Noah took some time to memorise everything that happened before, even though he didn want to. He could never forget them. He remembered everything without missing a single thing. Thinking about it made him want to kill that guy more.

But soon he felt uncomfortable about thinking again about them. So he decided to take some rest and then feel his young life happiness with his family first.

He went to the bed to take a nap. But it was filled with Williams fragrant. Noah was disgusted by everything about him. Noah and William have been sleeping together like that for more than a month. It was a stupid idea for developing their relationship. After they spent their nights together eventually both of them interacted together. In the end, Noah agreed and then married William.

Then Noah loved everything about William. But now things were different. He knew the true self of William. So he couldn love him anymore.

He was too bored to change the bed sheets. So he just went to the room next to his room and slept there. It was his youngest brothers room. When Noah felt lonely he would sleep there with his brother.

His brother was studying abroad at a university at that moment. So only an empty room was there. He got on the bed and laid down. He was so sleepy that the next moment his eyes closed slowly. He fell asleep and at the same time, the dark scenes appeared in front of him.

Noah was in his 20 when these all things started. When he and William agreed on their marriage, both families hold the wedding ceremony so grandly. All things were fine until the end of the first year of their marriage life. William was so lovely and always took care of Noah.

But eventually, Noah found out that he had been spending his time in the bar with other men. He had been cheating on him. But Noah didn feel sad or heartbroken, because he had not that much feeling for him too.

But when William started to point at him for nothing he did, Noah got angry and he also complained.

” You slept with other men as you want. Then why do you even care about me? ”

At that time Noah was furious.

” Huh! Yeah, I am sick of seeing your face every day. You can even satisfy me. You are not that worthy to be my wife ” William yelled at Noah.

” Then just give me a divorce. I also don want to be your damn wife or toy ”

” How dare you? I am not gonna give that to you. You can ask for it. ” He said when he realized that he had crossed the line.

” Then don . I am gonna tell this to my family ” As Noah tried to leave the room William stopped him.

” Why do you think that I will let you? ” He grabbed his hand and didn let go. Noah struggled, but William was way too strong. Seeing how he was struggling William smirked.

” You can even leave here. But don worry, I will drop you off at your house. But there will be an empty house. ” As William said that he laughed soundly. Then he suddenly grabbed him and left the room. He pulled Noah into his car and drove to Noahs home.

Noah was confused seeing what was going on. Until they arrived, both of them didn talk. When they arrived home, Noah was quite nervous to see that some more people were already there.

William got off the car and pulled Noah out of the car and went in with him.

When Noah enter his home, he lived from his birth had an unpleasant atmosphere. He felt something was wrong.

” Hey, Clark… Did you finish it? ” William called someone out.

” Ah! You came… But isn this early? ” A guy appeared from the one of upper rooms. He walked stairs while talking with William.

” Yeah, I wanted to come later. But someone wanted to come here earlier ”

He said while looking at Noah who was looking for his parents but still locked in Williams grip.

” William! What the hell are you planning? Where is- ”

Noah stopped talking when he saw someone come from the dining room. Noah almost choked in his breaths when he saw what that man was holding.

He was dragging his eldest brother from his hair along the ground. And there was some blood on both of them. When Noah saw the blood he was so scared. Then surprisingly, William let go of him and that man also let go of the man in his hands at the same time.

Noah rushed to his brother. His brother didn move. And also his eyes were closed. Noah tried to wake up his brother who was on the ground. But he couldn .

” Brother, please wake up. Brother! ”

Tears kept flowing. Noah was crying so hard, that he couldn control his voice.

When he cried there were some more people who gathered to where he was. William talked with them so happily. Noah saw that all. He was angry and helpless at the same time. Because he already realized that his brother has died and it was from a gunshot. He knew he also gonna face the same fate.

But why the hell did he do that? My family treated him so nicely. Then why?

Noah wanted to see his other members too. But they were not there.

” Noah, are you looking for others? Don worry we safely buried them ” William said while watching Noah.

” Ah!!! What? What the hell did you do to them? Why? Why? What did they do wrong? ”, Noah couldn control his tears. He was so pitiful at that time. And also tiny among those people.

” Noah! Noah! Stop crying already. I wanted these things for myself. But they just only gave you to me. You are also worth it, but thats not enough. I know, I can have these things doing this. Thats why I got all these properties into my name before your dad dies. This will be just an accident. Anyone will not know what happened here ”

He said with a cruel smile. For a moment Noah couldn believe it was the same William he knew before.

” You Bastard! I will kill you ” Noah felt so weak at that moment. His helpless situation made others so excited. They watched him crying like a child.

Noahs face was red due to crying. His upper shirt buttons were broken while he was struggling with William. His collarbone which was so beautiful was exposed to others. When they looked at this seductive Noah they wanted to bully him more. They were that excited and had another idea before killing him.

” William, Why don give you him us to have a taste? ”

The person named Clark asked while watching how eager the others were also like himself.

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