u family and An family have cooperated in many aspects.
They were inseparable.

“But, have you thought about this? If you don’t take back the child, then if the An family wanted to do something, they will still do it.
It is better to bring the person under our care.
This is more appropriate,” Father Su continued.
He could see how much importance the An family attached to Anhe.
But, even so, this child had a problem.
This was not the An family’s original intention.
Maybe it had something to do with An Wei’s body, like her eggs not being healthy.
That could be why the child who was born was not healthy.

What if, because of An Wei’s relationship, the Su family had no suitable heir? No matter how good the An family was to the Su family, could they still let the Su family hand over their company?

Su Wanzhe hadn’t thought about this problem.
He felt that he could balance the relationship inside, but the death of Qihe made him realise that perhaps he had taken it all for granted.
“I will arrange for the mother and child to go abroad, to a place where the An family can’t touch them.
In any case, Qilin is my son.
In the end, if An Wei can’t give birth to a son, then Qilin will be my only son and the only one who can be the heir of Huitian International!”

Mother and Father Su looked at each other, then looked upstairs.
Nobody was eavesdropping.

Father Su pondered for a moment.
“If you have thought about it carefully, then arrange it as such.
Just be quick about it!”

Su Wanzhe nodded.
“Mum, dad, I’ll head out for a while.” He then took the car keys and went out.
Now that it has been decided, he had to get this done while An Chi and An Wei were still in the US.

After Li Su returned, exhausted, she was greeted with shocking news.
“What? Emigrate to Australia?”

Su Wanzhe nodded.
“I have already gone through the relevant procedures.
I have asked someone to make arrangements in Australia.
You can leave as soon as possible.”

Li Su blinked.
“Why is it so sudden?”

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Su Wanzhe frowned.
“I said that I would be responsible for Qilin’s life and education.
You have no right to intervene.”

“But what about godmother and godfather?” Li Su didn’t know if Su Wanzhe had hit his head or something.
Why was this so sudden?!

“Since Qilin likes them, then they will go together! Any more questions? If not, then go back and clean up.
Leave next weekend.
I will arrange for someone to accompany you to the airport.
When you arrive in Australia, someone will pick you up there,” Su Wanzhe said quickly.

Li Su nodded blankly.

When she returned home, her entire body felt like it was floating.

Mother Jiang learned that Li Su was going to see Su Wanzhe.
She was worried and anxious.
She waited in the living room.
When she saw Li Su come back, she greeted her excitedly.
“What’s the matter? Your complexion is bad.
Is something wrong? What is it? Did he change his mind? Does he want to take Jiangping away?”

Li Su shook her head.
“Mum, we may be moving again!”

Mother Jiang sighed in relief.
“As long as he isn’t taking Jiangping away, moving is fine.
Where do you want to move this time? Modu is good.
Will it be the capital?”

Li Su shook her head.
“No, it’s Australia!”

“Australia? Why that place?” Mother Jiang was still chattering, then she reacted.
“It’s Australia?”

Li Su nodded.

Mother Jiang sat on the sofa.
Why was she going abroad?

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Li Su saw that Mother Jiang had no idea.
She took out her cell phone and called Jiang Xue.
She then told Jiang Xue about the matter.

After Jiang Xue heard about it, she was stunned.
This development exceeded her expectations.
“Perhaps it is because the death of President Su’s eldest son was not an accident.
President Su must be worried about Jiangping’s safety, so that’s why he asked you to go abroad.” Jiang Xue had thought about it and had only come up with this possibility.

Li Su thought there could be other reasons.
Did Su Wanzhe care about Jiangping? Yes.
He cared more than he did in the original life.
But, Su Wanzhe was a very conceited person.
He would not do it just because of Su Qihe’s death.
There must be other reasons.

“Sister, maybe you should take this opportunity to come with us!” said Li Su.

“You go first.
I will stay here to see the situation,” said Jiang Xue.
Even if she wanted to leave, she had many things to deal with first before she could leave.

Li Su thought about it.
“Then be careful, sister!”

A week later, the 4 of them boarded the plane to Australia.

An Wei stayed in the US for more than 2 months before she returned home.
Anhe had not made much progress.
He was still blindly immersed in his own world.

An Wei returned to China.
In addition to discussing the matter of surrogacy with Su Wanzhe, she also discussed Anhe.
She wanted to set up a foundation for Anhe to ensure Anhe’s future.

Su Wanzhe looked as normal when he heard about the surrogacy.
He had already expected this.

An Wei also wanted to set up a foundation for Anhe, and Su Wanzhe didn’t object.
But, when An Wei asked Su Wanzhe to transfer 10% of his shares to Anhe, Su Wanzhe became angry.

“Anhe is my son.
I will take good care of him.
I don’t have any issues if you want to set up a foundation for him, but it is impossible to do it with shares! I only have 30% of the company’s shares.
You want me to transfer 10%? Don’t you think you are asking for too much?!” Su Wanzhe said angrily.

1.(祈麟) Qilin – same second character, but different first character.

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