Chapter 156 – Rescuing the Transparent High-Ranking Official (part 11) 

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After Li Su sent the ginseng, she thought she had paid off her favour and drew the line in the sand.
She didn’t take it to heart and continued on with her life. 

The next weekend, she went to the mountains again.
She wanted to see if she would be lucky. 

As a result, she spent the entire day on the mountain but didn’t get lucky again.
Fortunately, when Li Su was heading down the mountain in a bad mood, she met a stupid rabbit.
She picked up a rock and threw it at the rabbit’s head.
The rabbit fainted, and Li Su tied it up.
She felt a little better since it was better than nothing. 

After she returned home, she heard Qiao Xuechen screaming before she even entered the door.
Li Su looked down and sure enough, her chest was wet. 

She sighed.
Should she wean Xuechen? 

Dashan’s wife was hugging Xuechen and trying to coax her.
When she saw Li Su, she sighed in relief.
“Aiguo’s wife, this girl from your family is really good.
She has been howling for such a long time and her voice isn’t hoarse.” 

When Xuechen saw her mother, she stretched out her hands and made a hurried cry.
Li Su quickly took her daughter.
“I have troubled sister-in-law today.
I will clean up the rabbit and send half of it to sister-in-law.” 

Dashan’s wife smiled.
“Then I will have to thank you!” 

“No, mum, don’t eat the rabbits!” Little Qiao Zhi had already untied the stupid rabbit and held it in his arms.
He looked at Li Su pitifully. 

Did he want to keep a rabbit as a pet? 

Dashan’s wife smiled.
“Does Big Zhi not want to eat rabbit meat? Rabbit meat is delicious.” 

“Don’t want to eat rabbit meat.
Can eat other meat,” said Qiao Zhi as he raised his head. 

“Okay, okay.
You can raise it if you want.
Sister-in-law, I’ll bring something else for you, third uncle, and brother Dashan to drink!” Li Su agreed with her son.
It wasn’t as if a rabbit was a rare thing. 

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Although it was a pity that Dashan’s wife couldn’t eat rabbit meat, it was up to Li Su to figure out what to do with the rabbit.
“What are you talking about? We are neighbours.
It is natural to help each other.
Am I just here to take your family’s food?” 

Li Su smiled.
“Yes, yes.
What sister-in-law said is true.
I won’t tell you this anymore.
I have to go and feed Xuechen now.” Qiao Xuechen was already trying to tug at Li Su’s clothes. 

“Go quickly! Auntie, I’ll go back!” Dashan’s wife greeted Madam Qiao before she returned. 

Li Su went into the house and fed Xuechen.
Li Su then patted Xuechen’s butt lightly.
“Little rascal, I’ll wean you tomorrow.
You’re still making trouble.” 

Outside, Qiao Zhi was talking to Madam Qiao.
“Grandma, how should rabbits be raised?” 

Madam Qiao had never raised rabbits, but it was probably like raising chickens and pigs.
What did rabbits eat though? Did they eat grass or vegetable leaves? How about carrots? 

Alas, never mind. 

“Put it outside with the chickens, then go and get some vegetable leaves,” said Madam Qiao. 

Qiao Zhi happily put the rabbit in the chicken coop, then went to pick vegetable leaves with great interest. 

Li Su fed her daughter, put her in the walker, then started making dinner.
She was going to prepare stir-fried rabbit for dinner, but her son wanted to keep the dumb rabbit as a pet.
So, she had to prepare something else.
Li Su went to the space to get some spare ribs and braised them. 

After a while, the tantalising smell of meat came from the Qiao family’s yard. 

Qiao Zhi was picking up vegetable leaves outside and playing with his friends.
When he smelled the scent of meat, he couldn’t wait to go home. 

After returning home, he threw the leaves into the chicken coop.
He even ignored his new favourite rabbit and went into the kitchen to wait eagerly. 

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Li Su fried 2 more vegetable dishes, one was a stir-fried vegetable dish and the other was white radish with roasted meat.
She then took out half of the braised pork ribs and sent it to Dashan’s family next door.
Then, she brought back a fish. 

Li Su didn’t like to eat fish.
Madam Qiao couldn’t see it, so she didn’t dare to eat it.
Qiao Zhi was still young, so she was afraid that fishbones would get stuck in his throat, so their family rarely ate fish. 

However, Dashan’s wife’s kindness was difficult to accept.
Li Su had to bring the fish back. 

Li Su gave Madam Qiao and Qiao Zhi a bowl of rice.
She poured them some fragrant soup and picked a few pieces of spare ribs.
Madam Qiao and Qiao Zhi gulped the delicious food down. 

Qiao Xuechen also watched eagerly, but she was still young.
The braised pork ribs had a strong flavour, so Li Su didn’t dare let her daughter eat it.
Qiao Xuechen could only eat bland and tasteless steamed egg custard. 

Li Su fed Qiao Xuechen half a bowl and ignored her daughter’s cries. 

In order to keep in shape, Li Su would subconsciously eat less at night. 

Over there, Qiao Zhi ate 2 bowls of rice.
He had a chubby belly.
Li Su kicked him out so she could eat.
Madam Qiao also ate a bowl and a half.
She felt her stomach and was speechless.
Madam Qiao wanted to eat less, but she couldn’t help it as soon as she came to the table. 

It was all Li Su’s fault! If she was willing to use oil to cook, then she should add some shredded pork to the stir-fried vegetables.
How could she not eat it?! 

Madam Qiao was worried, but she didn’t say anything. 

Li Su washed the dishes and put them away.
She then boiled water.
After the water was boiled, she gave Madam Qiao a bath.
Madam Qiao was expressionless because she was embarrassed, not because she was unhappy. 

After Madam Qiao took a bath, Li Su bathed Qiao Xuechen, then Qiao Zhi, before finally washing up herself. 

Madam Qiao coaxed the 2 children to sleep.
Li Su was still doing laundry at night.
She went to school in the morning and had no time to do laundry, so she could only do it at night.
After Li Su washed the clothes, she thumped her waist.
She didn’t know if there were washing machines for sale.
If she had to continue hand-washing, then her waist would break! 

Washing machines were expensive.
Li Su calculated how much money she had, then shook her head.
She was still reluctant. 

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Damn, she will go back and wait.
She must buy all these necessities, like a washing machine, a fridge, and an air conditioner.
Then, she would put them in her space.
No, what if the next world was set back in ancient times? Without electricity, what use would these do? Did she have to buy a solar generator or something? 

Li Su thought about it for a long time before she remembered that she isn’t an actual entity.
Even if she completed the task, she couldn’t go to the real world to buy what she wanted.
She could only collect things in her life now.
But, Li Su didn’t know the value of those things.
She remembered that stamps are very valuable, but didn’t remember what stamps they were and what year they were issued.  

Li Su was about to cry stupidly. 

No matter how difficult it was, there was no way.
The days would continue. 

Madam Qiao waited until there was no movement from Li Su before she lay down.
But, she still tossed and turned and couldn’t fall asleep.
She could tell Li Su was working hard, but she unfortunately couldn’t see it for herself.
She also couldn’t help at all.  

Early in the morning, Li Su woke.
Breakfast was tomato and egg noodles.
She cooked some congee for Xuechen and added a quarter of an egg yolk. 

After breakfast, Li Su took the children to school.
Halfway through school, someone came looking for her.
They said that someone had sent her something big from the capital.
She had to go home and quickly sign for it. 

Li Su was a little puzzled.
From the capital? Apart from Li Shu, she couldn’t think of anyone else.
But, what did Li Shu send her this time? Didn’t she tell Li Shu not to send anything in the future? 

Li Su didn’t have time to think about it.
She bid farewell to her colleagues and hurried home with Xuechen on her back. 

When Li Su returned, there were many people around her door.
She quickly squeezed in. 

She saw… a washing machine? 

Li Su’s eyes widened.
My god, what was this?! Which nouveau riche sent this?! 

Li Su hurried over.
This was a Bailan brand washing machine.
Although it was incomparable to the washing machines of later generations in terms of appearance and functionality, it was quite remarkable in the 1980s.
There were also several bottles of laundry detergent next to it. 

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The deliveryman next to it saw Li Su and said, “Comrade Li, you are here.
Hurry and sign for it!” 

Li Su asked, while signing, “Was this sent by second older sister again?” 

The deliveryman shook his head.
“This time the sender is a man named Lu Wei.
It is not Li Shu.” 

Lu Wei? Li Su’s eyes widened.
How could it be him? Why would he send a washing machine?! 

Could it be because of the ginseng? Apart from this, Li Su couldn’t think of any other explanation. 

After seeing off the postman, Li Su hurriedly went to close the door.
When the people watching the fun saw this, they dispersed.
Only a few people who had a good relationship with Li Su came over, and that included Dashan’s wife.
“Aiguo’s wife, what is that? Your second older sister sent that to you? Your second older sister is really kind to you.” 

“How is that possible? The washing machine is so expensive.
How could second older sister be willing to send it over? I asked second older sister to buy it for me.” Li Su laughed. 

“You bought it? It’s so expensive.
How did you have the money to buy it?” A young lady next to her was surprised.
Was Qiao Aiguo’s family so rich? 

“I don’t have any money.
I borrowed it.
I will repay it in installments every month.
My relatives just don’t charge interest,” Li Su explained quickly.
“Everyone knows my family’s situation.
There are a lot of things to do in school.
After class, I have to prepare lessons and homework.
I really can’t do much for my family.
So, I bit the bullet and borrowed money from my second older sister to buy this washing machine.
It will make it easier to do laundry in the future.” 

Dashan’s wife nodded.
“Yes, I see that you’re always busy past eleven every night since your lights are still on.
It must be really hard.” Although Dashan’s wife envied Qiao Aiguo’s family for having a washing machine, she remembered their situation.
She was relieved.
“You aren’t allowed to talk nonsense outside.
Don’t attract thieves.
It isn’t easy for widows and fatherless children.” 

Several others nodded.
“Look at what sister-in-law said.
We are kind people! But, Aiguo’s wife, do you want to keep a dog? It can look after the house.” 

Li Su smiled bitterly.
“My family’s Big Zhi has a pet rabbit.
I don’t know if I can keep a dog!” 

Dashan’s wife smiled.
“Your family’s Big Zhi is really going to raise the rabbit? I saw him pick up vegetable leaves outside after school every day recently.
How will you raise it?” 

“We’ll just raise it with the chickens.
That rabbit is so stupid that the chicks dare to bully it.” Li Su smiled. 

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