Chapter 139 – Wealthy Bastard (part 14)

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An Wei heard it from her best friend.
After all, it was at a villa in Switzerland and there was skiing.
It was impossible not to hear about it.

An Wei was very angry.
She first called Su Wanzhe, but his phone was off.
Then, she realised later that Su Wanzhe was on a plane to Switzerland with his illegitimate child at the time.

An Wei didn’t know what to do with her anger.
There was a burst of laughter downstairs.
An Wei stood on the stairs and looked down to see Mother and Father Su having fun with Su Qihe.
An Wei watched her son and daughter play with Lego and her anger faded.

She walked over and picked up her son.
“Clever Anhe, mum will take you to live with your uncle for a few days!” Then, she motioned for her daughter to follow.

An Wei hugged her son and went downstairs.
“Mum, dad, I will take Anhe and Anyi to my brother’s place for a few days.”

Then, without waiting for Mother or Father Su to speak, she hugged Anhe and left.
Su Anyi looked at Mother and Father Su, embarrassed, and followed her mother.

Father Su wasn’t smiling.
Su Qihe was a little unhappy.
“When mum goes to uncle’s house, she only takes older sister and younger brother.
She never takes me! Grandma, I want to go too!”

Mother Su looked distressed and beckoned him over to hug him.
Su Qihe leaned against Mother Su and looked very wronged.

Upon seeing this, Mother Su patted Su Qihe on the shoulder.
“Qihe, do you want to eat ice cream? Let auntie take you to get some.” An Wei looked after the children carefully and never allowed Anhe to eat cold drinks and the like.
When Anhe was here, Qihe couldn’t think about touching them.

Su Qihe was young so he could still eat ice cream.
Although he was still a little unhappy, he followed his aunt happily.

Mother Su sighed.
“What are you doing with this expression on your face in front of a child? You’ll scare him.”

“Wanzhe is wrong about this, but you can see what she is like.
If it wasn’t for her…” Father Su took back his words after seeing Su Qihe.

Mother Su sighed.
“You know too? Who told you?”

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Father Su said irritably, “How can I not know that bastard’s excessiveness?!”

Mother Su felt a little helpless.
“I heard that the child has moved to Modu.
Have you seen him?”

Father Su shook his head.
“Old Zhang saw him once.
He apparently looks like Wanzhe.”

“Wanzhe is also confused.” Mother Su shook her head.
One illegitimate child was enough.
Now that he had another one… Why was there another Qihe? It wasn’t that Qihe wasn’t good, but…

Father Su was angry when she mentioned this.
Mother Su saw him and tried to persuade him.
“Fine, having many children and grandchildren is also a blessing.
On another day, we should let Wanzhe bring that child over for us to see.
If he has a good aptitude, then we can take him back.
After all, he is the flesh and blood of the Su family.
Those women though…” Mother Su’s words were filled with dislike.

Father Su frowned.
“I’ll talk to him about it then!”

Su Wanzhe and his son spent 2 days in Switzerland.
They returned Sunday night.
After, Su Wanzhe dropped his son off at Li Su’s place, he went home.

Su Wanzhe walked around the house and found it was quiet.
He asked, “Where is everyone?”

“The master and madam went to a charity party.
Young Master Qihe is at his piano lessons.
Madam took Young Master Anhe and Young Miss Anyi to the An household,” said the auntie.

Su Wanzhe frowned.
Since nobody was at home, what was the point of staying home? He turned and went out to have fun.

Su Wanzhe drove around in a circle and went to several wine shops that he regularly frequented, but he felt bored.
In the end, he went to Li Su’s house.

Su Wanzhe sat in the car and watched the bright lights upstairs.
The family was happy together, talking and laughing.
The kid, Qilin, must be giving gifts to everyone since Qilin personally picked each of them.

Su Wanzhe suddenly felt uncomfortable in his heart.
That was his son and his woman.
They should obviously be the closest people in the world, but they became a family of their own.
He could only watch them from his car.

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Su Wanzhe felt a little annoyed.
He was about to drive away when he saw the lights go out.

After waiting for a while, he saw Li Su, his son, and 2 elderly people exit.
The 4 of them held hands affectionately and walked out.

Su Wanzhe didn’t know what was going on.
He followed and saw them enter a nearby hotpot restaurant.
Through the glass, he saw the 4 of them sitting together around the hotpot.
They were talking and laughing.
The atmosphere was very harmonious.

Su Wanzhe felt a little sour suddenly.
He didn’t know what was wrong, so he sat in the car and watched the family finish their hotpot before they casually strolled down the street.
He saw his son pestering Li Su to buy some street snacks.
Li Su didn’t allow it.
The two older people felt distressed about this and bought his son the snacks.
Li Su smiled helplessly.

Su Wanzhe followed them until they returned home.

He didn’t go home until after 10 o’clock.
First, he went to Mother and Father Su’s room.
“Mum, dad, I’m back.”

Mother and Father Su had not yet gone to sleep.
They were sitting on the bed and watching the evening news.
When they saw that Su Wanzhe was back, Father Su snorted and Mother Su got out of bed.
“Tomorrow I will go to the An family.
In a few days, it will be the company’s seventieth anniversary celebration.
She is not here.
What is this!”

Su Wanzhe frowned.
“Let her stay there for as long as she wants.” Then, he added, “Don’t worry.
The An family will give you face.
An Chi won’t let her mess around.”

When Father Su heard this, he raised his head.
“That child, bring him back for us to see.
If it’s a good one, then he can stay!”

Su Wanzhe felt a little impatient when he heard that.
“Bring him? Don’t you think the house is messy enough? There is no need to take my eldest son in!”

Father Su glared at Su Wanzhe when heard his son’s words.
Su Wanzhe didn’t feel like he was wrong.
“Dad, Qilin isn’t Qihe.
Qihe was born and raised here.
Qilin is older.
He knows who his biological mother is, so he doesn’t want to leave her.
Mum, I’ve agreed that the child will be raised by his mother and that I will be responsible for his living expenses and his education.
This is fine.
There is no need to bring him back.”

Father Su frowned.
Mother Su quickly persuaded him.
“Then let us see him.
If we saw him outside, we wouldn’t know who he is.”

Su Wanzhe thought about it for a while.
“Okay, I’ll make arrangements later.
I’ve been on the plane for a long time so I’m exhausted.
I will go back and rest.”

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After Su Wanzhe left, Father Su was full of displeasure.
“Look at him! Why is he like this?!”

Mother Su subconsciously helped her son.
“Well, Wanzhe is right.
That child is not as good as Qihe, who was brought back when he was born.
He is six years old? I don’t know how we would bring him back.
Besides, he is much older than Anhe.
If we really brought him back, then Anhe and his mother would be uncomfortable.
If that child was really brought back, then she might make trouble.
Forget it, it’s better not to cause a fuss! If the child is really good, then we can make it up to him in the future.
He also has what Qihe has.”

Father Su thought about it.
He was a little dissatisfied with An Wei and thought she was too naïve.

An Wei stayed at the An family home for 2 days.
An Chi went to the United States to discuss business, so sister-in-law was not at home all day long.
An Wei didn’t feel much.
Su Wanzhe never showed up and didn’t even call.
It wasn’t just Su Wanzhe.
Mother and Father Su also didn’t bother.
Did they not even care about her or Anhe?

The more An Wei thought about it, the angrier she became.

Suddenly, sister-in-law came back.
“Wei Wei, why haven’t you returned?”

An Wei refused to show weakness in front of her sister-in-law and wiped her eyes.
“What’s wrong? Can’t I stay at home for a few more days?”

“Are you confused? In a few days, it will be the seventieth anniversary of Huitian International.
If you don’t go back, will Wanzhe bring another woman to attend the opening?” Wen Yan shook her head.
This little sister-in-law was too ignorant.
She wasn’t anxious about the big things and cared about the trivial things!

But now there was an extra bastard.
What was the big deal? Did An Chi have a few illegitimate children outside? As long as he didn’t bring them home and they didn’t fight with her son, then she didn’t care.

An Wei was really spoiled by her in-laws.
If she really didn’t want an illegitimate child, then why didn’t she go earlier? If she had a son for the Su family earlier, then her eldest brother would have more confidence supporting her.

An Wei was just like this.
She ran to her mother’s house when she didn’t like something.
It was strange for the Su family to be fine with it.
Fortunately, she had a good background.
She was the daughter of the An family.
The An Family and Huitian International were evenly matched.
The Su family had to give her some face.
Otherwise, she would have likely been swept out a long time ago! However, she was still not satisfied.

An Wei snorted and thought things over.
If Su Wanzhe didn’t pick her up, then she wouldn’t go back.
She would let Su Wanzhe find another woman to attend the party with at that time.
She would see if the Su family could afford to lose this person!

Wen Yan saw her like this and knew that she couldn’t persuade her.
She didn’t have the time to talk nonsense with her.
She would let her eldest brother talk.

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Wen Yan made up her mind to teach her daughter well and to not be like her aunt!

Finally, An Chi scolded An Wei in a video call.

When An Wei returned with her 2 children, Su Wanzhe, Father Su, and Mother Su were sitting on the sofa watching TV.
Su Qihe was also there, jumping and talking about things.

Mother and Father Su just looked up and said nothing when they saw An Wei and the others return.
Su Wanzhe didn’t even look over.

An Wei was a little embarrassed.
Anhe was still young and ignorant.
Su Anyi thought for a while, then ran to Su Wanzhe calling out, “Dad!”

Su Wanzhe reached out and hugged his daughter and pulled her into his lap.
“Anyi has returned?”

Mother and younger brother have also returned.
Dad, did you think about me?” Su Anyi asked delicately as she took her father’s hand.

“Of course! Dad bought you a gift.
It is in your room.
Let me know if you like it!” Su Wanzhe smiled and brushed his daughter’s nose.
He liked Su Anyi quite a bit.
At a young age, she could talk well and coax people.

“What about younger brother? Dad, let’s go open the present together, okay?” Su Anyi said coquettishly.
She jumped off Su Wanzhe’s lap and pulled him upstairs.

Su Wanzhe smiled.
“Okay, let’s go together.”

Su Qihe was a little envious and said loudly, “I want to go too!”

Su Anyi glanced at him.
“Father must have already given you a gift.
Now it is time for the gift for Anhe and I!” She didn’t like this younger brother.
He always liked to snatch things from her!

An Wei frowned.
“Anyi, if your younger brother wants to go, then let him go.” After she finished speaking, she went upstairs with Su Anhe in her arms.

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