Born Again To Save Myself

Regretful Last Moment

the bed could still hear his happy screams. As he heard them he wanted to get up. But couldn .

I am sure I was dead. But why am I still hearing those things in my ears?

He remembered that his eyes were still open when he let out his last breath.

But why is it my eyes are close? Did they close them? But, I am dead. How come I can breathe? Wait! ”

As he thought he suddenly opened his eyes. It was blurry. He couldn see clearly. He wanted to wipe his eyes and make his vision clear. Eventually, it got clear.

That was a familiar place. He was still in his room where he died.

” Did I become a ghost? ”

He was shocked that he could feel the wind and fresh smell of his room unlike at that moment.

When he tried to get up, he was pulled back by something. He didn that shocked by that since he trusted that he was a ghost. But he was terrified to see what pulled him back.

There was a hand full of tattoos running around his waist. He could tell who was that in one look. That was what made him furious. It was the guy who killed him in this room a while ago.

Why am I with this guy?

He felt his body trembling in that mans hands. So he tried to get away and clear the situation. When he got off the bed, He looked around his room which was still the same as before and the man who was lying on the bed as if nothing happened. He was so angry that he wanted to kill him there. But he was confused about what was going on.

He reached for the door and wanted to leave the room.

” Noah! Where are you going? ”

A voice came behind him. Even though that was not a threat or a cold question, his cruel laughs came to his mind. He could feel his whole body trembling. But that was not because of fear but also because of uncontrollable anger.

” I am thirsty ”

He said and leave there before the man reached for him. He closed the door and looked around the house which was full of love. The lovely and familiar scent of his family was still there. For a moment, his heart stopped.

All of the things that happened were dreams? No… They were real. I saw the death. I faced death. But now I am here again. Am I reborn?

His mind was still not clear because he was still in that old unpleasant and scary scene.

” Yaa… Why are you walking like a corpse? Just walk faster, you dummy fool ”

Suddenly someone grabbed his neck. This startled Noah. He looked back angrily to look who was it. His eyes widened and unknowingly tears kept coming from his eyes, when he saw that person.The one who grabbed his neck was a girl. She had white skin and she was so pretty. Her hair which was made into a high bun kept jumping around as she moved. She let go of him when she saw Noah crying.

”Hey, Don scare me. I just grabbed it lightly. I am sorry… ” She was so apologetical. She got upset when she saw Noah cry.

But she didn know he was crying, because he saw his sister who died to save him in front of his eyes.

” Sis! ” He hugged the girl who was trying to coax him.

” Sis, I missed you so much. Please don leave me ever again. ”

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