Noahs dad, David sent an email to Williams dad telling him Noahs idea about this marriage. He sent that the next moment, he finished his breakfast. Noahs confession about William made the entire family furious. They were kinda surprised too. Because he was completely unusual at that moment unlike before.

Noah never raised his voice, never talked at the breakfast table, never rejected anything his dad asked and also never complained about anyone.

So when he complained with a little angry tone, his dad admitted guilt about his decisions. He always made decisions for Noah. He never asked Noahs opinion, since he never answered him. So from this, David finally understood something.

My son has grown up

That was kinda correct though. Even though Noah had 19 years old body, his mind was already in 24s. Because of William, 24-year-old Noah was different from the 19-year-old Noah.

When Noah got married to William, he asked Noah to do a lot of things. Learn to fight, Learn to cook, Learn to dance, and Learn to do every housework. He made Noah do everything and kept him as if he was a maid in the house.

William didn let any servants work there. So Noah had no choice, but to do everything. But he never complained. Even to his parents. He was always silent until the day he couldn take such insults from him. And that day became the last day of his life.

But there was a good thing Noah got. Since he learned a lot of things, he was capable of a lot of things now. So he could take care of him without any problems.

” Noah! Come here ”

Noah heard his mom calling him when he was cleaning his room for the second time.

” Coming! ” He also shouted and ran to the living room.

When he came down, his happiness was scattered for a moment. It was William. He had come to see him.

” Why did you call me? ” Noah asked his mom, as William was invisible.

” He said he wants to talk to you, ” Sheli said to him. But she didn move an inch from where she was. From the moment Noah rejected William, his whole family thought of William as a crow who came to steal their golden treasure.

Noah turned to William as if nothing special happened.

” What is it? ” Noah was so cold. Even Sheli was surprised to see that.

When did my little boy get this strong?

She was happy since her baby grew into an adult.

” Noah, Can we talk alone? ” William looked so sad. But in the reality, he was not. He was humiliated because of Noahs cold expressions.

He was angry, but he controlled himself because he had to own Noah if he wanted to achieve his goals.

” If you have something to say, then tell it here. I am listening ”

Noah was so cool. Lily and Lia were also watching the scene and looked at each other in surprise when they saw their little guy was acting cool.

Huh? When did he get so bold? What changed him like this? I see…playing hard to get? Wait for me to marry you. Then I will take care of you ”

William couldn believe what he heard. He was with him for more than one month. During that period he talked so rarely. But why did the things different now? He didn get it.

” Aunty, Can you explain to him? I was nice to him. Why did he reject me? I love him so much. Please tell him not to abandon me. I can without him. ” William shamelessly put an act.

He, himself couldn believe he did that. William never bowed his head to anyone. He always got everything he wanted with no problem. Even when it came to his private affairs. That was the first time he got rejected by someone, who was a weakling. But he was the one who still had to beg.

” Look, son, since he said he doesn like you, I hope you will not come here again ” William was embarrassed there. Noahs mom also said him to leave there.

So William left there without any other way. He couldn cause any trouble. So he decided to wait for some time and then try again.

” Hey, you baby, You were so cool that time. You learned that from me. Weren you? ” Lily who was watching from the second floor asked Noah and winked at him.

” No… I learned it from my mom. You can even act spoiled? When did you even act cool? ” Noah said while laughing.

” You- brat ” Lily was already walking downstairs.

” Thats enough. My son will learn from me. He doesn want to learn from you ” Sheli also talked to Noah since she also enjoyed seeing Lilys funny and embarrassed face.

” Mom!! You also-… I don want any of you ” Lily turned back and went to the same place again.

” Its okay, you have me ” Lia coaxed Lily who was so cute.

” Sis… I thought you don know how to act cute. But you know a little. ” Noah started again.

” You wait- Don come to me if you are hungry at night ” She threatened him.

” Night? ” Noahs mom was confused by that.

There was a story behind that.

In the past, Noah got hungry in the middle of the night often and he could not sleep because of that. So he always asked for help from Lily. She would make some instant noodles or heat the foods left over for him. It was not good to eat in the middle of the night, so they kept that a secret from everyone.

But after some days because of them, there was news of thieves who steal the food in their house.

So if their mom found out the food thieves were them, they were done for.

So they stole food from their own kitchen like professional thieves. So anyone didn find out that.

Lily didn want to reveal that matter here, since she also joined him not only to steal but also to eat.

” I have to do something. I am going, bye ” She silently left there soon to ignore more questions. Noah sighed in relief. Thankfully, others didn notice their kitchen thieves secret.

” Mom, When will brother Mark come? ” Noah wanted to see him so badly. The only one he still didn get to see was him.

” Next week… ”

After he knew that, he came back to his room. He was successful in his first step of punishing William. In the second, he had another idea. In their previous life, he married William in his 20s and stayed with him as his wife and did nothing. Now, he was not gonna get married to him. But he was still doing nothing.

He had the ambition to be a veterinarian just like his sister. But his family didn like it saying it was dangerous for him. Noah was kinda pissed off with their behaviour sometimes. Because his both sisters studied and were going to work. But Noah, a boy stayed at home like a girl. To say that, he was treated as a girl in his house. They were overcared for him. But he loved that though.

Noah decided to do everything he wanted to do, in this life no matter what. He had a lot of wishes. One of them was to grow his hair long. In the last life, he did it. Even when he got married he had long hair. But William forced him to cut it. So he cut it. So Noah decided to grow his hair, long enough to cover his neck this time. But there was no need to grow it anymore. It was already long enough to his expectations. So he just had to take care of his hair.

Another one was as said before, that he wanted to study. Because of his parents, he decided to forget about being a veterinarian. This time he wanted to learn business management since it could help his family too. But he had a problem. How could he tell his family about this? He was so sure about their opinion. They would reject him for sure.

So he had to plan something to get their permission. But thanks to William he had to do nothing. Something happened and his parents sent him on their own. They were all thanks to Williams stubbornness.

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