yed it. ”

He told while looking at Noahs face which was a mess due to slaps and Clarks forced kisses.

” I will kill you for real. You are a beast. You really- ” Noah choked on his own words. He was so sad. More than that he was angry. Whenever his family came to his mind his whole body heated up in anger.

” You still have the strength to talk. Its okay. You see, these people also love to have a taste of a rich young master like you. Why don we let them? ”

When William said that so casually, Noah started to tremble in fear. He has become a toy for them to satisfy themselves.

He wanted to run. But he was weak. All the people came to the bed and grabbed Noah. This time it was not that cruel. He didn get any slaps. But the sex made him lose his mind.

It was more painful than before. One after another, they kept thrusting into him, licking his whole body, biting everywhere. Noah tried to get away. But that only made them more excited. Noah cried out of pain. They were excited again. When all of them were done with him only Noah was left in the bed.

That was a mess. Noahs face was still red. His lips were cracked. Some blood came off his lips. His neck had red finger marks which showed that they grabbed his neck.

His upper body was full of bite marks. His lower body was also not in a good condition. His legs were also full of bite marks. He couldn even move. His whole body was numb. His mind was blank. His vision was getting blurred. But he could still hear what they were talking about.

” Hey! Do you want to kill him by sex? ” Someone asked.

” Look at him. He is like die at any time ” Another one said.

” I said continue. Until I tell you to stop, you can have him. Even if he died, it doesn matter ”

That was William. He ordered men to go again.

Noah didn get what was with William.

Why did he have to do this to me?

He was still looking at the ceiling of the room blankly.

Thats when they came to him again. They raped him again and again. He was so sick, that he wanted to kill himself.

Every kiss that fell on his body, every bite mark they made, every thrust they did, every touch, all of them made Noah fall into the abyss. He wanted to kill all of them. But he was still that weak Noah.

Then William told them to stop.

If it continued at this rate Noah could die for real.

”How was it? You must be satisfied, little whore. ” He wanted to insult Noah. But Noah was all silent. He didn even talk back.

”I will not let go of this ”

Those were the only words he could collect.

Then William killed him without any mercy.

” Please, Give me another chance. I will kill all of them. ” Noah kept mumbling in his sleep.

Noah who was in sleep could still feel every pain. A tear fell on his pillow. He was not in that time now. But still, he was in pain. When he was crying, he opened his eyes. Thats when he realized he dreamed of what happened before.

He got off the bed, wiping tears. He decided to reveal his badass side from now on. He didn want to be that innocent and silent young master anymore. He got the power to decide for himself.

” As I said, I will not let this go… William, You just wait ”

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