Chapter 153 – Rescuing the Transparent High-Ranking Official (part 8) 

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Seeing this, Li Su smiled.
Since she transmigrated here, Madam Qiao had always had this expression. 

She knew what Madam Qiao was worried about.
“Mother, don’t worry.
The country gave us a subsidy of fifty yuan a month.
This, in addition to my salary and the money my second older sister gave us before, can support us.
Don’t worry about it!” 

Madam Qiao lowered her head and thought about it.
But, according to Li Su’s calculations, it wasn’t enough! How much was a roast duck? There were also beef pastries and rice, so it wasn’t enough. 

Li Su felt a little helpless seeing Madam Qiao like this.
She couldn’t explain it clearly to Madam Qiao.
After all, her space was her best skill.
She wouldn’t let anyone know of the secret. 

As for Madam Qiao’s anxiety, Li Su figured that time would tell. 

However, Li Su didn’t expect for Li Shu to start communicating with her.
Of course, most of Li Shu’s letters were her showing off her current life, social status, love, and so forth. 

Li Su knew Li Shu’s thoughts.
When she wrote back, she followed Li Shu’s heart and complained, which greatly satisfied the peacocking Li Shu. 

In fact, at this time, Li Shu’s life wasn’t as good as what she wrote in her letters.
It was true that she married into the Lu family and married up.
She remarried, and the Lu family didn’t look down on her much.
Externally, she was the happy regimental commander’s wife, but in the Lu family, she was the servant of the entire Lu family.
In the Lu family, anyone could tell her to do things, even her 7-8 year old nephew. 

She tried her best not to say anything, but she was disliked everywhere.
Li Shu didn’t know who she could talk to about this.
When she returned to her parent’s house, her parents and brothers would only ask her for favours.
They told their friends that she was the wife of the regimental commander whom everyone envied.
She was so embarrassed. 

It was just that Li Shu knew that she desperately needed to vent, otherwise her mental health would decline.
So, she thought of her third younger sister, Li Su. 

Fortunately, Li Su’s response made Li Shu very satisfied.
Sure enough, happiness was a comparison.
Her life didn’t seem so unbearable when compared to Li Su’s misfortune, right? 

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Li Shu’s vanity was greatly satisfied.
Out of sympathy for the weak, Li Shu didn’t care about Li Su’s insatiable greed from before and remitted money to Li Su several times. 

Although the Lu family looked down on her, Lu Wei treated her well and gave her most of his salary.
He greatly praised her when he learned that she often remitted money to her family, saying that she was kind-hearted. 

Because Lu Wei valued her, Li Shu’s situation in the Lu family improved.
But, this was far from enough.
Li Shu desperately needed a child to improve her status.
If it was a cute girl, that would be even better. 

But, she didn’t know why she still couldn’t get pregnant.
She had seen many doctors, but there was no definitive answer.
It wasn’t until she gave the doctor 50 yuan did the doctor ask her if she had an abortion before. 

Li Shu paled.
Yes, before she returned to the city, she was pregnant.
It was her first child, but in order to cut off her past, return to the city smoothly, and marry into a good family, she had an abortion in a small clinic.
She had been full of heartache. 

“Could it be because…?” Li Su did not dare say it. 

The doctor nodded.
“A woman’s first child is very important.
Unless it is life-threatening, it is generally not recommended to have an abortion.
It will cause habitual abortion.
Moreover, your abortion doesn’t seem to have been done in a regular hospital.
The method was crude and has caused great damage to your body, which may be the reason why you aren’t able to get pregnant again!” 

Li Shu felt like she had been struck by lightning.
She didn’t even know how she got out of the hospital.
She aimlessly walked down the streets until the guards found her. 

Li Shu had a fever after she returned home.
Lu Wei hurried back when he received the news.
“What’s the matter?” 

Lu Wei’s third sister-in-law said angrily, “Who knows what’s going on with her? She didn’t find cover when it rained, so she got drenched.” 

Mother Lu glanced at her third daughter-in-law and then said gently, “Don’t worry.
It’s nothing major.
The doctor has already given her a fever-reducing injection.
You can go check on her!” 

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Lu Wei frowned.
“I know, mum.” He knew his wife’s heart.
She always wanted to have a child.
For this, she had seen many doctors and had taken many remedies.
Although he also hoped to have a child, he did not approve of the almost crazy things his wife did in order to try and have a child. 

When Li Shu awoke, she saw Lu Wei sitting next to her.
Her nose was sore and tears welled up in her eyes.
“Old Lu!” 

Lu Wei heard her voice and put down the newspaper.
“You’re awake.
Are you hungry? Sister Zhang has cooked some congee.
Do you want any?” 

Then, he helped Li Shu sit up.
Li Shu cried and said, “Old Lu, let’s get a divorce!” 

He frowned.
“What are you talking about?” 

No matter what era it was, in the minds of some people, divorce was not a good thing, especially in a family like the Lu family when Lu Wei’s previous wife was dead. 

Li Shu burst into tears.
“I can’t give you a child, Old Lu.
I’m sorry.
I can’t hold you up, so we should divorce!” 

Lu Wei frowned slightly when he heard this.
So it turned out to be this.
“What happened?” 

Li Shu cried and said, “I went to the hospital for a check-up.
The doctor said that the injury I had to my body when I was in the countryside during my early years means that the possibility of pregnancy is very low.
Old Lu, I know you’ve always wanted a child, but now I… I can’t give birth.
I can’t hinder you.
So, even if I don’t want to, even if I love you more than anything, I still…” 

Although Lu Wei was a little unhappy in his heart, he wouldn’t divorce Li Shu because of this.
For one, he had 3 older brothers in his family and he had 4-5 nephews.
The Lu family had no shortage of sons.
Second, Li Shu still agreed with him.
At this critical moment of his promotion, he couldn’t be caught by his opponent because of such a matter.
Yes, although Lu Wei had always been called the head of the Lu family, he was only a deputy head.
He had been wearing this descriptor for several years and he would like to change it as soon as possible. 

“I thought it was going to be a big deal, but it is just that you can’t get pregnant.
That’s nothing.
If you really like a child, then you can adopt one,” said Lu Wei. 

When Mother Lu heard those words, she frowned.
But, after seeing her son’s gaze, she only said, “This is your couple’s business.
You can decide for yourselves.” 

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Li Shu was secretly delighted when she saw this.
But, she still had a look of self-blame on her face.
“Old Lu…” 

“Okay, don’t think about it too much.
It’s more important to take care of yourself.” Lu Wei patted Li Shu’s shoulder. 

After Li Shu drank the congee, she fell asleep again.
When Lu Wei walked out of the room, Mother Lu stopped him.
“A-Wei, have you thought about it?” 

Lu Wei frowned, knowing that Mother Lu was talking about the matter of children.
“I can’t get a divorce, so it doesn’t matter if she can give birth.” 

Mother Lu sighed.
“If I had known this, then I wouldn’t have promised your marriage in the first place.
Your three older brothers all have their own, but you are the only one… Alas!” 

Lu Wei frowned.
“Maybe I just won’t have children!” 

“But, you talk about adopting a child so casually? Do you really mean it? Let’s talk about it first.
Our Lu family can’t raise children of unknown origin,” said Mother Lu. 

Lu Wei suddenly thought of someone, but it wasn’t the time to talk about it yet.
“We will talk later! During this time, when the army is in an emergency, I won’t be able to come back often.
Mum, take more care of Li Shu.” 

Mother Lu knew that this was related to her son’s position, so she nodded.
“Don’t worry.
I know.” 

The mother and son of the Lu family didn’t take this matter to heart, but Li Shu did.
After she recovered, she went home and discussed it with her parents. 

When Mother and Father Li learned about this, they felt resentful towards Li Shu for not being able to meet expectations.
“Why are you so stupid?! How can you take the initiative to tell the Lu family that you can’t give birth?!” 

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“If I didn’t take the initiative to say it, then should I have waited for the Lu family to find out that I’ve had an abortion? I call it progress by retreating!” Li Shu said disdainfully.
“Old Lu said it isn’t my fault and he won’t divorce me because of this.
He also said that it is okay if I can’t have a child.
We can adopt one.
I came back this time to discuss this matter with you.” 

When Mother Li heard that the Lu family wanted to adopt a child, she immediately said, “Is this worth thinking about? Of course, you should take from your own family first.
Your eldest brother has two sons and your sister-in-law is also pregnant.
You can choose.” 

Li Shu rolled her eyes.
“Eldest brother’s eldest son is seven or eight years old and is too old.
The younger one is so unsightly that I can’t bear to look at him.
Moreover, he is five years old and too old.
If younger brother’s kid is a girl, then I will take it back to raise.
If it’s a boy, then that’s fine.” 

Mother Li glared at her.
“Are you stupid? Your son is the foundation of your life in the Lu family.
Why do you want a daughter?!” 

Li Shu gave mother Li a cold look.
“Mum, you are the one who is stupid! What age is it now? Now we pay attention to equality between men and women.
Who do you and dad rely on today? Is it eldest brother? Youngest brother? No, it is me who married into the Lu family.
It is because of me you were able to successfully elevate your professional titles and get a house.
Eldest brother and youngest brother also got good jobs from this! Everything you have now is because of me.
Yet, you still want to dislike the thought of a daughter in front of me?” 

Mother Li’s face turned red.
“What nonsense are you talking about?! Don’t forget who it was who brought you back from the countryside!” 

Li Shu raised her head.
“Don’t forget who it was that eldest sister, third younger sister, and I went to the countryside for in the first place!” 

Father Li slammed the table when he saw the conversation becoming more unreasonable.
“Okay, don’t talk about this.
Is this the time to argue?” 

Mother Li and Li Shu stopped talking. 

Father Li continued.
“I think what second girl said makes sense.
Does the Lu family lack a grandson? No! What the Lu family lacks is a daughter! The three generations of the Lu family don’t have a girl.
If second girl really wants to have a child, then a girl is the best choice.
Of course, if second girl gave birth to a girl with the Lu family blood, it would be for the best.
If not, then a girl is better than a boy.” Father Li thought more than Mother Li.
If Li Shu adopted a child, then a girl would make the Lu family less wary than a boy. 

“Yes, it’s better if it is a cute and pretty girl.
Dad, you may not know, but my mother-in-law and a few sisters-in-law are girl crazy.
Several members of Old Lu’s family have never raised girls.
If the Lu family had a daughter, she would be the jewel in the palm of one’s hand!” Li Shu said proudly.
When she said this, a thought suddenly popped up.
Third younger sister had a daughter! Third younger sister was so beautiful.
Her daughter would not be bad.

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