Chapter 144 – Wealthy Bastard (part 19)

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After returning to China, An Chi was very busy.
Not only did he have to deal with company matters, but he also had to look for a Chinese medicine master for An Wei.
After taking some time off, An Chi suddenly remembered Su Wanzhe’s illegitimate son.
After he thought about it, he picked up his cell phone and got people to investigate.

Sure enough, those people were no longer in the country.

An Chi smiled.
Su Wanzhe had already guarded against him.
However, did he think it would be that easy? Now that they were out, they shouldn’t think about coming back so easily!

The heir of Huitian International could only be An Wei’s child.
If An Wei really couldn’t get a healthy and intelligent son, there was Anyi.
Although Anyi was a girl, she had the Su and An family’s blood.
With his support and the An family’s support, he wasn’t afraid of the Su family disagreeing.

An Chi didn’t take these things to heart at all, but An Wei did.
When she thought of that bastard, she hated him in her heat! It was all because of him that Su Wanzhe was so confident.

If the illegitimate child came back, it may not be safe!

An Wei’s eyes flashed with an ugly look.
She had thought of such days.
Her life shouldn’t be like this.

In the past few days, Li Su always felt that something was wrong.
She always felt like someone was watching them.
She was a little worried.
She knew what the An family was like, so she thought it would be better to be more cautious.

Li Su quietly shared her thoughts with Jiang Xue.
After Jiang Xue heard this, she was anxious and said that she would tell Su Wanzhe immediately.
She was then stopped by Li Su.
“These are all just my guesses.
There is no evidence at all.
Do you think Su Wanzhe will believe it? Even if he does believe it, what can he do besides change our location? Do you think he will turn against the An family?”

Jiang Xue was concerned and confused.
“Then what should I do now?”

Li Su thought for a while.
“I don’t know.
I can only take precautions.
I have a plan, but I don’t know if it will work, so I thought I’d say hello to you first.
No matter what happens, don’t worry.
Wait for my news.”

“What do you want to do?” Jiang Xue asked quietly.

“It’s hard to say on the phone.
Don’t worry!” Li Su said softly.

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Half a month later, in the middle of the night, it was completely silent.
But, Li Su was aware that someone was walking outside the place.
She stood up and quietly went to the window to take a look.
She saw 3-4 figures walking around and carrying something in their hands.

Li Su quickly woke up Mother and Father Jiang.
Father Jiang wrapped Jiangping in a blanket and hugged him.
They went out through the small door at the back of the kitchen.

They didn’t dare to look back and ran forward eagerly towards the car parked near the intersection.
Li Su started the car and hurried away.

“Su Su, look,” Mother Jiang said with a trembling voice.

Li Su looked in the rear-view mirror and the house they had lived in had turned into a sea of flames.

“Fortunately, we left quickly.
Otherwise, that fire… Su Su, who wants to harm us? What should we do now?” Mother Jiang was shocked and scared.
She was at a loss.

“Leave here first, then we will talk about it.” Li Su had already prepared for this and took all the documents with them.

Those few people who were watching the fire engulf the house confirmed that nobody exited.
The neighbours saw the fire and ran over.

Li Su and the others found a hotel and checked in.
Mother and Father Jiang were still a little scared.
Li Su comforted them for a long time before the two of them fell asleep.

Li Su couldn’t sleep.
She originally wanted to take this opportunity to get out of Su Wanzhe’s control, but seeing the fire and the frightened Mother and Father Jiang, Li Su felt unhappy.

Although she said that she would collect debts from Su Wanzhe and An Wei, she actually didn’t do anything.
She didn’t rely on her son for anything.
She didn’t seduce Su Wanzhe.
The An family was still pressing so hard.
It was too much.

In that case, she couldn’t be blamed.
She would go back to the country.
Even if she couldn’t do anything, she could piss off An Wei and be an obstacle!

Li Su walked into the bathroom, picked up her cell phone, and contacted Su Wanzhe for the first time.

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“Hey, it’s me.”

There was a 3-hour time difference between Modu and Australia.
Su Wanzhe had attended a cocktail party yesterday and met a young model.
The two of them were busy until 2 in the morning.
Su Wanzhe was woken up when he barely got any sleep.

Su Wanzhe’s tone was a little impatient.

But in the next second, Su Wanzhe sat upright.
“What did you say?! Okay, stay there.
Don’t go anywhere.
I’ll head there immediately!”

He got dressed indiscriminately and prepared to leave.

“President Su!” cried Xiao Nenmo, the delicate little model.

Su Wanzhe threw her a card and left without looking back.

Xiao Nenmo grabbed the card and smiled with joy.

The news of Su Wanzhe flying to Australia would be known to everyone soon.

Mother and Father Su were terrified.
An Wei couldn’t give birth to a healthy son.
Although Mother Su and Father Su were not happy, they were not very worried.
After all, An Wei being unable to give birth didn’t mean that others couldn’t give birth.
They would give An Wei another year.
If it still didn’t work, then she couldn’t blame them.
There were a lot of young and healthy women out there who can give Wanzhe a son.
When that time came, they could take the child back and say that An Wei gave birth to him.
Wasn’t it the same thing?

No matter how bad it was, wasn’t it better to have a healthy outside child?

They didn’t expect that the An family would be so ruthless.
They didn’t want the Su family to have any successors! This was despicable!

After An Wei found out, she smiled slightly.
So what if he rushed over? The people were no longer there.
It would be impossible for Su Wanzhe to suddenly turn hostile for the sake of a few dead people.

After An Chi heard the news, he called An Wei and asked if she did it.
This was a matter pertaining to the Su family, so he hadn’t taken care of it.

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When Su Wanzhe arrived in Melbourne, he deliberately went to look at the house.
He saw the burned remains of the house and his expression was sombre.

Su Wanzhe didn’t stop.
He went straight to the hotel.
When he arrived at the hotel, An Chi also received the news that those people weren’t dead.
The fire had just burned an empty house.

An Wei’s face turned blue.
Those damn idiots! Nothing could be done right!

But after the anger, An Wei calmed down again.
If they didn’t die, then they didn’t die.
It was just a shock.
She had confidence that the Su family would not turn hostile over this little matter because of Anyi and her brother.
The Su family were wise and wouldn’t do things that disadvantaged themselves.

Su Wanzhe looked at the panic-stricken faces of the 4 people in front of him.
He took a deep breath.
“Clean up and come home with me!”

“Huh?” How long had it been since they left and now they were going back to China? Li Su looked at Su Wanzhe blankly.

“Mm, go back to China,” said Su Wanzhe.
The villa next to the Su family’s house had also been purchased and renovated.
He and An Wei originally planned on moving in after they got married.
It was just that Mother and Father Su were reluctant to part with them and An Wei didn’t like the style, so it has been sitting empty.

He planned on letting Li Su and her son move there.
He wanted to see what An Wei would do when they were under his nose!

Su Wanzhe had already decided.
Li Su would naturally not object.
Mother and Father Jiang were also scared for a while.
They had not encountered such a thing for decades in their own country.
They didn’t expect that it would happen while they were abroad.
There were always talks of foreign security and that it was safe! As if! It was better to return home quickly!

Jiangping, who knew what had happened the previous night, was stern and silent at this time.

Therefore, Li Su and the others returned to China with Su Wanzhe.

Su Wanzhe took them to the villa next to the Su family.
“You can live here with peace of mind.
That is the Su family’s house in front of you.
Qilin will come with me to say hello to his grandparents.
Don’t worry, Qilin will still live with you in the future, but my parents want to see their grandchildren.
You aren’t allowed to stop them,” said Su Wanzhe as he glared at Li Su.

Li Su, Father Jiang, and Mother Jiang stopped talking after they heard this.

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Su Wanzhe took Jiangping home with him.

When they entered, Mother Su, Father Su, An Wei, Anyi, and Anhe were there.
Because the child was there, the atmosphere was not bad, but it was also not very good.

But all of this was broken with the arrival of Su Wanzhe and Jiangping.

When Mother and Father Su saw Jiangping, they were overjoyed.
His eyebrows belonged to the Su family.
“This is Qilin? He is so big! Come, let grandpa and grandma take a look at you!”

An Wei’s expression was very bad.
Not only did she feel afraid and uneasy, but she was also annoyed.
Su Anyi’s complexion was also not good.
Only Su Anhe sat there playing with his Legos.

Jiangping looked at Su Wanzhe and saw that he had no objection, so he walked over.
“Hello, grandpa and grandma.”

An Wei stared at Su Wanzhe.
“What is the meaning of this?” she asked with a sour tone.

Su Wanze threw his coat on the sofa.
“What do you mean? Qilin is my son.
I sent him to Melbourne.
I didn’t expect that his presence would still be an eyesore to some people.
There was a fire in the middle of the night.
If he wasn’t lucky, you wouldn’t see him today.
I didn’t intend to bring him back, but when something like this happened, I should bring him nearby.
I want to see when he is right here, who dares to make a move against him!”

Over there, Father Su asked Jianping many questions.
Jiangping responded appropriately.
Father Su was very satisfied when he saw this.
It seemed that that woman was not worthless.
At least she taught his grandson well.

“Relax, grandpa is here,” Father Su said as he clapped his grandson’s hands.

Jiangping looked scared at the right time and leaned against Father Su!

An Wei’s eyes were red when she saw this scene.
“You are too much.
I’m not dead yet and you take this bastard home! Do you really think that I don’t exist anymore? Anyi, let’s go!” She picked up Anhe and left.
She went to go find her eldest brother to call the shots.

An Chi had some headaches recently.
There was a problem with the American project.
He had to rush to the US to deal with it.
Now, he received a call from An Wei as he was on the way to the airport.
He felt a little impatient when he heard An Wei crying on the phone.
He frowned.
“An Wei, I don’t have time to pay attention to you now.
I will talk about it when I return to China.” He then hung up.

He told her so clearly, but she was just so stupid! He was just an illegitimate child that was brought back.
Su Qihe had died, so were the Su family worried that Su Qilin would die? No matter how bad it was, there were methods.
Did she still need to call him to talk about these little things?

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