Chapter 158 – Rescuing the Transparent High-Ranking Official (part 13) 

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After watching her son and the students enter the school, Li Su was able to pay attention to the other two.
“Thank you! Without the two of you, I don’t know what would have happened!” 

In fact, when they saw Li Su, Lu Wei and Xue Gang were stunned.
It turned out that this woman was the mother of the little girl.
No wonder the daughter was so cute, like a porcelain doll.
She inherited her mother’s good looks.
It was really rare that there was such a bright and generous woman in the rural area. 

“Pay more attention in the future.
Don’t let this kind of thing happen again.
It was a fluke this time.
It would be bad if there was an accident,” Xue Gang said. 

Li Su smiled helplessly.
“Yes, thank you.” Then, she said to her daughter fiercely, “Next time, I will use a rope to tie the walker to the leg of the table.
I’d like to see how you run.” 

“It is just a child’s nature to be active.
How can you restrain her? It’s fine as long as someone is watching!” A childish voice came from the side. 

Xue Gang looked down and saw that his son had slipped out of the car at some point.
He was looking at the little girl curiously. 

“Little An, why did you get out?” Xue Gang asked. 

His son ignored him and stubbornly stared at the beautiful little sister.
This little sister was so beautiful, and so cute and small.
How could her mother treat her like this? This shouldn’t be. 

Li Su was now a teacher, so her patience with children was unprecedentedly high.
She explained, good-naturedly, “Little friend, you don’t know my family’s situation.
Her father died before she was born.
There is only one grandma at home who is blind.
Nobody could watch her at home, so I had to bring her to school.
I let her stay in the walker during class.
However, after class I will go to her.
Her older brother is also in class and will take her out to play after class.” 

The little boy looked at Qiao Xuechen more tenderly.
She didn’t have a father? How pitiable! “Younger sister doesn’t have a father? Then I’ll divide my father in half!” 

Xue Gang rolled his eyes.
This stupid child didn’t even ask for his opinion and wanted to give half of him to someone else? 

Li Su couldn’t help but laugh.
“Thank you, little friend, but there’s no need.
Although Xuechen doesn’t have a father, there are many people who love her.
It doesn’t matter.” 

At this time, Lu Wei, who had been silent, suddenly said, “You are Li Su.
Your father is Li Jianyang and your older sister is Li Shu?” 

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Li Su was a little surprised.
How did he know? 

Xue Gang was surprised.
“Old Lu, do you know each other?” 

Lu Wei said, with a little difficulty, “Yes, she is Li Shu’s younger sister.” 

There was a flash of bitterness in Lu Wei’s eyes.
It turned out that he had been wrong.
The person he had seen at the station back then was Li Su.
But, he had heard wrong and had thought it was Li Shu.
Although, Lu Wei thought it was strange when he met Li Shu again later.
It seemed that her appearance was different from what he remembered. 

But, Lu Wei didn’t think about it much at the time.
The name was right, and Li Shu did take a train to go to the countryside to become an educated youth.
While their appearance was somewhat different, perhaps his memory was overly glorified.
Coupled with the situation at that time where he desperately needed to start a family to clear the shadows of his past, he ended up marrying Li Shu. 

But, just now, Lu Wei realised that he was wrong, dead wrong.
Unfortunately, he was too late! Lu Wei looked at Li Su with a complicated expression. 

Xue Gang, on the other hand, was still saying excitedly, “So that’s how it is.
It was really a misunderstanding between two people who failed to recognise each other1.
It turned out that you are Old Lu’s wife’s younger sister.
Old Lu, your second older sister’s husband, and your second brother-in-law have come to find you.
What a coincidence.” 

Lu Wei! Li Su’s eyes widened.
She didn’t understand why Lu Wei came to Qiaojia Village.
“There is one more class before school is over.
You can go to my house and stay for a while.
We’ll be right back after school is done.” Li Su had no classes next, but she still had to correct the students’ homework and wait for her son to finish class.
She couldn’t go home immediately. 

But, she had a bit of time now to send them home. 

“Mum, there is a guest who is here to rest for a while.
It is my second older sister’s husband.
I have something to do at school.
Let them rest at home for a while.
I’ll be back when school is finished.” Li Su explained things to Madam Qiao and quickly brought tea and water.
She took out some food and put it on the table.
“Sit down for a while.
I’ll be back.
Xuechen…” Li Su was hesitating on whether to take her daughter to school. 

“Just let younger sister play with me.
Thank you, auntie.” The little boy looked up at Li Su. 

Li Su looked over at Madam Qiao, who nodded imperceptibly.
“Okay, I’ll be right back.” 

After Li Su left, she didn’t feel relieved.
She went to Dashan’s house to ask her third auntie to take care of it. 

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Her third auntie patted her chest and assured Li Su.
She pretended to go chat with Madam Qiao and went to the house. 

Li Su then left with confidence. 

After Li Su left, Lu Wei calmly looked at his surroundings, which were the living conditions of the Qiao family.
He could see that it was poor and cold, but unexpectedly clean and tidy.
At first glance, Lu Wei saw the washing machine he sent in the corner of the yard.
It was covered. 

The third auntie saw Lu Wei looking at the washing machine and said with a smile, “Aiguo’s wife is a careful person.
She was afraid that the washing machine would be damaged by the sun, so she made a cover for it.” 

Lu Wei felt a little sour in his heart.
He remembered that Li Shu at home didn’t do anything, let alone the laundry.
She didn’t even deal with her own children.
He compared Li Shu to Li Su’s living environment.
Lu Wei was filled with emotion.
Good fortune made people.
The person he wanted to cherish the most was living such a life. 

The third auntie noticed something was wrong with the man’s emotions and asked tentatively, “You really are the second brother-in-law of Aiguo’s wife!” 

The title of second brother-in-law deeply hurt Lu Wei’s heart.
Just as he was about to speak, Xue Gang smiled next to him and said, “Of course! We are here this time to find her for something.” 

Madam Qiao was a little worried.
She heard Xuechen call out, “Grandma, grandma!” 

Madam Qiao was at a loss and third auntie smiled and said, “It seems that she is hungry.
Is there food at home for her? I’ll feed her something.” 

Madam Qiao said, with a wry smile, “This girl is very cunning now.
Ever since her mother weaned her, she likes to drink malt milk extract.
Unless her mother feeds her herself, she would rather be hungry than eat.” Madam Qiao felt a headache coming.
How expensive was malt milk extract? There were always 2 jars at home, but they were finished in less than a month.
Li Su went to the county town and bought 2 jars for Big Zhi and Xuechen to eat every day.
Li Su said that, no matter how difficult things were, she couldn’t let the children suffer. 

The third auntie couldn’t help but click her tongue.
“Also, is this child actually from the urban area?” 

Madam Qiao shook her head with a wry smile.
“Third auntie, the malt milk extract is on the table.
Please make a bowl for Xuechen.” 

The third auntie nodded.
After a while, she made a bowl of malt milk extract.
She was about to feed it to Xuechen when the little boy next to her stretched out his hand and said, “I’ll feed younger sister.” 

The third auntie was stunned.
She looked at the stubborn expression on the little boy.
“Can you do it? This malt milk extract is precious.
You can’t spill it.” 

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Xue Gang smiled and said, “Let Little An feed her.” 

The third auntie glanced at Madam Qiao.
When she saw that Madam Qiao had no objections, she gave the bowl to the little boy. 

The little boy then started to feed her.
When he saw Qiao Xuechen drinking happily, he raised his head and said, “Dad, little sister likes to drink malt milk essence a lot, so let’s buy more for her later! Does little sister like to drink milk powder? Older brother can buy some for you, how does that sound?” 

Xue Gang couldn’t help but laugh when he saw his son already knew how to please girls at such a young age. 

Madam Qiao said, “You aren’t relatives.
It’s not good for you to spend money like this.
Her mother is willing to buy things for her.” 

The third auntie nodded.
“Aiguo’s wife is willing to spend her money on her children.
Although Big Zhi and the girl don’t have a father or grandfather, they can still eat and wear better clothes than the other children.” 

When Lu Wei heard this, he was inexplicably relieved.
He knew that the girl he liked was a good woman who was honest and had integrity! 

Li Su quickly brought Qiao Zhi back.
When Qiao Zhi saw a strange little boy around his younger sister, he immediately broke free of Li Su and ran to his younger sister’s side.
He looked at the young boy warily.
“Younger sister is mine.
You can’t steal her!” 

The little boy blinked.
“Is she your younger sister? Your younger sister is so pretty and cute.
I have never seen a younger sister who is cuter than her!” 

“You think my younger sister is pretty? I agree.
I’ve never seen someone prettier than my younger sister!” Qiao Zhi was immediately happy when he heard this.
“Do you have a younger sister? If not, then you can also share her, but you can’t take her away!” 

The two young boys got together and began to talk about the younger sister. 

“Sorry, I haven’t eaten yet, so I need to cook.
Let’s talk after eating! Third auntie, have a meal at our house today!” Li Su greeted. 

Third auntie thought for a while.
This widow had a lot of trouble show up.
Although she was a relative, these were suspicious circumstances and she had to avoid arousing suspicion.
She did not immediately refuse. 

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“Okay, then I’ll eat here today! There are no vegetables here, so I’ll head back and get you some!” 

“Thanks a lot, third auntie.
Bring your family and others too.
There will be more children and it will be lively.” Li Su smiled. 

“Okay! The young boys will eat you poor if they come.” Third auntie wasn’t the kind of person who liked to take advantage of others.
So, she quickly refused on behalf of the others and went home. 

After a while, third auntie brought over some potatoes, green vegetables, green peppers, and others. 

Li Su was already cooking.
“Aiguo’s wife, I’ll help!” said third auntie. 

“Okay, please help me set the fire, third auntie! It will be fine soon.” Li Su did not refuse. 

It was much faster for 2 people to set the fire and stir-fry. 

Over there, Qiao Zhi took his younger sister and his new friend to see his rabbit.
He was startled with what he saw.
“Mum, grandma, the rabbit gave birth to little rabbits!” 

Li Su was busy cooking, so she didn’t hear her son.
Madam Qiao came to take a look, but she couldn’t see. 

Xue Gang came over.
“Oh, it’s true.
There are eight in one litter.
But, why are your rabbits and chickens living together?” 

Madam Qiao blinked.
“Can they not?” 

The corners of Xue Gang’s mouth twitched.
“It’s fine!” 

1.(大水沖了龍王廟) idiom: surging waters flood the Dragon King’s Temple  

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