ot. In his previous life, sometimes he got hit by William and was helpless even to ask for someone to treat his wounds. He couldn tell to his family, since he was in a decision not to make them worry. So all the time his aunty helped him and even kept every secret for him as he asked. She was a trustworthy person to Noah. So he said that he missed her.

But this surprised uncle. Not only him but others also. But they were not as surprised as their uncle, since they had already been surprised countless times by him. The reason for the surprise was because Noah was not that bothered to talk with his aunty before, and also he was not that talkative with them. So he was kinda surprised by seeing Noahs changes. But his uncle was happy for him.

” Yeah, I will, ” He said and turned to Mowan.

” You! be obedient and behave like a good boy ” He ordered Mowan.

” Yes, father ” Mowan was still looking at Noah. He said that also while watching Noah who was already looking at him.

After that, his uncle greeted them and left soon since his wife was already waiting for him at the airport. When he left only Mowan left, there. So Noah grabbed his hand and went up to his room.

” Noah! I missed you, Did you also miss me? ” The boy asked when they came to the room.

” Mmm… I also missed you so much. We can play together since we are together ” Noah said while pinching the boys cheek.

” Yeah! Noah is the best. Then will Noah go with me to the party? ”

” Yep! I am the one gonna go with you ”

” Super… ” The boy shouted, sitting on Noahs chair.

Both of them played together until it passed 7 pm. Then Lily called both of them to check their party dresses for tomorrows event. After that, they selected their clothes. The party would be held at the night. So they had the whole day to get ready if something went wrong with their clothes. Because of that Noah was kinda bored selecting clothes at night. So he randomly picked a suit and went back to his room with Mowan.

Soon after, Mowan fell asleep. Since Noah was also bored, he also fell asleep. When they were sleeping, Sheli came into their room. When she saw the two boys who were sleeping while hugging each other, her heart melted. She left the room silently thinking she should not disturb their happy dreams.

However, Mowan was sleeping soundly, but Noah was not having happy dreams but also having nightmares again. He shivered in his sleep. Tears kept falling from his closed eyes. Every day he felt that old pain again and again. He couldn find a way to stop seeing the same nightmare, that he kept having, since the day he was reborn. Because of that he felt stressed, unpleasant and upset.

But when it was morning, that unpleasant scene would disappear. When he saw his lovely family, the morning would be as if nothing happened. But he still felt a little upset about he had to see those things again at the night.

The next day, the whole city was preparing for Masons engagement party. All the business families in the city would be there since the Moklan family invited all of them. So Noah knew he was gonna meet William too. But he already made up his mind to face anything that would come. So he didn care much about it even though he was disgusted to see his face.

In the evening, all of them got ready. Noah had selected a suit in black. After he got ready, everyone looked at him with their eyes lit up.

Noah was so handsome. The black suit made him look like a rich young master. His hair which was long enough to cover his neck was hanging down from his shoulder. The loosened hair and the black suit gave a different look for him. So all his family was watching him, adjusting his suit with that attractive face.

”When did he become so handsome? ”Lia asked Lily who was finding something.

” He is always handsome. That guy is just acting like a fool every time. Thats why he look like a fool before ” Lily said while laughing.

” You- I didn say he look like a fool before ” She pinched her sister and continue to watch Noah again.

”Noah! Look! Am I handsome? ”

It was Mowan. That little boy also wore a suit just the same as Noah, since he wanted to wear the same as Noah.

How could he be handsome? What should I do? He is damn cute Noah was speechless when he saw how cute Mowan was in that suit.

” Yeah! You are the handsome one ” He said while trying to control his laugh.

” Is everyone ready? Shall we go? ” David asked when he was done.

” Yeah, if we don leave now, we will be late for the party ” Sheli also said.

Then all of them got in the car and arrived at the hotel where the party was. Luckily they didn miss anything. They arrived there on time.

The moment they came to the party place, the first one they saw was William who was coming toward them.

What a time?! Noah was pissed off. But he stayed silent since there were more people there.

” Hello, aunty… uncle, Its been more than three days since I saw you. How have you been, Noah? ”

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