CLOCKWORK Eternal Love’s Curse


”Jason honey! ” His mom called out. ”Are you alright? I heard a scream. ”

”Im fine mom!!! ” He screamed still scraping at his hands trying to get the blood off.

”Are you sure? Im coming up. ” His mom began to climb up the stairs to his room.

Knock knock

”Honey you sound weird…Im coming in. ”

”Mom! Don !! its just….ummm….porn! Yes!!! its porn! Im watching porn and…umm…definitely jerking off! PLEASE DONT COME IN!!! ”

”Oh! W-wow….I…I was NOT expecting to hear that….I-I guess Ill come back later? ” Martha spoke in an embarrassed tone and immediately ran back downstairs.

”Yeah mom…its the really hardcore bdsm types that make you scream…yeah you really don wanna see this at all…its so…umm…dirty….oh thank God shes gone. ”

Jason breathed a sigh of relief for the moment.

Looking down at his hands in the sink, he noticed a strange symbol, cross like in nature with a loop at the top engraved on his wrist.

”What…is this? ” Jason whispered to himself arms trembling, deeply terrified.

Hold on, Ive seen this somewhere before

”The weird clock in the living room!!! Thats right! Its gotta have something to do with this. ”

Now he just had to find out how the hell he got so much blood on his hands, blood all over his room, whose blood it was and what the strange symbol on his wrist was.

He came out of his bathroom deeply flustered, getting more and more puzzled the more he thought about it. It seemed Jason had quickly forgotten about his encounter last night with the strange figure.

He scanned his room looking for possible clues to solve this stupefying case. His eyes finally landed on something that could be a possible clue. His window! His window was open and a blood trail led out of it from his room on the first floor, down to the garden hedge on the ground floor.

He examined it further to discover scrapes and scratches all over the wall leading up to the window and on the window itself. Some of the scrapes were deep and had four little holes in a row and one right under them. It was almost as if someone had climbed all the way up to his room carrying a heavy weight using nothing but their bare fingers to claw their way up.

Jason was in a deep shock and disbelief at what he was seeing. All he could make out was, ”How the hell…..? ”

”What exactly happened last night?! ”

”And why am I so tired?! ”

”Jason!!! ” His mom called out from downstairs.

Jason almost jumped out of his skin at the sound of her voice.

”If you
e done with…erm…what you
e doing, take a shower and get ready for school. Breakfast is ready. ”his mom shouted.

”Umm…okay mom. ”

Great! mom now thinks Im some kind of porn crazed youth, just great.

I have to get my shit together and at least clean this up or moms gonna come find this up here and probably add murderer to the list of crazy things her son has turned into. Can let that happen, even though at this moment…Im not completely sure Im not.

Jason managed to get himself together, clean up the blood in his room, get ready for school and get down for breakfast where he found his mom sitting at the dining table in the middle of the kitchen.

”Hey mom! C-can I ask you something? ” He stuttered.

”Anything honey. ” she replied listening intently to her weird son.

”Ummm…d-did someone come over last night? ” He asked looking quite flustered.

”No. But YOU didn come down for dinner. ” Marthas eyebrows quickly turned into a frown. ”But apparently even with your empty stomach you still had the strength to make such a ruckus around midnight! ” she said chewing her eggs angrier.

”I did?! ” Jason whispered to himself feeling more and more confused.

But I was asleep….

His mom broke his thoughts with more angry talk. ”Yeah and apparently 6am is the new waking time for you seeing as you couldn keep it down once it was dawn. ”

”Huh? When did I- ” Jason spoke but was cut off by his mom.

”Ughh just finish your breakfast already. You
e late. We
e both late. ” she got up from her seat to gather the dishes.

”Come on, Ill drop you off at school. ” she said getting the keys and heading to the car.

The school was really noisy. Jasons head rang along with the sound of the bell going off as he walked in. His eyes had dark eye bags and his feet felt really heavy as he wobbled to class late.

”Hey Ramen! Hey!!! Ramen!!! JASON RAMI!!! Wake tf up!!!! ”

Jason opened his sleepy, tired eyes to a heavily endowed figure standing over his desk with long golden hair, hazel eyes, smooth skin and full sexy lips.

”Hey Ramen! What gives? Youve been sleeping and drooling all over your desk in every class today. What? Did you go prostituting at night? Hahaha!! ” she laughed in a sultry voice.

”Hhahaha…hey Cleo. ” He smirked at her while sitting up. ”Still a potty mouth now aren we? ”

”Oh please… ” Cleo purred as she leaned in slowly on Jasons adoring face, ”don act as if you don like it… ”

They stared into each others eyes for a moment causing an uproar from the entire class, ”Ughhh you guys should just get a room!!! ” ”Come on! Some of us are still painfully single here!! ”

”Hold the m-effing phone…! Is this what I think it is?! ” Cleos eyes widened as she suddenly grabbed Jasons arm to examine his wrist.

”You got a tattoo…of the symbol of anapkh?! ”

” The symbol of what now? Cleo…YOU know what this is? ” Jasons eyes widened as he looked at Cleo more expectant than ever, hoping to get some answers to the numerous questions multiplying in his head.

”Don you? ” Cleo asked. ”Jeez Jason, I know you literally only come to school to stare at my pretty face and never actually pay attention in class but come on, this was all Miss Park our history teacher could talk about last semester. ”

Jason looked even more puzzled now.

”The lovers? ” Cleo continued hoping to spark Jasons memory. ”Nothing? ” Cleo sighed and placed her hand on her face in utter defeat.

”Im sorry, could you just…expand on that? ” Jason asked struggling to remember.

”Really Ramen? Youd think that a person getting a tattoo of something would actually know what it means. ” She mumbled as she grabbed Jasons hand leading him out of the classroom.

”Follow me, Ill show you. ”

Jason followed willingly breaking through the crowded hallway, arms intertwined with his only window to a possible hope of understanding his current predicament.

Cleo finally stopped at the library and went into the maze of shelves causing Jason to follow her.

e here! ” She gestured waving her arms around the shelf.

Cleo pulled a giant dusty book titled The History of the Legendary Kingdom of Egyptia out of the shelf and dumped it in Jasons tired arms making him slip and fall under its weight.

”Hahahahaha…stop exaggerating Ramen, its not that heavy! ” She exclaimed laughing out loud.

”This is it! ” She purred as she flipped through the book.

”This is what you wanted to show me?! A book?! ” Jason exclaimed.

”Duhhh…you know Im a hot nerd. What did you think it was? ”

”Here it is Jason. This book tells of a love story that happened centuries ago between a powerful queen and her lover who ended up accidentally killing each other and trapping each others souls in crazy artifacts that have that very symbol on your hand. ” Cleo explained.

”Apparently thats the symbol of eternal life and reincarnation. Its actually a good idea for a tattoo if you ask me. Disappointing you didn even know what it meant before you got it, hmm.

According to this, it was engraved on or around Parauhs (ancient Egyptia rulers) graves where a god was giving it to them, symbolizing that the Parauh would be reincarnated and continue an eternal life on earth. ”

so what does that have to do with me. Fxxx!!! Im even more confused now. I need to know more. Jason thought to himself about to lose his head. His mind began to spiral vigorously at this point.

”Hey Ramen! You sure you
e okay? You
e looking kinda pale. ” Cleos face switched from a look of piqued interest into a look of concern for her poor Jason.

”Im fine Cleo. ” Jason sighed. ”I just need to go home and res- ” Jason stopped mid-sentence as his eyes caught something interesting as Cleo flipped through the book.

”Wait! ”

why do these symbols look familiar? Jason thought to himself.

hats right. That weird clock in the living room. Its got all these symbols on it. Ive gotta find out what they mean and how they relate to me.

”Cleo…tell me everything you know about these symbols on the rest of these artifacts? ” Jasons tone changed into a deep serious one.

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