Chapter 157 – Rescuing the Transparent High-Ranking Official (part 12) 

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Li Su and Madam Qiao discussed this matter for a long time and finally decided to accept the washing machine since they really needed one right now. 

It was just that, if they accepted the washing machine, their relationship with Li Su’s relatives was unclear.
Li Su thought that she had to send something back. 

Li Su thought about going to the mountains again.
If she was lucky, then she might come across some valuable medicinal herbs.
It was a pity that her heroine halo was not always available.
She spent the entire day on the mountain and didn’t get anything. 

In the end, there was really no other way.
Madam Qiao suggested that they send some farm produce.
Li Su thought about it too, then went over to Dashan’s house and bought 100 catties (60kg or 132.3 lb) of rice.
She then sent it to Lu Wei. 

If nothing else, the postage alone made Li Su feel distressed.
It was too expensive. 

When the Lu family received the 100 catties of rice, they were dumbfounded.
Lu Wei had sent a washing machine to the third younger sister of the Li family.
Mother Lu also knew about it.
Because of this, the eldest brother and eldest sister-in-law of the Li family made a fuss, asking why they bought a washing machine for third younger sister and not them. 

However, because the parents of the Li family suppressed this matter and Li Shu was pregnant, Mother Lu didn’t care.
Did the Lu family need the Li family’s consent when it came to gifting something to someone? Ridiculous! 

“This one is really honest!” Mother Lu smiled as she looked at the 100 catties of rice.
“The postage must have cost a lot.
It is not easy for her as someone who lives in the countryside.” 

Although these things were considered small, the most important thing was the feelings behind the gesture.
Mother Lu thought it was nice.
This third younger sister was much better than the other Li family members, who only knew how to take benefits and never repay them. 

The other daughters-in-law of the Lu family also thought so.
“Mum, I see that this rice isn’t worse than the ones we can buy in the market.
So, I will cook this rice for lunch!” 

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Mother Lu nodded.
Then, she talked to Lu Wei about this.
“This family is honest and doesn’t want to take advantage of others.
In the future, you and your wife shouldn’t send things to them.
It isn’t easy for them to live in the countryside.
Your sister-in-law’s family situation is like that so don’t burden them.
If you’re embarrassed, then you can help in other ways.” 

Lu Wei nodded.
His wife and her third younger sister were really different from the rest of the Li family.
Mum was right.
He shouldn’t send more things in the future, lest he burden his cousin-in-law.
If he had the chance, then he should help in another way! 

He told Li Shu about the behaviour of the Li family and she was very embarrassed.
She was also afraid that, if she heard about such events from other channels, she would become dissatisfied with them.
It was better to take initiative and be honest about everything.
She thought that, for her own sake, Lu Wei would not make a fuss over the Li family.  

Although Lu Wei wasn’t angry, he was a little impatient with the people from the Li family as it kept happening.
He had to do justice to his in-laws.
The titles of his parents-in-law, and the jobs of his cousin-uncles were all arranged by him.
The Li family benefited a lot. 

But, they acted like this, which really annoyed Lu Wei.
Therefore, when Li Shu cried, Lu Wei only said that she should go back to her parent’s house less in the future. 

Li Shu’s expression at that time was fresh in Lu Wei’s memory.
He couldn’t help but laugh.
Did she really think that he loved her the most and was willing to give everything to her, including tolerating her parents’ excessive needs and their insatiable greed? He had put up with everything before as he was too lazy to care about such things.
But, once the Li family touched his bottom line, then they couldn’t blame him for being ruthless. 

Qiao Aiguo’s family buying a washing machine was big news in Qiaojia Village.
Every day, people came to watch the fun.
There were even those who liked to take advantage of people and brought their own dirty clothes to try out the washing machine. 

Of course, those people were sent back by Madam Qiao.
She didn’t have to do anything really.
She just sat at the door and began to recall the past while crying sadly.
Before she could cry for long, those who tried to take advantage of them were sent away by Cun Zhishu.
Cun Zhishu then had to comfort Madam Qiao. 

Li Su’s life was much easier with the washing machine.
At least she didn’t have to waste her time on washing clothes.
She could spend more time preparing lesson plans and teaching Qiao Zhi the first grade curriculum.
Li Su didn’t know how much Qiao Zhi listened in class.
However, after teaching him, Li Su was pleasantly surprised to find out that Qiao Zhi was very smart.
He could remember all the words that he had been taught. 

The final exams were coming up.
Qiao Zhi didn’t have to take it, however, when Li Su sent out the test papers, she also gave him one.
She wanted to see how Qiao Zhi would do. 

After the results came out, Li Su was very happy.
This happiness was not because the two classes she taught had excellent grades.
Her happiness was because Qiao Zhi had a 61 in Chinese and a 62 in math.
This was very rare for Qiao Zhi.
After all, he usually played in class and only seriously studied for half a month. 

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Even so, Li Su didn’t plan to let Qiao Zhi go with her.
After all, he was still too young.
He was only 5 years old after the new year, so he would stay in first grade for another year. 

Because Li Su was a teacher and the classes she taught had good grades, many parents of the students sent a lot of New Year’s goods to express their gratitude, such as meat, vegetables, and other things.
Li Su originally rejected them, but the parents were too enthusiastic.
They threw the things, then turned around and ran away.
Li Su had no choice but to accept them.
She thought about going back to the county town to buy some toffee so when school started, she could send a little to each of the students in the class as a return gift. 

It was Madam Qiao who reminded her that maybe something great would happen in the new year, so it was better to prepare earlier. 

Li Su thought about it too.
She hurried to the county town and bought a lot of White Rabbit Candy1 and other things. 

Madam Qiao guessed correctly.
From the beginning of the new year, parents continued to lead the students to pay their New Year’s greetings.
Li Su brought out a lot of food to entertain everyone.
She also prepared some red envelopes.
Although she didn’t put much in there, it showed her sincerity. 

They ate and drank a bit, but once she took out the red envelopes, the parents dragged their kids away and didn’t accept the envelopes. 

Li Su had no choice but to put a lot of the candy into the child’s pocket. 

Before the first month was over, Li Su looked at the things piled up in the house and sighed helplessly.
They were all New Year’s greeting gifts from the parents of her students.
These things weren’t considered precious, but they were symbols of their sincerity.
It seemed that no matter when or where, parents love their children the same way. 

She was just an ordinary person.
What had she done to deserve this respect from everyone? It seemed like it was just because she was a teacher.
The parents respected her because she was a teacher and they could see growth in their children.
Li Su felt that she had to work harder to be worthy of these parents. 

This was an unprecedented feeling, but Li Su thought it was good.
In the past, Li Su only thought of teaching as a lucrative profession.
From now on, Li Su would manage it as a career. 

At the beginning of the new semester, Li Su devoted herself to teaching with great enthusiasm.
Qiao Zhi stopped sleeping and playing in class as Li Su talked to him during the holidays.
He slowly began to carefully listen in class. 

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Li Su gave rewards to her students at her own expense.
As long as they did well in their exams or made progress in their homework, there would be prizes.
Sometimes, they were homework books.
Other times, they were pencils and candy.
For a while, the students’ enthusiasm for learning was very high. 

Everything was developing well, except for Qiao Xuechen. 

This girl was getting older and was no longer satisfied with sitting in a walker and waiting for her mother to finish class.
She was very curious about the outside world and would often run off when people weren’t looking. 

On this day, her mother went to class.
Although there were other people in the office, everyone was busy.
Qiao Xuechen slipped out the back door quietly while nobody was paying attention to her. 

Fortunately, the teacher’s office was on the first floor, so there were no steps.
Qiao Xuechen sat in the walker and with a kick, the walker rolled on. 

Qiao Xuechen happily walked on the road. 

A car drove by not far away.
Fortunately, the driver saw Qiao Xuechen from a distance and parked the car on the side of the road. 

Lu Wei looked at the girl sitting in the walker and thought she was cute, like a cat.
He felt a little soft and got out of the car to walk over.
When he saw the girl’s appearance, his eyes widened.
She was a beautiful little doll.
Although he was reluctant to admit it, Mingzhu couldn’t compare to her in terms of appearance. 

“This rural place can have such a beautiful child.
But, looking at her clothes, it doesn’t look like she’s from the countryside.” A person got out of the car. 

Lu Wei glanced at him.
“Old Xue, you’re discriminating against our rural brothers!” 

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Xue Gang glanced at Lu Wei and smiled.
“But, whose child is this? Why did she come on the road alone? Although there aren’t cars in the countryside, there are still ditches.
What if she had fallen into a ditch?” 

Lu Wei also wondered this.
Who was so careless as to let their child run around alone?! 

“Qiao Xuechen!” There was a roar in the distance.
Many people ran over, led by a woman in a yellow skirt. 

God knew how Li Su felt when she discovered that Xuechen wasn’t in the office after class.
She instantly thought of many possibilities, such as being abducted by traffickers, being hit by a car, or falling into a ditch.
Every possibility made her shudder. 

She quickly came out to find someone.
Other teachers and classmates also came to help. 

Fortunately, as soon as she left the school gate, she saw someone hugging Xuechen on the side of the road. 

Li Su sighed in relief and ran over quickly.
She snatched her daughter from Lu Wei’s arms.
“Qiao Xuechen, how many times has mother told you not to run around.
Why don’t you listen? You scared your mother to death!” 

Li Su’s tone wasn’t good, but Qiao Xuechen was still ignorantly smiling and holding her mother’s face in her hands as she kissed her mother several times.
No matter how angry Li Su was, it melted away from her daughter’s actions. 

She glared at Qiao Xuechen and then looked at the teachers and students behind her with embarrassment.
“Thank you, everyone.
Xuechen is ignorant and has worried everyone.” 

“As long as Xuechen is fine, then it’s okay,” the others said as they smiled. 

“This is what we should do.
Younger sister Xuechen is fine.
Teacher Li is welcome,” the students said with a smile. 

“Okay, Big Zhi, your younger sister is fine.
You can go back quickly.
We will have class later,” Li Su said softly as she patted her panic-stricken son’s head. 

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