Chapter 141 – Wealthy Bastard (part 16)

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“She’s a child.
What are you doing? Take Anyi back to her room.
She is not allowed to come out!” Father Su ordered coldly.

The assistant took Su Anyi back to the room, displeased.
“Anyi, don’t make a fuss.
If something like this happens, then the old madam will feel uncomfortable.
The master will definitely be angry when he comes back.”

Su Anyi didn’t take it seriously at all.
They all treated her like a young girl, like she was ignorant.
She had known for a long time that Su Qihe existed because her father wanted to push her mother to have an egg removal operation and find a surrogate.
The future heir of the Su family could only be her mother’s child.
Otherwise, her uncle would not agree.

Now that she had a younger brother, Su Qihe was useless.
It was just an abandoned son.
If he was gone, then he was gone! Would grandpa and dad still embarrass themselves for the sake of an abandoned son? She was the daughter of her parents! Besides, she also had her uncle!

Seeing that Su Anyi didn’t take her words to heart, the assistant sighed.
“Anyi, do you know what your parents are doing in the United States?”

Anyi shook her head.
She called her uncle yesterday, but her uncle hung up without saying anything.

The assistant continued.
“Your father suspects that Anhe is autistic.
So, he took him to the United States for a check-up.”

“Autism? What is autism?” Su Anyi asked in a panic.

The assistant took out her cell phone and searched up the symptoms of autism.
She then handed it over to Su Anyi.

Su Anyi turned paler the more she read.

The assistant also sighed.
She also thought that something was wrong at the beginning, but she did not dare remind the madam.
The madam cared about Anhe a lot and didn’t want to hear bad things about Anhe.

Now, she could only hope that everyone was just being oversensitive now and that everything went well for Anhe.

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Mother and Father Su had the same idea now.
Qihe was dead.
No matter how sad they were, it wouldn’t help.
Now they could only hope that Anhe was safe and sound.

Thousands of miles away in the United States, Su Wanzhe and An Wei looked solemn.
An Wei was pale.
The 3 sat there.

An Wei had a pale face.
“Impossible, impossible! How could Anhe be autistic? He is so smart.
He is very good at playing with small Legos! You must have diagnosed him wrong! Older brother, change to another hospital! Change it! They must have made an incorrect diagnosis!”

An Chi also refused to believe this fact, but… “An Wei, calm down! We have tried three different hospitals and the results are the same.
Anhe is indeed autistic.
What you need to do now is not cry here and make a fool of yourself, but to think about what you should do in the future.”

An Chi’s remarks were clearly addressed to Su Wanzhe.

Su Wanzhe had a solemn expression.
He still didn’t know about Su Qihe at this time.
He thought for a long time before he stood up and said, “The medical conditions here are better than those in China.
An Wei, you stay here and accompany Anhe in his treatment.
As for the others, we can talk later!”

An Chi had different opinions, but he could not say them in front of Su Wanzhe.

“Okay, I have something to do in the United States.
I will deal with them first.
You go home first! Although public opinion is under control, it is still necessary for someone to be here,” said An Chi.

Su Wanzhe thought the same way.
“I’ll go back right away.
I will have to ask eldest brother to be here.”

An Chi nodded.
Su Wanzhe glanced at Su Anhe, who was immersed in his own world and playing with Lego.
He sighed and turned away.

An Wei flushed with anger when she saw him walk away so easily.
“Eldest brother, look at him!”

“An Wei, can you understand something? Anhe is Wanzhe’s son.
Doesn’t he feel distressed? Is he only distressed if he accompanies you to cry and make trouble?” An Chi said sternly.
“An Wei, Anhe’s condition is already a fact.
No matter how many tears you shed, this can’t be changed.
What you should be thinking about is what to do in the future.”

“What do you mean?” An Wei’s lips trembled slightly.

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“In such a situation, it will be impossible for Anhe to live independently in the future, let alone him inheriting the company and the like.” An Chi didn’t finish his words.
An Wei knew what he meant and she roughly pushed An Chi’s arm away.

“Older brother, Anhe is my son, your nephew.
Are you ready to give up on him?” An Wei trembled all over, agitated.

“It’s not giving up, it’s just getting you ready! You have to discuss this with Wanzhe.
Last time, you took out three eggs.
You don’t need an operation this time.
Just find a surrogate!” An Chi frowned deeply.

“No! I don’t agree!” An Wei screamed loudly.

The medical staff next to her frowned and looked at her, dissatisfied.

An Chi looked at An Wei.
“An Wei, Su Qihe is dead.
Anyi told him his background and said a lot to stimulate him.
The child ran out of the house in the middle of the night.
He was hit by a car and died.”

An Wei calmed down suddenly.
“What did you say?”

“Wanzhe has an illegitimate child out there who will be turning seven this year.
He is healthy and smart.
Now that Anhe is ill and Qihe is dead, what are you going to do? Do you want to watch Wanzhe take that illegitimate child back home and watch him take away everything that originally belonged to you and Anhe?” An Chi said coldly.

“An Wei, I know you don’t want to listen to what I say, but you have to understand that this is the reality.
You must accept it.
I will give you three months to consider things!” An Chi looked at An Wei’s desperation.
He couldn’t force her too much.

After a long time, An Wei said, “Anyi!”

“Don’t worry, the Su family is smart and hasn’t said anything to Anyi.
Besides, Anyi did nothing wrong.
She just told him the truth,” said An Chi.
“But Wei Wei, you are also the mother of two children.
You need to grow up.
You can’t always hide behind me.
Yes, as long as I am here, I can protect you, but what if I am not around anymore? Who else can you count on? Do you expect your nephew to continue supporting you? Even if he is willing, your sister-in-law may not be.
Wei Wei, think about it!”

An Chi sighed, then turned around to discuss a follow-up treatment plan with the doctor.
An Wei was left to stand along in the aisle, desperate.

After Su Wanzhe got off the plane, he knew what had happened at home.
There was anger in his heart, but he didn’t know who to direct it at.
Anyi? Anyi was still a child.
She didn’t know any better.
Anyway, An Wei was not good! She did not instruct her children and couldn’t take care of them.

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Su Wanzhe was upset and did not immediately go home.
Instead, he went to Li Su’s place.

In the past few days, Li Su and her family had a very happy life without Su Wanzhe interrupting.
Today was the weekend.
Mother and Father Su were discussing taking Jiangping to go on a tour in a group for two days.

Su Wanzhe was very unhappy when he saw how happy their family was.
Why were they so happy when his family was in a mess?

He had only wanted to drop by and take a look, but now he changed his mind.
He got out of the car, leaned against it, and did not speak.
He watched Li Su from a distance.

Jiangping was the first to see Su Wanzhe.
He tugged on the corner of Li Su’s clothes.

Li Su followed Jiangping’s line of sight and saw Su Wanzhe.
She sighed inwardly.
Why was he here? Didn’t he say that they wouldn’t disturb each other? Besides, didn’t he go to the United States? She knew he had gone to the United States, so she had wanted to go on a group tour!

“Mum, dad, wait for a minute.
Jiangping’s father is here.
I will go and say a few words to him,” said Li Su.

When Mother Jiang heard this, her mood fell.
“Aren’t we going today?” She had been preparing for the 2-day outing for a long time.

Li Su knew what she was thinking.
“I’ll go.
Don’t worry.
I will just say a few things and be back soon.”

After she finished speaking, she took Jiangping’s hand and walked to Su Wanhe.
“Why are you here? We are going to take Jiangping to Zhouzhuang for two days.
We will come back tomorrow night.
It won’t delay his homework.”

Su Wanzhe was full of displeasure.
He looked at his son in anticipation.
“What’s so fun about Zhouzhuang? Didn’t dad take you to Switzerland last time?”

“But this is the first time I’ve been able to go somewhere with grandma, grandpa, and mum.
I’m looking forward to it!” Jiangping was afraid that Su Wanzhe wouldn’t let him go.

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Su Wanzhe thought about Anhe, who was autistic, then looked at Jiangping.
His gaze softened.
This was his only lively and healthy son.
“Forget it.
If you want to go, then go!”

Jiangping was very happy.
“Dad, I will bring you a present!”

Su Wanzhe nodded and smiled.
Li Su nodded at him, then took her son’s hands to return to Mother and Father Jiang.
They then took a taxi and went off.

Su Wanzhe watched them leave.
He remembered the mess at home and frowned.
He then got into the car and drove back.

Over there, Li Su and company were sitting on the bus.
Jiangping was very excited and was talking to Mother and Father Jiang.

Li Su’s phone rang suddenly.
She checked on it and saw that it was Jiang Xue, who had sent a message.
“Su Su, are you there? If you are, quickly send a message.”

“I’m here.
Today I am going to Zhouzhuang with your parents and Jiangping.
Did you forget?” LI Su replied.

“Something happened.
President Su’s eldest son passed away in a car accident!” Jiang Xue quickly replied.

Li Su suddenly sat upright, nervous.
“Really? How can this be?” Her fingers danced quickly.

“It’s true.
A friend of mine is a nurse at the ** Hospital.
The eldest son of President Su was sent to their hospital for emergency treatment.
Unfortunately, by the time he was sent to the hospital, the person was long gone.”

Li Su suddenly became nervous.
The premise of her being able to live with Jiangping was that Su Wanzhe’s two sons were alive and healthy.
The Su family did not need sons.
If something happened to Su Qihe, would the Su family take Jiangping away?

Before Li Su could speak, Jiang Xue sent another message.
“I’m worried that the Su family will take Jiangping away!”

Li Su thought for a while, then quickly typed, “Don’t worry.
Even if the Su family wants to, the An family won’t agree.”

Jiang Xue said, again, “Su Su, do you still want to live abroad now? Let’s go together!”

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