Chapter 150 – Rescuing the Transparent High-Ranking Official (part 5) 

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Li Su lived a good life in Qiaojia Village.
The villagers took good care of their fatherless children and their widows.
Cun Zhishu found a job for Li Su, who ended up working as a teacher in the primary school.
Fortunately, the original owner was a high school graduate, so she could teach elementary level Chinese and maths. 

Li Su had a salary.
With the help of her neighbours, her life finally got better. 

On a snowy morning, Li Su, who was in pain all day and night, gave birth to a daughter.
Although the child was a little thin, she cried loudly, showing that she had a strong body. 

When Madam Qiao heard the cries of the baby, her hands shook happily. 

Dashan’s wife came out to announce the good news.
“Congratulations, she is a fair and tender girl.
She looks like her mother and will definitely grow up into a beauty.” 

Qiao Zhi clapped his hands and jumped.
“That’s great! I’m an older brother!” 

Madam Qiao smiled.
“Yes, our Big Zhi has become an older brother.” 

Li Su named her daughter Xuechen because she was born on a snowy morning.
When Xuechen was a month old, the Li family hadn’t said anything at all.
But, Zhang Yan sent a lot of things for the children. 

Li Su didn’t react to this.
It was best if they didn’t communicate with each other.
She wanted to see what kind of face they would have in the future if they came to ask Big Zhi to donate a kidney to Lu Mingzhu! 

But, Madam Qiao was a little worried.
She felt that she couldn’t support herself and she didn’t know which day she would go.
She wasn’t worried that Li Su would leave her children and run away.
She was worried about how Li Su would support herself and her 2 children. 

It wasn’t enough to rely on Li Su’s salary as a teacher.
They weren’t growing anything at home.
Food and drinks had to be bought with money.
Even though this daughter-in-law was much better than the previous one, she never ate alone.
Whatever she ate now is what her and Big Zhi ate.
Their life was good, eating meat congee, steamed buns, and rice every day.
But, before she had almost eaten all the food in the family. 

Madam Qiao once thought of letting Li Su take the children to Li Su’s parent’s house.
She heard that her in-laws were teachers and that one of their daughters had become the wife of a regimental commander.
Li Su would have a good life.
But, Li Su’s relationship with her parents and family was so tense.
How could she expect her to go?! 

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If there weren’t arrangements on how to care for the mother and son, Madam Qiao would not dare to close her eyes when she died.
Madam Qiao was exhausted and worried about this.
She visibly grew older. 

Li Su was out of confinement.
She happily took a bath, but saw that Madam Qiao was dispirited.
“What’s wrong, mother?” 

Madam Qiao felt very complicated when she heard Li Su’s ignorant tone.
“Su, tell your mother honestly, how much money does our family have left?” 

As soon as Li Su heard those words, she understood that Madam Qiao was worried about their future. 

Li Su coughed.
“Don’t worry, mother, I still have money.
My salary is now twenty-five yuan a month.
I was thinking of going to the mountains to hunt when the snow melts and spring starts.
Aiguo taught me some skills before, which should be useful.
Once upon a time, she hunted for a while.
The traps she dug caught a lot of prey. 

Madam Qiao was even more worried.
Could she really go into the mountains to hunt? Was Li Su tired of living and wanted to change how she died? 

Li Su knew that Madam Qiao didn’t believe her.
She didn’t take it seriously.
Anyway, she would know when she caught some prey. 

Li Su would go back to work after her confinement period, but the home matters still needed to be arranged. 

Xuechen was easy to handle.
She was very well-behaved.
She ate and slept every day.
It was only when she was hungry would she cry and pull on things.
Other than that, she was very quiet.
Li Su could take her to work.
Cun Zhishu shouldn’t mind. 

Madam Qiao was at home alone, so there was no big deal.
Li Su could come back at noon to cook. 

Only Qiao Zhi remained.
He was 3 years old this year and when he was naughty, Madam Qiao couldn’t look after him at all.
Although there was an elementary school in the village, Qiao Zhi was too young to attend. 

Li Su missed the nursery school in the future a lot. 

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After Li Su thought about it, she had no choice but to go to Cun Zhishu.
The principal of the village elementary school was the eldest son of Cun Zhishu.
As long as Cun Zhishu agreed, the principal wouldn’t object. 

Cun Zhishu was smoking a cigarette.
He glanced at Li Su.
“Aiguo’s wife, do you want to send Qiao Zhi to the elementary school?” 

“Well, Zhuishu, I don’t have much choice.
Xuechen is still young, so there is no problem bringing her to class.
But, Big Zhi is three years old and my mother can’t watch him anymore.
I thought that he could go to school too.
I know that he is still young and won’t be able to keep up with his studies, but it doesn’t matter.
There isn’t an issue if he stays in first grade for a few years.
Don’t worry.
I will pay for the tuition.
This way, I can bring my kids to and from work.
Secretary, what do you think?” Li Su asked. 

Cun Zhishu listened to Li Su’s talk about tuition fees and his frown lessened a little.
“Can you afford this with your current family situation?” 

Li Su nodded.
“No problem.
Thank you, Cun Zhishu, for your concern.” 

Cun Zhishu nodded.
“Okay, let’s do it like this!” 

At the beginning of spring, the primary school started up.
Li Su carried Qiao Xuechen on her chest and a basket on her back.
She held Qiao Zhi’s hand and exited the house. 

“Mother, go back.
Just bask in the sun and wait for me to cook lunch when I return,” Li Su said. 

Madam Qiao nodded, then hesitated.
She finally said, “Take care.” 

As Li Su walked to school, she instructed Qiao Zhi.
Li Su had talked a lot to Qiao Zhi these past few days.
Qiao Zhi only remembered one sentence, to be obedient.
It didn’t matter if he didn’t understand classes.
He shouldn’t make trouble so that he could see his mother often. 

Qiao Zhi liked his mother a lot and wanted to stay by her side.
As long as he could stay by his mother’s side, then he would be very happy. 

There were very few teachers in the elementary school.
There were only 5 teachers in total, including Li Su and the principal.
Everyone had several jobs.
For example, Li Su had to lead 2 classes in first and second grade, but she also taught Chinese, maths, music, art, and phys-ed. 

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Fortunately there weren’t many students in a class, only a dozen or so.
Therefore, the work wasn’t difficult. 

Li Su arranged for Qiao Zhi to start first grade.
She specially greeted the students in the class and explained the situation, asking the students to take care of Qiao Zhi. 

Except for a special era, students in every era probably obeyed the teacher’s words.
Even if you were a young emperor or a princess, when you went to school and the teacher said something, they would listen to every word intently. 

Therefore, Qiao Zhi received special attention from his classmates who took care of him during recess and accompanied him throughout the day. 

Li Su came over to take a look and was relieved. 

As for Xuechen, when Li Su was in class, she stayed in the office.
The other teachers in the school were either educated youths like Li Su who married locally, or people from the village.
They all knew Li Su’s home situation so they were willing to help Li Su. 

Among them was Qiao Aihong, the niece of the village chief and the one who liked Xuechen the most.
“Sister Li Su, your Xuechen is so good.
It’s nice of you to bring her.” 

Qiao Aihong was 19 this year.
She had gotten married last year and had yet to have any children.
Although she only had a high school education, she was the niece of the village chief, so she became a teacher at the elementary school when it was established.
Because of her relationship with Cun Zhishu, everyone else allowed this. 

Qiao Aihong actually didn’t like children very much.
They were dirty and noisy.
But, it was normal for a woman to get married and have children, and she wasn’t exempt from this.
Originally, Li Su said she wanted to bring her child to work, so she was a little unhappy.
She didn’t expect to fall in love with Xuechen.
If her children were as good as Xuechen, then it would be okay to have more than one! 

Li Su smiled.
“Aihong likes children a lot.
You will be a good mother in the future!” After school, it was time for her to go home.
She put her daughter in the wrap around the front of her torso and carried her out to pick up her son.
They were ready to go home. 

But, Qiao Aihong followed.
When she saw that nobody was around, she whispered, “Sister Li Su, does giving birth hurt? I’m a little scared!” 

After Li Su heard this, she glanced at Qiao Aihong.
What did she mean? Was she possibly…? 

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Qiao Aihong blushed a little when she saw Li Su’s gaze.
Li Su then leaned over and asked quietly, “Are you pregnant?” 

Qiao Aihong blushed and nodded.
She just found out.
Her in-laws were overjoyed and so was her man.
It was just that she was worried about what happened after giving birth.
The women who had given birth before who were around her had bodies that were fairly out of shape, or they were very old.
She was a little scared about this experience. 

It seemed that only Li Su had not lost shape or grown old after she gave birth to a child. 

So, Qiao Aihong wanted to ask Li Su what she ate during her pregnancy and how she managed to maintain her appearance. 

After listening to Qiao Aihong’s words, Li Su felt a little helpless.
Was Qiao Aihong heartless? It wasn’t as if Qiao Aihong didn’t know about Li Su’s family situation.
How could she maintain herself? What could she say? Oh, my husband died.
I’m heartbroken.
But, for the kids, I have to cheer up? 

Qiao Zhi looked blankly at Qiao Aihong and then at his mother.
He didn’t understand what was going on. 

Li Su also didn’t have any intention to explain it to him.
“Big Zhi, are you hungry? We’ll go home soon and cook something.” 

When they got home, Madam Qiao was there waiting for them.
When Madam Qiao heard their footsteps, she was relieved. 

Li Su saw that the chickens had already been fed.
She took out the straw mat from the house and spread it under the porch.
She then took the shabby quilt from the bed and spread it on top of the mat before putting Xuechen on it.
She told Qiao Zhi, “Big Zhi, look out for your younger sister.” 

Then, she said to Madam Qiao, “Mother, don’t let Big Zhi run out.” 

Li Su turned around and went to the kitchen.
She cut the bacon into cubes, diced potatoes, then fried them for a while with corn.
She then got a bowl and a half of rice and poured it into the pot.
She started cooking. 

She preferred this one-pot stew method.
It tasted good and saved time and effort.
She could steam the egg later. 

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