Noah came out of his brothers room. He went to his room and cleaned the whole place. After he was done cleaning, there were no traces of William left in his room. He was satisfied with that. Then Noah washed up and went to the dining room since it was time for breakfast.

William had been staying there for more than a month. But he never stayed with them to have breakfast. So Noahs family was quite unimpressed with him. In the past, Noah always saved Williams face for him. But now he didn want to do that.

When he arrived in the dining room, all the members were there. His eldest brother, Bruce who was the only one Noah saw, when they died was also there. Even though Noah met him in the morning, he was sad now because he saw everything again a few moments ago. Bruce was helping his father with his businesses when he was 27 years old, which means now. But in the past time, he died when he was the manager of their company.

Bruce was talking with Lia who was his other sister. Noah had two sisters. Lia and Lily. Lily was also currently learning to manage businesses. But she didn get to finish her studies in the past life. She died in an accident early before others got killed.

Meanwhile, Lia was not interested in the business field. So their parents also didn force her. She became a veterinarian since she loved animals so much. Noah didn even know how she died or didn even see her back then. But Noah thought it also happened like, how it happened to his bro, Bruce.

Lily was on the other side of the table with their mom.

When Noah died he didn know whether they were still alive or not. He knew that they were dead, because of Williams words. In the last moment of his life, he only got to see his bro, Bruce. Not any other people.

So when Noah saw them all in the same place, he was so happy. But also sad. He quickly turned back and wiped his tears.

If they knew he was crying, they would have made a big fuss about that. They loved Noah so much.

Other than those four people, there were more empty three chairs there. They were for Noah and his brother who was studying abroad at the university at that moment. And the one left on the corner of the table was for the king of their world, David. David was the leader of the family. Which means father for that family. He was quite busy since he was the CEO of their company. But he never missed any meals with his family. He was a lovely father.

Since he was busy he would be late every time. But he would come for sure. So everyone would wait for him at the table while chatting. Other than his other brother Mark, everyone else was there. Mark would come three times a month. That day would be like a party for them since the whole family got together. That was so lively.

Noah went to his place silently. He sat up and raised his head to look at Lily. But she was already watching him. It was because she thought that there was a problem with Noahs behaviour. Lily was the one who loved Noah most. Noah also liked Lily more than others. So she could realize easily that he has changed.

” Noah, Are you okay? You look pale, my son ”

It was his mom. She saw that he looked pale and thought he was sick.

” No, mom… Im okay. Look like I caught a cold ” Noah wanted to avoid their eye contact and he just said he caught a cold to distract them from finding anything unusual.

But he regretted saying that soon. All of them got upset and even checked his temperature thinking that he was having a fever. They so cared for him.

” Mom… Its just a cold. You don have to worry ”

Noah coaxed them.

”Noah, Are you hiding something? ” Lily asked him since she found out he had no cold or anything.

” What do I have to hide? ” He said confidently. He realized that his single change could make them worry about him. So he decided to be more careful in the future.

” What is going on here? Is anyone sick? ” It was David. He asked that when he saw his wife, Sheli was holding a thermometer.

” No, No… Come and sit here. All of them are hungry ” She was an outstanding woman. If she told him about Noah now, it might take more time for them. So she just invited him to have breakfast.

They started to have breakfast. While they were having breakfast, they talked about many things. David always talked about the business field. Other than Bruce, everyone else was annoyed by his talks.

” Everyone, I have something to tell you ” Noah who was always silent at the dining table talked for the first time. Everyone looked at him in surprise.

” What is it? ” David asked his son, who has got a little more confidence than usual.

” I want to cancel the engagement with William. ”

Noah said it without any expression on his face.

” Ah? Why? ” Sheli, his mom hurried this time before David.

” I don like him. ” He said that straightly. He knew if he said he don like anything, then his parents wouldn force him. So he was sure his parents would never let him marry that guy.

” Is there any special reason? ” David asked.

” I found out he has a lot of affairs outside. I don want to marry a guy who is not sincere with me. Even if you force me, I will never marry that guy ”

When he said that everyone was shocked. Because their innocent cutie never talked about his opinions. It was the first time they heard, that he was angry at someone. So they got a bad impression of William.

That William dared to treat my brother like that?

Lily was angry. She thought the reason for his changes was him. But that was not correct, but also not wrong.

” We will never force you. You can marry someone you like when you want. I will tell them we don like this proposal ” David confirmed.

Noah was happy inside to get these lovely parents. Then he decided to move to his next step after rejecting the proposal.

William, you are done!

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