ph, you guys gave him so much money.
It’s all probably gone to waste!” An Wei said triumphantly.

Su Wanzhe glanced at her and said faintly, “Are you talking about Qilin? He is now an executive and core researcher of Ruihui Pharmaceutics.
He has just developed a new type of anticancer drug in the first half of the year and it has been put on the market.
A few days ago, another US pharmaceutical company offered him an annual salary of five million USD.”

In order to avoid suspicions and to reassure himself, Qilin chose to study medicine in university.
This was completely unrelated to the Su family’s current industry.
He was still so good.
Su Wanzhe was regretful.
If he hadn’t sent Qilin out for the sake of so-called harmony… If he did not suggest to Qilin… Maybe Huitian International would be a new scene.

The smile on An Wei’s face stopped.
An Chi saw it and shook his head a little.
He was still thinking about sending her back to China.
Now, it seemed that he should forget about it.
She should stay in Switzerland with Anhe.

After coming out of the campus, An Wei and An Chi planned on walking around.
The environment here was very good.
An Wei even considered moving to the US with Anhe, but then remembered that the illegitimate child was here.
An Wei’s mood dropped.
Although they weren’t living in the same city, An Wei still felt uncomfortable.

But, Su Wanzhe didn’t go with them.
He was in the US now.
How could he leave without seeing Qilin?

The most important thing was that Huitian International recently had plans to get involved in the pharmaceutical industry.
After all, it was a profitable industry.
He intended to ask Qilin to see if he could cooperate with Ruihui Ltd.
After all, it was in the top 100 of the world’s top 500 companies.

“Where are you going?” An Wei asked anxiously when she saw Su Wanzhe leaving.

Su Wanzhe ignored her and walked forward.
An Wei tried to catch up, but An Chi stopped her.

“Eldest brother!”

“Give me a break.
Wanzhe has serious business.” An Chi frowned.

“What serious business does he have to attend to? He’s going to see the bastard!” An Wei said angrily.

“Shut up, you don’t know!” An Chi said angrily.
Not only does Huitian International want to get involved in the pharmaceutical industry, but the An family also wanted a share of the pie.
If they could cooperate smoothly this time, then the An family could also go to the next level!

An Wei was puzzled and sad.
She looked at An Chi with red eyes.

People in their 40s and 50s were always crying like this.
An Chi was upset when he saw this.
“Someone from Switzerland called and said that Anhe would not eat.
He can’t live without you.
You should fly back to Switzerland.”

When An Wei heard that Anhe refused to eat, she became a little impatient.
It was probably because she was the person who accompanied Anhe the most, so Anhe was very dependent on her.
He wouldn’t eat or do anything when she leaves.

Therefore, wherever An Wei went, she had to take Anhe with her.

Although the scenery in Switzerland was very nice, she would still get bored eventually, no matter how nice it was.

Anhe was afraid of flying long distances, so he couldn’t go anywhere too far away.
Every time Anhe went out, he had to bring a lot of people with him.
After a while, An Wei was reluctant to head out.

An Wei was very unhappy.

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But, Anhe was her son so she couldn’t really leave him alone.
In fact, she only had Anhe as her son.
Because she hadn’t been at home for a long time, Anyi and Wangan weren’t very close to her.
Only Anhe relied on her wholeheartedly as a mother.

Although, sometimes this dependence made An Wei feel heavy and impatient.
But, An Wei could only hold on to him tightly because she found that she couldn’t catch anything in her life except Anhe.
Her life was rich, but empty.

Su Wanzhe discovered that his son’s number had changed.
He wanted to see his son and needed to make an appointment in advance.
The appointment time was already scheduled for next week.

There was still a big mess to deal with back home, so Su Wanzhe couldn’t spend too long in the US.
There was no other way, so he called Li Su.

The number was no longer in service!

Su Wanzhe stared at his phone.
Shit, the number was no longer in service.
Only then did Su Wanzhe react.
He hadn’t contacted Li Su for a long time.

Since there was no other way, he had to leave his contact information with the front desk.
He then returned to wait for the news.

A week later, Su Wanzhe flew to the US again and was finally able to meet his son this time.

“Why didn’t you tell me you changed your phone number?!” Su Wanzhe complained.

“When I entered Ruihui Pharmaceutics, I had already changed my number.
I remember sending you a message about it.
Maybe you forgot!” Li Jiangping said calmly.

Yes, in order to prove that he didn’t mean to go after any of the Su family’s property, the day he got his green card, he changed his name to Li Jiangping.

Of course, he was now very grateful to his mother for her encouragement and advice that year.
He was doing well now and didn’t regret the decision that year.

“Why did your mother change her number?” Su Wanzhe continued to complain.

“She lost her cell phone and changed it to a new number.
Why? Do you want to find her? She isn’t in the US now.
She went to New Zealand with grandma and grandpa.
They bought a ranch there,” said Li Jiangping with a smile.

“I wanted to ask if your company has plans to enter the market at home? If you have the intention to, you can contact Huitian Internation…” said Su Wanzhe.

“The company has planned for this for a long time.
The branch company and the development centre have already prepared.
However, the company doesn’t intend on cooperating with other companies.” Li Jiangping thought it was a bit funny.
Ruihui Pharmaceuticals was one of the world’s top 500 companies.
Its strength lied here.
If he wanted to enter the market at home, then why would they want to cooperate with other companies? Even if they wanted to cooperate, they would cooperate with large domestic pharmaceutical companies instead of Huitian International, who made a fortune in real estate and had never set foot in the pharmaceutical industry.

Su Wanzhe frowned and wanted to say more.

Li Jiangping continued.
“Although I am one of the executives, I am mainly responsible for product development.
I really can’t get involved in the new company.

Since he said that, Su Wanzhe couldn’t keep on talking about it, so he had to change the subject.
“You’re not young anymore.
When do you plan on getting married?”

Li Jiangping smiled.
“I got married last year and sent you an invitation, but you didn’t come.”

“What? You sent me an invitation? When?” Su Wanzhe was shocked.

“The invite was sent in April last year.
I sent an electronic and paper version,” said Li Jiangping.

Su Wanzhe thought for a while.
Last April… It happened to be when An Wei returned to China.
Damn it!

“Where is your wife? Is it not convenient for her to come and meet me?” Su Wanzhe smiled forcefully.

“She can’t.
She just gave birth last month and she is now with my mother and grandparents in New Zealand.
She is a travel enthusiast.
I am busy with the research and development of new products.
Instead of staying at home all the time, she is over there taking mom and grandma around to have fun.
They are very happy,” Li Jiangping continued.

Su Wanzhe couldn’t sit still.
He had a grandchild? “You have a kid? Is it a boy or girl?” Su Wanzhe asked excitedly.

“A boy.
Catherine was sad.
She preferred a girl.
But boys are also good.
Father-in-law likes Alex,” said Li Jiangping.

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“Yes, my father-in-law’s name.
I gave him father-in-law’s surname.” Li Jiangping smiled.

“This will not work! He is a child of the Su family.
How can he have a foreign surname?! No, he must recognise his ancestors and change his surname to Su!” Su Wanzhe said as he hit the table.

LI Jiangping looked at Su Wanzhe with a smile.
In order to placate the An family, Su Wanzhe had sent him abroad.
He didn’t have the 3% of shares that the descendants of the Su family had originally.
He, of course, did not care about the shares or the money.
The money that the Su family gave him over the years was left untouched.
When old man Su had his 80th birthday, he sent the money back as a birthday gift.

The Su family didn’t know what kind of mentality he had, so they accepted the money.

He just thought it was a little amusing that Su Wanzhe said these things in front of him now.

Su Wanzhe sighed.
“Qilin, I know you are still blaming me in your heart, but this is also impossible.
If the family is harmonious, then you will be prosperous.
Take a step back and enjoy the boundless possibilities! Wangan is…” Su Wanzhe didn’t feel embarrassed to continue.
Jiangping couldn’t choose his own background either.
“Besides, with your current achievements, Wangan may not be able to compare to you.”

Li Jiangping smiled.
“You’re wrong.
I don’t blame anyone.
In fact, it is thanks to you that I am where I am today.
I am very grateful for that.
But, you want Alex to recognise his ancestors.
Will the An family agree to that?” The corners of Li Jiangping’s mouth curled up slightly, mockingly.

Su Wanzhe saw the mockery in Li Jiangping’s eyes and his fiery heart calmed down.
“You, you, you!”

Li Jiangping smiled and said, “Didn’t you and grandpa always say that when the family is happy then you are prosperous? I think our current model of getting along is good.
If you are free, you are welcome to stay in New York for a few days.
Of course, if I have time, I will take Alex back to see you.
What do you think?”

Su Wanzhe sighed.
He still wanted to work on saving something.
“Qilin, come back and help me! Dad is old.
Your younger brother is still young…”

“Isn’t he already in university? It’s only four years.
You’re still young.
It’s okay.” If Su Wanzhe said this 10 years ago, he might have still been moved.
But now, he thought it would be crazy to give up his career in the US to return to China to make wedding clothes for others.

Su Wanzhe lowered his head.

Finally, Su Wanzhe returned home in vain.

Two years later, Su Wanzhe suffered a heart attack.
Although his life was saved, he wasn’t as energetic as before.

Su Wangan had his studies interrupted and returned home.
He took over the company.

An Wei also took Anhe back to China.
Her son was now the general manager of Huitian International, so what did she have to be afraid of.

But Su Wangan was young and inexperienced.
Even with Su Wanzhe’s guidance and the assistance of the An family, he made hurried decisions and a lot of things went wrong.

Su Wanzhe regretted things at this moment, but he could only be helpless.
He wanted to ask Qilin to come home and help, but he learned that Qilin had taken annual leave with his family to go on vacation in Tahiti, so he couldn’t contact them.

Finally, at An Wei’s suggestion, Su Anyi’s husband, Zhang Ang, joined the company to help.
Later, the situation gradually stabilised, but Zhang Ang refused to leave.
Not only that, but he replaced the key positions with his own people and formed a force in the company which secretly fought with Su Wangan.

Su Wanzhe and An Wei regretted it, but they were helpless.
In desperation, they chose a family-friendly marriage for Su Wangan.
Huitian International had new forces entering and the situation became more chaotic.

Five years later, Huitian International wasn’t as good as before due to internal fighting.
At Su Wanzhe’s funeral, Zhang Ang took some of the company’s core personnel and left to set up a new place.
Huitian International was divided into 2 and suffered heavy losses.
The Su family also fell out of the list of China’s top giants.

Li Su, who saw this all on the internet, smiled comfortably.
Her eldest grandson, James, had brought his girlfriend home today.
The entire family was there and enjoying themselves.

“Mum, everyone is waiting for you to eat dinner.
Godmother is complaining.” Li Jiangping walked over with a smile.
He glanced at the news on the computer and smiled.

“Okay, I’m going!” Li Su said happily.
She had long ignored those people and their matters.
Now she could enjoy her life, day by day!

1.(蘇望安) Su Wangan: the Wang means wish/hope, while the An is peace, but the An is the same character for the An family.
So this is implying that the Su (蘇) family can only wish for/place hopes on (望) the An (安) family.
Though Wangan by itself would merely be hoping/wishing for peace.

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