Chapter 138 – Wealthy Bastard (part 13)

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An Chi didn’t say a word to this statement.
He just thought that things like illegitimate children were very normal.
Su Wanzhe didn’t have to lie to him.
“Then how do you plan to arrange things?”

Su Wanzhe frowned.
“I originally planned on taking him home.
But, if I really take him back, it won’t be easy to explain things to the board of directors, stockholders, and An Wei.
His mother is sincere to me.
After we have been separated for so many years, she hasn’t found anyone else and just looked after my son.
If I take Qilin away, his mother will go crazy.
If something happens, it won’t be good.
So, I will do things like this!”

An Chi smiled.
As long as it didn’t threaten his nephew’s status.
“He is your son.
Don’t treat him badly.
How old is his mother this year? She looks quite young.”

“She’s almost thirty! She really looks young, but has no courage.
Since I found out about this matter, she doesn’t dare to lift her head in front of me,” Su Wanzhe said with disgust.

An Chi recalled things carefully.
Su Wanzhe really didn’t like this one.
Of course, as long as he was there, An Wei’s position in the Su family was indisputable.
But, he didn’t want Su Wanzhe to suddenly show up with a so-called true love and block his sister.

“I have a villa in the eastern suburbs that is empty.
It can be regarded as a meeting gift for my nephew!” said An Chi.

Su Wanzhe smiled.
“Then I will thank big brother on behalf of Qilin.”

After An Chi went back, he called An Wei.
“Anhe is your son and Qihe is also your son in name.
He doesn’t know his background.
If you train him well, then he will be a big help to Anhe in the future.
Don’t always think about removing them.” Actually, what An Chi wanted to say was that she shouldn’t fight within since only outsiders would benefit.

An Wei said, “I am not good to Qihe? What Anhe has, Qihe also has.
He will not do worse than Anhe.
Besides, he is my in-law’s grandson.
They are fine with this treatment!”

An Chi sighed slightly.
After so many years, he hadn’t made any progress.
Fortunately, there was Anhe.
If he was cultivated well, then he would not disappoint.
“It’s good that you know it in your heart.”

After An Wei hung up, she was very upset.
She heard noises again and hurried out of the room.
“What’s going on? What’s the matter?”

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The three aunties were hurriedly separating the 2 brothers.
When they heard An Wei’s words, an auntie was a little embarrassed.
“Young Master Anhe was playing with Lego.
Young Master Qihe saw this and also wanted to play with them.
Young Master Anhe didn’t let him, so the two of them started fighting.”

An Wei held back her anger.
She picked up her son.
“Anhe, let’s go to the room to play.” She then ordered, “Tomorrow, let A-Zhang buy a few more sets of lego.” Her eldest brother also treated him like this.
This lowly thing was just an unfamiliar wolf in sheep’s clothing! He was 2 years older than Anhe, but kept taking Anhe’s toys all day long.
This was a big deal!

The more An Wei thought about it, the angrier she got.
She then ignored Qihe’s cries and his stretched out arms begging her, and instead hugged Anhe.
She took her son to the back of the house.
Qihe was left sitting on the ground by himself, tears on his face.
He looked very pitiful.

The aunties looked at each other.
One of them picked up Qihe and said, “Young Master Qihe, don’t cry.
The master and madam will be back later!”

Su Qihe laid his head on the auntie’s shoulder.
“Auntie, why doesn’t mother like me?”

The auntie was very embarrassed.
“Young Master is talking nonsense.
How can Madam not like Young Master?”

“But my mother never hugs or kisses me.
She only likes younger brother! Is it because I’m not good enough? Am I not smart enough? Is that why mother doesn’t like me? Will mother like me if I become better and smarter?” The young Su Qihe didn’t know anything.
He just instinctively wanted to get love and affection from his mother.

The auntie said, “Young Master, let’s take a bath.
Master and Madam will be back later.
Didn’t Young Master learn a few poems from Teacher Chen today? You can recite them to Master and Madam later.
They will definitely like it.”

She then coaxed Su Qihe to take a bath.

The aunties looked at Su Qihe with pity in their eyes.
Silly boy.
Everyone knew that the smarter and better he was, the more likely the madam would dislike him just because he wasn’t the madam’s biological child.
If he wanted to live here for a long time, then it was better to be mediocre.
But, they didn’t dare to say this.

Although they all knew that Su Qihe was not the madam’s biological child, Su Qihe himself didn’t know.
The Su family didn’t allow others to tell Su Qihe about his background.

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Therefore, they could only watch Young Master Qihe be kept in the dark while doing his best to chase after his mother’s love that he could never get.

Over there, Li Su was looking at the real estate certificate and the key in front of her.
Her eyes widened.
This was?

“Accept it.
It’s for Qilin.” Su Wanzhe glanced at Li Su.

“This is too expensive.
I can’t accept it,” Li Su refused.

“Can you stop being like this? This is for my son.
I am just letting you collect it,” said Su Wanzhe as he stared at her.

Li Su had to accept it for their son.

“How has Qilin been recently? Can he keep up with his homework? How is his relationship with his teachers and classmates? Has anyone bullied him?” In fact, Su Wanzhe knew the answers to all of these questions, but he felt that the atmosphere was a little too awkward, so he wanted to fill the silence.

To be honest, Su Wanzhe had a good impression of Li Su right now.
He had thought about his old recurring dreams, but they weren’t in the same place.
This was inconvenient.

Now that they were in Modu, Su Wanzhe’s heart was a little itchy.
He had given repeated verbal hints, but Li Su didn’t know what was going on.
He wasn’t sure if she was blind or just pretending to be stupid.

At the beginning, Su Wanzhe was aware of Li Su’s attitude.
But, after several times, Su Wanzhe had to admit that Li Su really didn’t intend on reliving his old dreams.

Su Wanzhe was a little puzzled about this, so he planned on taking this opportunity to ask Li Su what she thought!

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“He’s been pretty good lately.
He gets along with his classmates.” Li Su lowered her head, but was thinking about when she could leave.

Suddenly, Su Wanzhe stretched out his hand and lifted Li Su’s chin.

Li Su stood up abruptly with a defensive look.
“What are you doing?!”

“I still want to ask you what you want to do!” Su Wanzhe lost his patience.
“Now you are staring at me with the look of a chaste woman.
Why did you go?! You even had a kid, so why pretend!”

“It’s because of the child, that’s why I can’t! I was confused for a while.
Because of my selfishness, I couldn’t provide my son with an honourable identity.
I can only work hard to give him a relatively normal family.
Therefore, I can no longer make mistakes.
I can’t make my son sad!” Li Su used all of her acting skills.
“Before, I could tell Jiangping that I was a teenager who didn’t know anything, so I did something wrong.
Now, after so many years have passed, if I do something like this again, then what right do I have to stand in front of Jiangping? President Su, I’m begging you.
Let me go! I can take Jiangping and leave to go somewhere far away from here.
We will never come back!”

Su Wanzhe looked at Li Su with a complicated expression.
Outside the door, An Chi also had a complicated expression.
He heard that Wanzhe was eating here and came to say hello.
He didn’t expect to hear these words.

“Now I regret it.
Why did you leave so early on? You took my son away, my dream!” Su Wanzhe whispered.

Li Su did not speak, but covered her face and cried.

Su Wanzhe was upset by her crying.
He was also rejected by her and felt a little embarrassed.
He then said, angrily, “Okay! What are you crying for! Just forget it if you don’t want to.
I have no shortage of women.
This is for Qilin’s sake.
I am not so bad.
Since you are unwilling, I will not force you.
Just maintain the status quo in the future.
Don’t forget, Qilin isn’t only your son.
He is also my son.
Don’t think that I can’t take him away!”

When he finished speaking, he slammed the door on his way out.

An Chi hid behind the wall and was relieved he had hid himself quickly.
Otherwise, Wanzhe might have hit him.
An Chi had originally planned to leave, but was curious and walked towards the door.
The woman inside was still crying.

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An Chi smiled and shook his head.
Su Wanzhe’s illegitimate child was really lucky.
This mum had some brains.

For anyone who would threaten An Wei and Anhe, An Chi would investigate them.
He had investigated Li Su and her child.
He knew what they experienced in the past few years, and was a little emotional.
Although they had some tricks, they were ineffective.
It was a pity he was too soft-hearted.
He wasn’t decisive enough.

It was unknown whether this result was a good thing for the mother and child.
After all, in the face of wealth and power, not everyone could maintain their original aspirations.

An Chi glanced at Li Su, who was still crying, then turned and left.

When Li Su heard the footsteps grow faint, she sighed and raised her head.
She wiped away the tears and took out a mirror.
She had a bit of a headache.
She performed the play for a while, so now her eyes were swollen.
She would have to buy some ice cubes to reduce the swelling.
If she didn’t, then how would she explain it to her godmother when she returned?

Su Wanzhe hit a wall with Li Su.
He turned around and went to the innocent college student he met recently.
The two had a night out, then flew to France.
They went on a shopping spree and returned with a lot of things.
The sulky feeling in his heart finally left.

After returning from France, Su Wanzhe asked the secretary to send the gift he had for Qilin to Li Su.
He also had a message: that he would take Qilin to ski in Switzerland this weekend.

Of course, there was no Li Su included this time.

Li Su sighed in relief, but was a little worried.
Jiangping was quite happy though.
He hadn’t been skiing before.

Li Su saw that Jiangping was really happy and let him be.
Mother Jiang thought about what to get for the child.

Over there, An Wei finally realised that her husband had an illegitimate child on the outside!

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