CLOCKWORK Eternal Love’s Curse


Jason burst into his home soaking wet after a long day of school. Thunder and lightning roared right behind him as he slammed the door.

An ominous atmosphere loomed in his living room where it was.

He ran his hand through his drenched, glossy, god-class silver hair, brushing it all off his face to reveal his ocean blue eyes.

He stared at it intently as though he was trying to disintegrate it and explore its contents with mere human eyes.

Taking two steps closer he reached his right hand toward it to examine it further.

Jason was so entranced by this hing that he didn notice faint whispers begin to fill the air around him the closer he got to touching it. The lights began to flicker and an eerie smoke seemed to come out of nowhere, finding its way and settling around Jasons feet.

”Jason!! ” a ladys voice called out waking him from his sudden entrancement.

”Oh! H-hey m-mom…whats up? ” he answered in a shaky voice.

Did I just imagine that? he thought to himself, confused.

”Sorry Im back so late. I tried to wait out the storm at school but it just got much worse so I decided to just yeet myself outta there anyway. ”

He dropped his bag on the couch and gave his mom a big hug, almost squeezing the life out of her while towering 6.2ft above her.

”You did what??? I must have left 100 missed calls on your phone. Its at least a 7 degree level storm out there!!! How the hell are you still in one piece?!! ” Martha screamed holding her son tight in her arms.

”Hehe…come on mom…Im built different, you know this? ” Jason giggled.

”That does not matter to me young man! Hell…you could have gotten yourself killed…you
e all Ive got remember?! ” she exclaimed trembling from her inside out.

”Nahhhh…Zeus energy remember? And apart from that, you know you
e gonna get sick of me because Im never leaving you. ” He smiled giving her a little head pat.

”Ughhh…just go to your room and get out of those wet clothes before you catch a cold, okay? Dinner will be ready in 10. ”

”Okay mom. ” He turned around about to head upstairs to his room when he abruptly stopped himself.

”Mom… ” he whispered in a rather still strange voice.

”Y-yes honey? ” Martha turned to him, a look of concern forming all around her eyes from the sudden change in her sons tone.

”That….thing…..its strange isn it? ” Jason asked still maintaining his strange tone.

”What is with you and that old thing?! ” His mom asked in a lighter tone, trying to brighten the sudden fallen look on his face.

”I don know why your father insists on keeping that creepy old thing here. Its been creeping me out since the first day your grandfather brought it here. ” Martha said looking at it with the most disgusted face.

”Haha…I don know mom…I kinda like it. ” Jasons mood seemed to do a complete 360 degree turn around to a rather inquisitive, happy mood which did not go unnoticed by his mom.

” Like it? Hm…That takes the price for one of the creepiest things Ive ever laid eyes on!! ” Martha gagged as she placed her eyes on it.

”I wonder what all those weird symbols engraved on it mean…sometimes…it actually feels like it has a presence within thats just…watching us. ” Jason said staring at the clock as his facial expression contorted into a look of deep entrancement once more.

”Honey, are you sure you
e feeling alright? You
e not feeling sick or anything? ” Ma

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