Chapter 148 – Rescuing the Transparent High-Ranking Official (part 3) 

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The second letter from her parents came quickly.
Li Su opened it and read it.
As expected, the letter first scolded Li Su, then played the emotional card, saying that she had failed her parents.
Out of the 5 children, she was the one they cared about the most and was the first to get her pass to return to the city.
They didn’t expect that Li Su would be so confused and break the hearts of her old parents. 

They then mentioned that the brainwashed Li Su would have a bright future after she returned to the city. 

Yes, they still didn’t know that Li Su had sold the pass to the city. 

After reading it, Li Su burned the letter.
She then wrote a reply, saying that she had given the return pass to someone else and that she really didn’t intend on returning to the city.
She also mentioned that her parents should stop worrying about her in the future.
Then, she sent it out. 

Zhang Yan returned to the city without waiting for the third letter from her parents.
Before she left, she visited again and gave Li Su all her things.
Although they weren’t precious, there was a military kettle, a bed, a quilt, a Hero fountain pen, and a few books. 

“A-Su, I hope that while you are in the countryside, you don’t forget to continue studying!” 

Li Su was a bit dumbfounded.
“Take these things back with you.
Why do you want to leave them with me?” Then, she got up and pretended to take out 2 boiled eggs from the cabinet, but they were actually from her space.
She stuffed them into Zhang Yan’s pocket.
“My place doesn’t have much.
Take these and eat them on the road!” 

How could Zhang Yan accept these? “Keep them for Big Zhi!” 

“Big Zhi has enough.” Li Su would not treat her son or herself badly.
Her son was still young.
She was still pregnant and needed nutrition.
She cooked some eggs and shared them with her son.
It wasn’t that she was stingy and reluctant to feed Madam Qiao.
She was just afraid that Madam Qiao would ask her where the eggs came from. 

Zhang Yan declined, but she had no choice but to take them.
“A-Su, I will write to you.
If you need anything, just write to me.
If I can help, I will!” 

Li Su smiled wordlessly. 

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At this time, Madam Qiao really believed that Aiguo’s wife really had no plans to return to the city! Madam Qiao was very happy.
Who cared if she was lazy? She still had a conscience! As long as she took good care of Aiguo’s children, then she can rest easy. 

That night, when Qiao Zhi fell asleep, Madam Qiao called on Li Su. 

“Mother, it is late.
What is going on?” LI Su felt quite sleepy. 

Madam Qiao said mysteriously, “Come here.
I have something for you.” 

Then, she took Li Su to her room and got on her bed.
She rummaged through some things for a while before she found a stiff pillow.
She handed it to Li Su. 

“A pillow? What’s wrong? Did you want to wash it?” Li Su asked in surprise. 

“Open it!” Madam Qiao said mysteriously. 

Li Su squeezed it after hearing those words.
It was so hard.
What was in it? Did Madam Qiao sleep with this pillow every night? Wasn’t she afraid of having a stiff neck? 

Li Su tugged on it, but it didn’t move.
She stood up and went out to get a knife.
She cut it open and inside was still cloth. 

It took a long time for Li Su to tear open the layers of cloth.
Under it all was a small box.
She leaned over to sniff it and discovered that there was still a faint fragrance. 

“It’s yellow rosewood! An ancestor left it.
There used to be a set of furniture, but only a box is left.
You can open it and take a look inside,” Madam Qiao said as she sat on the bed. 

Li Su’s heart thumped.
Was it possible that there was rare treasure inside? Li Su opened it expectantly.
There were only a few gold bracelets and gold hairpins inside. 

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Li Su was a little disappointed.
People said that gold had value and jade was priceless.
Madam Qiao had such treasures, but didn’t know what their value was. 

 “It’s all gold.
Gold bracelets and gold hairpins.
The gold hairpin also has a ruby.
These are all from the ancestors.
Unfortunately, there is only this much left,” Madam Qiao said regretfully.
There used to be a box full of them.
Now, there were only a few remaining.
This was the family heirloom. 

Li Su didn’t know the prices of these antique jewelleries, but from the perspective of her former life as the empress dowager, these pieces of jewellery were quite exquisite. 

“These are all for you.
But, A-Su, you have to remember that things are dead and people are alive.
If you really can’t make it through, you can sell one,” Madam Qiao said. 

“Mother, don’t worry.
Our family is still here.” LI Su now had a hundred yuan in hand and a lot of food.
The most important thing was that she still had the cheat space.
No matter how bad off she was, she could still go hunting in the mountains when spring began.
She wouldn’t starve to death! 

After listening, Madam Qiao smiled wryly.
How could life be so simple? Aiguo was now gone.
They were just women and a child.
How long could they last? “Just put the things away.
You still have money.
Now that everyone in the village knows that you have money in your hands and you look good… It’s better to be prepared, just in case any of them are unscrupulous! If such a thing happens, then don’t be polite.
If there is nothing, then that would be for the best.” The more Madam Qiao talked, the more worried she became.
Madam Qiao didn’t care about much anymore.
As long as Li Su was kind and took care of her grandson, that was all that mattered! 

Her original plan was to starve herself to death in order to save some food for her grandson.
But now… Li Su didn’t look like someone who knew how to live life, so Madam Qiao was worried to death again. 

Alas, the life and death dilemma, Madam Qiao thought to herself. 

Li Su didn’t worry about this.
She had already put all her valuables in the space.  

Li Su comforted Madam Qiao and went back to the house to rest.
Of course, the first thing she did was put the wooden box in the space.
She then looked at the things she had collected and decided that tomorrow she would improve the food situation for everyone. 

Maybe it was a bad spirit.
That night, someone quietly snuck into Li Su’s house. 

As soon as Li Su exited the space, she heard movement outside.
She first looked at her son and saw that he was sleeping soundly.
She covered him with a blanket and tugged two cloth strips into her son’s ears.
She then turned over and got out of bed.
She held onto the door bolt. 

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She leaned against the door and listened to the movement outside. 

The door was opened quietly and someone entered.
Li Su was quick and hit the person’s head with a stick.
At the same time, she screamed, “Catch the thief!” 

The sounds of hitting kept going! The person whose head was hit scurried around. 

The woman’s voice was loud in the dark, which awakened many people.
When everyone heard the voice come from Qiao Aiguo’s house, they immediately got dressed and went out. 

Qiao Aiguo’s dad was a hero who sacrificed himself for the country.
Qiao Aiguo was no longer here.
His wife had a conscience and gave up the opportunity to return to the city to stay here.
The villagers could not treat their own badly. 

Cun Zhishu rushed in with his 2 sons first. 

As soon as Li Su saw someone coming in, she threw the door latch and pointed at the figure that was huddling in the corner and said, “Zhishu, this is the thief.” 

At the same time, Madam Qiao stumbled out of the house, crying as she ran.
“His dad, Aiguo, open your eyes and see.
Since you aren’t here, the child and us widows are unable to live well!” 

At this time, the villagers also rushed over.
Dashan’s wife and the other wives immediately comforted Madam Qiao.
The other women helped Li Su sit down.
Aiguo’s wife was pregnant and she couldn’t be jostled. 

“Isn’t this someone from Gejia Village? We don’t have such a bad-hearted person in our Qiaojia Village!” Dashan’s wife recognised that person and slapped her thigh. 

Cun Zhishu took a picture of the man’s face.
He was really angry.
This man dared to run to their Qiaojia village to make trouble.
Did he think of him as a dead person?! “Come on.
Tie him up for me and call the people from Gejia Village over tomorrow morning! Since I wasn’t given an explanation, you can’t blame me for reporting to my superiors!” 

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Then, he walked over to Madam Qiao.
Madam Qiao was still crying and Cun Zhishu said, “Sister-in-law, I will arrange for people to patrol the village tomorrow.
Your home will be the key patrol spot.
Don’t worry, sister-in-law.
Dashan, a lot of homes are close to each other so pay more attention to them.” 

The few people named immediately patted their chests. 

Madam Qiao slowly stopped crying and took the hand of Cun Zhishu.
“Zhishu, we are widows with a fatherless child.
Things are not easy.
Aiguo’s wife is benevolent and righteous.
For the sake of her children, she gave up the opportunity to return to the city and was willing to stay here.
I can’t let her suffer! If anything happens to her, how can I face Aiguo?!” 

Cun Zhishu nodded repeatedly.
“Don’t worry.
Comrade Li Su is a good person.
Don’t worry, I will take care of you.
Don’t worry!” Then, he thought about finding something leisurely for Li Su to do. 

The original owner was well-known in Qiaojia Village for being gluttonous and lazy.
Everyone was a bit uncomfortable.
It was just that Qiao Aiguo was willing to spoil her so they couldn’t control it. 

Now that Qiao Aiguo was gone, Li Su was willing to stay and support the family.
Everyone’s impression of Li Su suddenly changed.
Although she was still lazy, she was still a good comrade. 

In addition, Qiao Aiguo’s family was now in such a situation.
Their organisation should take more care. 

After the noise passed, the yard returned to the calm state from before.
Li Su sent Madam Qiao back to the room.
Madam Qiao suddenly grabbed her hand.

Li Su didn’t know if Madam Qiao was referring to her or the money, so she quickly said, “It’s fine! Don’t worry!” 

Although Madam Qiao was blind, her ears were very sensitive.
She knew that Li Su beat up that thief.
Madam Qiao felt a little complicated.
She knew what her daughter-in-law was like.
She was so lazy and eager to enjoy herself.
She didn’t bother with manual labour, so how could she have so much strength? Also, she had never liked children.
Big Zhi always cried at night and so she refused to take Big Zhi with her to sleep! 

Madam Qiao wanted to ask if the person in front of her was really her daughter-in-law, but she didn’t dare to.
Forget it.
It didn’t matter if it was really her daughter-in-law so long as she was good to Big Zhi and her other child.
Then, she was her daughter-in-law! 

But, Madam Qiao thought that she couldn’t die so quickly.
She had to keep an eye on her.
Otherwise, she wouldn’t be at ease! 

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