CLOCKWORK Eternal Love’s Curse


Jason tossed and turned as he slowly awoke from his deep slumber. His head was banging and ringing intensely.

” Ow! My head…. ” he exclaimed in a weary tone. ”What a weird dream. ”

I really shouldve taken it slow consuming all that ancient Egyptia knowledge at the library, now Im out here dreaming about it. he thought to himself, eyes still closed.

”Uggghhhhhh….why does my body hurt so much? All I did yesterday was r- ” the blood drained from his face as he turned his head to his left side and opened his eyes.

He was lying in a dark deserted alley somewhere downtown. Lying right next to him was the body of a man, covered in blood, seeming to be lifeless.

Jason screamed, ”AHHHHH!! ” As he was face to face on the ground with a lifeless man covered in blood.

He sat up and screamed even louder when he noticed what was in his tattooed right hand. While his left hand was just covered in blood like the rest of his chest, his right hand wasn just covered in blood but also cleaved tightly to a dagger.

”FUDGE!!! ” Jason screamed as he threw the dagger far away from himself.

The sound of the metal hitting the ground made Jasons heart jitter more intensely.

Thump! Thump!! Thump!!!

Jasons heart rate and breathing got out of control as he raised his trembling hands to his face to examine them.

He hurriedly stood up and looked around, trying to figure out where in the world he was.

No no not again…. Jasons heart fell as he grew to understand the nature of the situation.

Did I do this? he questioned himself breathing heavily as he turned to look at the lifeless man beside him.

Jasons brain went into an insane panic looking at the lifeless body. Adrenaline rushes into his legs in that moment and all his brain could think was RUN

He took to his heels and ran with all his might. Suddenly, familiar screams and voices from his dreams filled his head. ”I swear by my blood that no matter how long it takes, I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE on your precious new world!!! ”

His heart developed palpitations at the sound of this strong male voice and the screams that accompanied it. He put his hands over his ears and ran even faster as if trying to block out and escape the sounds.

Jason must have been running for what seemed like hours till he finally got home. Breathless, he raised his hand to the door knob to open it but stopped himself.

mom must be asleep. I can wake her looking all bloody like this

”I need to find another way in. ” He said keeping his hand by his side and gradually looking up.

”The window! ” Jason sneaked to the side of the house where his window was and began to climb up. His body was weary, his arms weak, his breathing short and he was beginning to develop a fever.

He got into his room successfully and went straight into the bathroom to wash up.

I don need to call the police. he thought to himself. No but if I do that, they would arrest me thinking Im the murderer. Xxxx! I can even remember if I am the murderer or not.

Jasons fever increased as his body shivered intensely. His breathing got worse and he fell to his knees in the bathroom, holding onto the sink for support. He struggled to crawl back into his room and stretched his hand toward the bed in an attempt to reach it but failed as he passed out there on the floor.

”My love, whats wrong? You look pale. ” A female voice uttered. A beautiful woman dressed in gold rainments and royal jewelry laid over him caressing his face. She looked like a Queen of ancient times. ”Maid!!! Get the royal physician now! ” This gorgeous womans voice rang through the gold cladded room causing the servants to scamper away looking for the physician.

”Don worry my love, Im here. I will make you feel better. ”

The woman suddenly started kissing and caressing him. She rubbed her hands all through his body making him shiver but stopped as she saw it was only making his condition worse.

”Im so sorry my love, I don know what to do! What can I do? ” She said looking deeply into his eyes with concern all over her glowing face. ”I need you to be fine…I…I don know what Ill do without you. ” Her voice broke and she started sniffling.

The sound of her sniffles turned into an echo and were quickly replaced with the sound of birds singing.

Jason opened his eyes in the middle of his room. His fever had miraculously passed overnight. His skin could still feel the touch of that beauty he saw in his dream last night like it was real. Her touch, her presence, her love, it all felt so real along with the other visions he was having.

He got up and his stomach immediately groaned with hunger. Without thinking much, he changed his shirt and left his room.

His mom was humming a song in the kitchen while frying some bacon.

”Morning mom… ” he groaned as he descended the staircase.

”Jesus xxxxing Christ!!!! ” She screamed almost jumping out of her skin at the sound of Jasons voice.

He laughed heartily at her reaction. ”Thanks mom. I needed that. You always know how to cheer me up. ” He gave his mother a tight hug.

”Jesus Jason! What are you doing here. I thought you were staying at Malis this weekend . ” She looked at her son, confused as hell.

Mali – Jasons male childhood friend.

Malis!!! Right thats where I was before last nights…incident. Gonna need to call him and explain (lie).

”Yeah I got tired pretty quick, all he could talk about was girls asses (which is technically true) so I just got out of there when he fell asleep and came straight home. ”


”Ahhh!!! ” Jason screamed. ”Never again walk around at night young man. Do you know the dangers that wait at night? Especially for a young ones like you?! ” Martha commanded. ”Never do it again okay? ”

”Yes mom. ” Jason retorted.

Jasons eyes turned to the living room where he found the grandfather clock, sitting there as usual.

I don know what exactly is happening to me, but I know this clock is at the center of it all. I have to do this.

Jason stood up from his seat and entered the living room. Face to face with the clock he examined all the symbols on it which all now looked familiar. Im so glad I read about this.

”The symbol of anakph, symbolizing eternal life and reincarnation, the eye of the sun god Huros, symbolizing protection, and the eye of the sun goddess Ro, symbolizing goodluck….

Now what do they all have to do with me? ”

Jason stretched out his arms again toward the clock and just then the whispers came back and filled his head causing him to let out a groan. An ominous atmosphere filled the living room.

Jason was tempted to withdraw his arm again to keep from suffering this spiritual torment but he had already made up his mind.

”No! I can turn back now! I have to know. ” The whispers grew louder and voices became more distinct the closer he came.

Finally, he grabbed the clock with both hands. A flood of visions crowded his mind all at once and then…silence.

Everything faded to black.

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