gonna be a lot of paper work your gonna have to do before you get custody over the child

Said the county accent

Of course Im mor

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