Chapter 146 – Rescuing the Transparent1 High-Ranking Official (part 1)

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In a small black room, Li Su looked at the space and time fragments she had collected.
Suddenly, 57321’s icy voice sounded.
“Congratulations on gaining a space.”

Li Su’s eyes lit up.
A space? Was this real? The system had always been stingy.
How could it be so generous this time?

57321 would not tell Li Su that this space was not required by other system hosts and so it managed to get the leftovers.
Although it was a bit smaller, the function was of little interest.
It was better than nothing at all.
This was just a reward for the host.
It had noticed that when the host completed the task a few times, the host seemed to feel a little absent-minded and passive.

Although the host said it nicely inwardly, 57321 knew her well.

So, after thinking about it, it would give the host a little reward to inspire the host.

Li Su was still chattering and asking.
“What kind of space is it? Is there a spiritual spring that allows people to cleanse their muscles or revive the dead? Or is it a place where ginseng and Ganoderma can be grown?” Li Su was getting more excited.

57321 was silent.
After a long time, it finally said, “The function of the space needs to be developed by you.
It should be helpful for you to complete the task next time.
Okay, let’s not talk more nonsense.
Hurry up.”

After speaking, Li Su disappeared.

Li Su stared blankly at the 10 sqm space in front of her.
This was the so-called space? People’s spaces were either big enough to be able to race horses in, or there were springs and magical medicines inside.
At the very least, there were countless rare treasures.
How could it turn out like this?

It was only 10 sqm and empty.
Only the corners had a pile of miscellaneous things which were probably left by the former owner of the space.

Li Su sighed.
She should have known better.
57321 was not so generous! She had been touched just now.

Li Su walked over to the pile of things in the corner.
Although it was of little value, it was better than nothing! She would take a look first!

After she looked at them carefully, Li Su felt relieved.
There was a bag of flour, a bag of rice, a bucket of oil, half a bucket of eggs, a set of cooking utensils, and some seasonings like salt and vinegar.
She didn’t know what the previous owner of the space did to have these things inside.

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But, for now, these were exactly what she needed.

Suddenly, Li Su thought of a possibility.
She was in a much better mood.
The things in the space remained.
Did that mean she could also collect materials and put them in the space in the future? Although the space was a bit small, it was better than nothing.

Li Su sighed when she thought of her next mission.
She had traversed many times.
Most of the time, it was pretty good.
There were difficult points, but it was never like this where even having a full stomach was difficult.

Yes, Li Su had transmigrated to the 70s.
The original owner was an educated youth2 who went to the countryside with good looks.
As an educated youth, one needed to go work with the fellow villagers.
But, the original owner was a delicate home girl who had never laboured and was a bit lazy.
She didn’t know when she could go back.
So, in order to live a good life, the original owner married a villager who admired her, Qiao Aiguo.

Qiao Aiguo’s father was a hero.
Qiao Aiguo had a good family background.
He had no siblings, just a blind mother.
The key point was that Qiao Aiguo was tall, good-looking, and sincerely loved the original owner, so the original owner chose him.

After they got married, they lived a happy life.
Qiao Aiguo loved the original owner so much that he would not let her do any heavy work.
He worked hard to live.
When he was free, he would sneak into the mountains to secretly kill some prey to give the original owner something to eat.

After the original owner became pregnant, Qiao Aiguo pampered her even more.
She only had to eat, drink, and raise the baby.

Later, the original owner gave birth to a son.
Qiao Aiguo was happier and named his son Qiao Zhi.

Unfortunately, the good times didn’t last long.
The parents of the original owner were rehabilitated and were reluctant to let their daughter suffer in the countryside.
They tried every means to get a place for the original owner to return to the city.

The original owner hesitated, but then something happened to Qiao Aiguo.
When he went to the mountain to hunt, he had accidentally fallen off a cliff since it was slippery after the rain.
He disappeared.

After the original owner learned of this, she immediately made the decision to go back to the city.

At that time, the original owner was already pregnant with a second child.
After she learned that she could return to the city, the original owner didn’t hesitate to abort the child in her stomach.
But, she ended up bleeding heavily.
It was the villagers who sent her to the hospital in town and her life was saved.

The original owner didn’t regret it.
Qiao Aiguo’s blind mother held her grandson and knelt in front of the original owner, begging the original owner not to leave.
But, the original owner had made up her mind and wanted to return to the city.
She gave the 20 yuan her parents sent her into Madam Qiao’s hands and returned to the city without hesitation.

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After the original owner returned to the city, she married a military officer, Lu Wei, whom her parents arranged for.
The other party had a wife and child before, but they died in an upheaval.
Because the original owner was beautiful, Lu Wei fell in love with her at first sight.
He did not dislike the original owner so the two soon got married.
After they were married, the original owner gave birth to a daughter.
Although she was a girl, there were many boys in the Lu family.
What they lacked was a daughter, so she was doted on.
Her name was Mingzhu, which meant the jewel in one’s palm.

Madam Qiao and Qiao Zhi’s lives were not easy.
Madam Qiao’s son had died and her daughter-in-law had run away, leaving only her blind self and her grandson.
She then passed away a few days later due to illness.
Qiao Zhi was left.
The people at the time were simple.
The 20 yuan left behind by the original owner encouraged everyone to work together to raise Qiao Zhi.

When Qiao Zhi was 18, the original owner suddenly came back and said that she would take him back.

The people in the village tried to persuade Qiao Zhi not to leave, but Qiao Zhi had always admired his biological mother.
Plus, the original owner had cried in front of him and looked very pitiful.
Qiao Zhi thought that his biological mother had repented, so he agreed to go with her.

The original owner took Qiao Zhi home.
At first, he was a little worried.
He was afraid that his stepfather and younger sister would be unhappy.
He was worried that his mother would be embarrassed.
But, contrary to his expectations, his stepfather and younger sister treated him well and didn’t dislike the fact that he was a country boy.
Qiao Zhi enjoyed his long-lost maternal love and affection.
He felt extremely happy.

His mother also took him to many places to have fun.
Since he was too skinny, she took him to the hospital for a physical examination.
Although it was still a little painful when he received an injection, Qiao Zhi was still happy.

He didn’t expect that one night, when he couldn’t sleep, he got up to drink water and overheard his mother and stepfather talking about how his younger sister had a serious kidney disease and needed a kidney transplant.
They had never found a suitable donor.

At this time, the original owner had remembered that she had a son in the countryside and offered to try and see if he would be a suitable donor.
That was the reason why Qiao Zhi was brought back.

After the hospital check, it was confirmed that Qiao Zhi was a suitable donor for Mingzhu.

It was only then Qiao Zhi understood that his mother didn’t get him because she missed him and loved him.
His mother and stepfather were kind to him because he was a potential donor for his younger sister!

Although Qiao Zhi liked his younger sister, Mingzhi, a lot, he had never thought of exchanging his life for his younger sister’s.
He was not that great.

Yes, Qiao Zhi had never gone to school.
He thought that a kidney transplant would kill him.

So, Qiao Zhi wanted to run, but he accidentally bumped a flowerpot and it fell to the ground.

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Lu Wei and the original owner had heard the movement.
They came out of the room and saw a panicked Qiao Zhi.

The original owner knew that he had heard their conversation, so she simply repeated the words and promised that it was just a kidney donation.
Nothing would go wrong.
In the future, they would give him whatever he wanted.
They just begged him to save his younger sister’s life.

Lu Wei also said that he would invite doctors from abroad to take charge.
Qiao Zhi’s life would definitely not be in danger.

But Qiao Zhi couldn’t listen, so he turned and ran.

Lu Wei was still hesitating, but the original owner pushed Lu Wei.
Lu Wei reacted and ran after Qiao Zhi.

One was running away and the other was chasing.
Qiao Zhi was panicking.
He ran into the middle of the road and was hit by a speeding car.

After Qiao Zhi was hit by the car, he was actually still conscious.
He knew he had been sent to the hospital.
He saw a lot of people coming in.
He saw his mother and stepfather arguing about something.
His stepfather seemed unwilling.
But, with his mother’s tears and everyone else’s persuasion, he lowered his head dejectedly.

In the end, Qiao Zhi didn’t know anything.

Li Su thought of this and sighed.
Here, Qiao Zhi was just a supporting actor.
His existence was to provide the heroine, Lu Mingzhi, with a kidney.

This was actually a story about a doting high-ranking official.
It was about the daily life of the male protagonist, Xue Chao’an, and the female protagonist, Lu Mingzhi.
The two were in a good relationship.
They grew up as childhood sweethearts.
The Xue family was also satisfied with Lu Mingzhu.
Their only dissatisfaction was that Lu Mingzhu was in poor health.

Of course, this dissatisfaction disappeared with Lu Mingzhu’s kidney transplant.

In the end, Xue Chao’an and Lu Mingzhu got married.
After their marriage, Lu Mingzhi gave birth to twins, and the elders of the two families were very happy.

In the end, everyone was happy and content.
The only unfortunate one was Qiao Zhi.
However, nobody had cared about his misfortune.

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Li Su thought of this and sighed.
Alas, what an unlucky child.

Li Su came out of the space.
She looked at the red mole on her wrist and smiled.
When Qiao Aiguo was alive, he was a capable man.
At least he had no worries about food and clothing.
Qiao Aiguo quietly took his prey back to the town and exchanged it for food and money.
Only Qiao Aiguo and the original owner knew where they were hiding.

The first thing Li Su did when she came out of the space was to hide food and money in the space.

After all this, Li Su heard movement outside.
She put on a sad expression.
Yes, when she transmigrated in, Qiao Aiguo was already dead.

The door was pushed open and Qiao Aiguo’s blind mother walked in, trembling with a stick.
Behind her was a simple young woman holding a sleeping doll.
“Aiguo’s wife!”

The young woman put the child down and hurried over to support Madam Qiao.
“Mother, wait a little longer.” Then, she looked at Li Su.
“Aiguo’s wife, don’t be sad.
Are you hungry? I cooked.
Would you like to eat some?”

Li Su touched her stomach and nodded.
She was really hungry.

Madam Qiao said, “Dashan’s wife, thank you.”

“Madam, there is no need to be polite!” Dashan’s wife said as she turned to the kitchen.
Her husband and Qiao Aiguo were cousins.
When Qiao Aiguo was there, they helped her family.
Aiguo was now gone.
The madam was blind, Qiao Zhi was still young, and there were rumours that Aiguo’s wife may leave.
What would this family do if Aiguo’s wife left?

Forget it.
She would help if she could!

Dashan’s wife came in with a bowl of wild herb congee.
Li Su looked at the bowl of wild herb congee and knew that, in this era, this was considered pretty good.
She picked it up and ate.

1.(小透明) literal translation is ‘little transparent’.
According to Baidu, this term is used for people with low/no sense of presence on social networks.

2.(知青) these were young people who left the urban areas, either willingly or were coerced, to work in the rural areas.
It was a means to resolve the employment issues in the cities.
Most of them had received elementary to high school education.
Few had gone to post-secondary or university studies.

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