Mason opened his eyes slowly and looked around him,he was in the kings room he realized.

he sighed and rubbed his temple,his head was aching so bad.he tried to sit up but he felt dizzy so he lay back down,he decided to rest since he wouldn be able to do anything else for some time, it was late at night anyway.

but he hated being forced to rest this way,it always gave him time to think about the future.their future. sighing he remembered how he had met the christian three years back.


It was the after Christian Conrad was crowned king.he was walking in a forest alone with his bow.all the ministers were boring him with their talk so he left them in there and decided to go hunting.

He was lucky enough to sight many animals that day but he didn feel like killing any of them instead he kept walking deep into the forest when he began to feel like he was being followed,he rolled his eyes and kept walking.

He stopped after awhile and fixed an arrow to his bow,he aimed forward when all of a sudden he turned around and shot the arrow at the cloaked figure hiding behind a hit him at the arm,he ran and quickly from there and hid behind a bush but when Christian got there,there was nothing but he saw the trail of blood the clumsy fool left and he followed it.

He kept followingthe blood but the footprint he was seeing wasn that of a human,it looked like a fox or wolf print,he wasn sure so he kept following the blood trail.

He hadn walked far when he saw a wounded fox lying inside a hedge,it had lost too much blood and was weak and was obviously in great pain.Christian dragged it out the hedge,bent near it and examined it wound, looking back at the animal he said ”turn back ” but nothing happened.christian smiled ,picked up his bow and an arrow and aimed at the wounded animal when it suddenly transform back into into a man ”please ” he begged clutching his arm .

He couldn see the mans face because his long black hair splayed and it covered his face.

looking at his physique,he was slim and average in height,his skin looks very pale but that was probably from the blood loss.he bent low and pulled at his hair so he could see his face,he stared into the most beautiful green eyes hed ever seen

He was dead gorgeous,his nose were perfect and his lips,those lips made him want to devour him right there but he wasn going to be fooled easily.pulling at his hair harder ”who are you? ” he asked

”Im Mason… please don kill me ” he begged

”why were you following me, who sent you? ”

”no one … please ”

”I must look like a fool ” He hissed at him ”why were you following me? ”

” I was taking a walk ” he screamed when christian dug a finger into his wound ”Im telling the truth please,I was taking a walk when I saw you ” he cried

Christian stopped torturing him and placed his palm on the wound,when he removed it the wound was gone.mason felt the pain from the wound reduced,he breathed a sigh of relief,looked at the demon in front of him ”thank you ”he said

”don thank me,you owe me ”

mason smiled awkwardly,bowed and said ”Ill repay you one day ”

”I saved your life Mathias? ”

”Mason ” he corrected

”you will serve me ,I will be your master for the rest of your life ” Christian declared and stood

”what…no! ” mason shouted ”I refuse to serve or enter deal with a dem… ” he was cut off with a punch to his face.he spat out blood and was going to curse at the bastard that punched him but couldn as it became difficult for him to breathe.

Christian continued to squeeze his throat ”then pay me back with your worthless life ” he hissed into his ear.clawing at the hand that was about to squeeze life out him,he managed to whisper ”deal ” .

he coughed hard and breathe deeply trying to get air into his chest but began feeling dizzy before he finally fell unconscious.

Looking at the fragile man, christian smiled at himself.he picked him up and threw him on his shoulder,he picked up his hunting device and apparated out of the forest.

He appeared inside his room,placing the unconscious man on his bed,he walked out and on his way back to the meeting hall,he sent the head servant to tend to Mason.

Mason smiled to himself as he remembered waking up and throwing a fit at the head servant and the physician

”you must feel better already ” christian said as he sat next to him on the bed pulling him out of his thoughts

”yes ”

”so whats was so funny that you were busy smiling to yourself that you didn notice when I came in ”

”that is because you didn use the door ” mason answered

”what made you laugh? ”

”you know christian,I find it funny remembering how I vowed I was going set myself free from you and take vengeance for what you did to me ”

”thats what funny? ” he asked raising his brow

”no, what I find funny is how I stumbled and fell into the THING called love ” he opened his eyes and looked at christian ”I fell in love with a demon ” he sighed and closed his eyes.

Christian took off his shoes and got in beside Mason,he held him close in his arms and planted a lingering kiss on his forehead ” I know it is your fear speaking and its okay, we
e allowed to feel that way sometimes ”. he used a finger to lift Masons face so he could look at him ”open your eyes ” he said.

Mason opened his eyes and stared into red ones ” I love you mason. I love you so much that the thought of loosing you scares me ”

”so youd rather I remain your slave ” mason said and sat up ”youd rather I suffer this way every **ing time your life is in danger? ”

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