” Ah! Did you miss me that much? I only left for two days. ” She said while laughing.

” Ah? ” He let go of the girl in surprise. He didn confirm what happened to him. But now his sister was so normal. He looked at her from head to toes. He felt like she was just similar when she was learning to manage the business of the family.

” Sis, How old are you? ” He asked that question so stupidly. He didn even think that she would be surprised when he asked like that.

” What? You- Are you okay? Why are behaving strangely? ”

She asked while putting her hand on his forehead as if she was going to check whether he has a fever. But Noah was so serious at that moment. He caught her hand and looked at her seriously.

” Ah… I am 28 this year, you moron ” She said after seeing his kinda cold look. She was the oldest child in his family. She was his second mom for Noah. But she died before them when she was 30 years old and when Noah was 21 years old.

How is that possible? That means I should be in my 19s. I came back to when I am 19 years old. Does that mean my whole family is still here just like my sis?

When that thought came to his mind he didn even talk to the girl who was looking at him with confusion. He went downstairs to see his family.

He was not walking, but also running. His heart was so eager to see his parents and others.

When he came to the living room there were none there. So he went to the kitchen because his mom spent a lot of time in the kitchen even though they had servants.

As expected, she was there. But Noah didn go there. He just looked at her and then came back to the living room.

Its real. They are still alive. And also that guy. ”

He thought when he remembered that his future husband and currently his lover was also there.

His name was William. He was also a young master of a proud family in their city. William was obsessed with Noah and wanted to own him. So he proposed a marriage using his family name and in the end, Noah also agreed since he had no objection.

But when he died, he realized that everything was planned by him to get money and power. But when he realized that he was too late. So this time he decided to change all the things and ruin his all plans since he already knew them. Noah would have calmed down if he just stayed with him silently, without killing and doing such scary things.

” Noah! Where is William? Why did you come down alone not like other days? ”

It was a boy. He also had the same white skin as Noahs eldest sister, Meera who he met a while ago. This boy was his brother. Since Noah was the youngest he was loved by everyone. He had two sisters and two brothers. Among them, Meera was the eldest. Next, it was this boy. The eldest brother of Noah.

” Ah… I had a nightmare. So I came down to get some fresh air ” He lied.

” If you need fresh air, then go to the garden. ”

The boy rubbed his head and then patted him.

Noah knew he should not mess up anything by revealing his dark expressions. But finally, he got better than before after seeing members.

” Yeah, but I should go back and wake him up. ” Noah slipped from him and came to his room again. He was nervous to open the door. He didn want to meet that person again. But he had to.

At that time he was still his lover. And also Noah still hasn agreed to the marriage. But their families let them live together if they could get close. Before, Noah had no problem with him, even though he knew this William was a playboy and someone who only prefers to have sex. Noah just wanted to obey his dad and do everything he said.

But this time Noah wanted to change his fate. He decided to get stronger and rely on himself, not on others. He was a spoiled kid of a noble family and had no difficulties with anything. So he never took anything seriously. But he faced the consequences of them. So he would never do the same mistake twice.

Knock knock knock…

” Noah? Come in ” Noah knocked on the door because he was used to doing that every time before entering Williams room when they were married. He didn realize that he was knocking on his own room door until he saw William again.

” Why are you so different? Did something happen? ”

He said while coming toward Noah.

William liked Noah because of his seductive body and his rich background. He didn want to give Noah to others. So he was always careful enough to protect Noah just like looking after the golden egg he found.

” Nothing. I just had a nightmare. You are late, right? Get up ” Noah said to distract his attention which was focused on him.

” Yeah, but before that, I have a question, ” He asked while looking for some clothes.

” Mmm… Tell me ” Noah asked while acting like he was concerned about something else.

” What about we marry soon? ” When he asked that, Noah felt like his heart started to beat faster. He looked at him with a confused look.

” Why? And also I still didn give you my idea about getting married ” Noah said.

” Ah? You- You don like me? ” He was stunned when he heard Noah say that. Because Noah never talked with him like that. He was always innocent, silent and agreed with him everything he asked.

” I have to think more. You should go now. I have works to do ”

Noah ignored the boy and told him.

At that time both of them were not older than 20 years. Just 19. So both of them were in their youth. So Noah was quite unfamiliar with this young William since he was different from 24-year-old William. But it was still the same person, who ruined his life.

Then William put on his clothes and left the room while looking at Noah who was different than usual.

How dare you? You can reject me. I will make you fall in love with me

He was also ambitious on the other side.

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