Chapter 159 – Rescuing the Transparent High-Ranking Official (Part 14) 

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Over there, after some brief embarrassment, Lu Wei returned to normal and began to chat with Madam Qiao.
Madam Qiao hesitated and asked, “You said that you were here to find A-Su this time.
What’s the matter?” 

Lu Wei thought for a while, then said softly, “Auntie, didn’t third younger sister send us wild ginseng a few days ago? It so happened that I was injured at that time, and the doctor suggested that I eat some ginseng to replenish my vitality.
I ate it and the effect was very good.
The person who came with me is Xue Gang.
His father isn’t in good health, so the doctor also suggested that he eats some wild ginseng.
In fact, he brought a lot home but they were always fake.
He heard that the mountain ginseng that third younger sister sent me was good, so he wanted to come and take a look.
If there is any, then I will buy some and go back.
It doesn’t matter how much it costs.” 

Madam Qiao’s mouth twitched.
“If you want to buy authentic wild ginseng, then you have to go northeast to buy it.
We rarely have it here.
It was a coincidence that A-Su found one here after so many years.
Later, when you sent the washing machine, A-Su said that she had nothing for you, so she went up the mountain again.
She looked a few times, but couldn’t find anything.” 

Lu Wei was mentally prepared, so he wasn’t disappointed.
He came out this time more for accompanying Old Xue and his son to relax as the current Xue family situation was very chaotic. 

“We also know that we were just here to try our luck.
Best case, there would be something, but it’s no issue if there isn’t anything.
We also came to see my relatives.” Lu Wei smiled.
“Auntie, how are things at home now? Are you having any difficulties? We are family.
If you need any help, feel free to tell me.” 

Madam Qiao smiled awkwardly.
She and A-Su were afraid of owing them too much, so they tried to repay the favour.
“Everything is fine.
You don’t need to worry.
A-Su works as a teacher in the village primary school and her salary is more than twenty yuan a month.
The county also gives a subsidy which is fifty yuan a month.” 

Lu Wei was a little relieved when he heard about this, but was also a little annoyed.
He was relieved that he had accidentally helped Li Su on a whim.
Sadly, he forgot that Li Su was different than the rest of the Li family.
He was too enthusiastic, which burdened them. 

The atmosphere was a little awkward.
At this time, Li Su opened the door and came out.
“Mother, brother-in-law, it’s time to eat.
Big Zhi, bring your younger sister and…” Li Su didn’t know who that little boy was, but he was taller than her son.
At this point, he was maybe an older brother.
“Take your younger sister and the little older brother to wash their hands.
Then you can come to eat.” 

Li Su and third auntie brought the food to the table.
“I hope you enjoy this humble meal.” 

Xue Gang and the children came over after washing their hands.
They looked at the table and saw sweet and sour pork1, scrambled egg with tomatoes2, shredded pork with green peppers3, hot and sour potato strips4, claypot potato slices5, and last but not least, a vegetable and meatball soup6. 

Xue Gang liked to eat hot and sour flavoured things the most.
He liked several of the dishes today, so he said with a smile, “This is a humble meal? This dish looks appetising.
We won’t be polite.” 

Li Su served everyone with a smile, then said, “Everyone can eat.” Then, she served Madam Qiao and Qiao Zhi a bowl of vegetable and meatball soup, asking them to drink it before eating.
She wasn’t in a hurry to eat, so she brought a bowl of pumpkin from the kitchen and mashed it to feed to her daughter. 

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Seeing that everyone was eating and only Li Su was feeding the child, Lu Wei felt a little uncomfortable.
“Hurry up and eat.
The food will get cold.” Had she lived like this all along? 

Li Su said with a smile, “Brother-in-law, you eat first.
Xuechen eats quickly.” 

Xuechen was a really good child.
After a while, half the bowl of pumpkin puree was eaten.
Li Su poured another bowl of water and fed her daughter.
Then, she put her daughter in the walker and left her to walk in the yard.
She sat down and ate. 

“Little An, have you finished eating?” Xue Gang was feasting when he suddenly saw his son put down the dishes and looked like he was leaving.
His son’s taste was similar to his own, so the food should be to his liking.
Why did his son only eat half of it? 

“Younger sister is playing alone, so I’ll go with her.” 

The corners of Xue Gang’s mouth twitched.
The older brother was sitting there eating peacefully.
Why was his son in such a hurry? However, this was the first time he had ever seen his son so attentive.
There were a lot of little girls in the compound and he had never seen his son behave this way to any of them.
Could it be that his son wanted to learn what kind of games they played? He didn’t have any insight, and he was afraid that his family would not approve. 

Xue Gang laughed at himself.
Maybe his son was just doing things on a whim.
He was thinking too much! 

After eating, Lu Wei didn’t wait for Li Su to start.
He began to pack up the dishes.
When Xue Gang saw this, he also helped. 

Li Su said, “How can I let my guests do this? Put them down quickly.
I’ll do it after I’m finished.” 

Xue Gang smiled and said, “We came here empty-handed and ate your food, so let us wash the dishes.” 

After third auntie finished eating, she said she would leave.
Li Su stopped her and quickly went to her room to grab a handful of candy.
She stuffed them into third auntie’s pocket.
“Take these back for your nieces and nephews.” 

Third auntie quickly declined and said, “No need.
The children have eaten it at school.
You can keep it for Big Zhi and Xuechen to eat.” 

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“There’s more! Thank you for today, third auntie!” Li Su didn’t let her refuse. 

Third auntie had to accept it.
She was very happy.
Aiguo’s wife was a good person, but a good person did not necessarily live a good life.
No wonder older sister-in-law worried about them. 

After Qiao Zhi finished eating, he went to rinse his mouth out and took some water over for Madam Qiao to do the same.
When Lu Wei saw this, he was a little relieved.
Li Su was a really good wife and mother.
She taught her children well. 

Over there, Qiao Xuechen suddenly called out.
Li Su reacted and rushed over to pick up her daughter.
Her daughter had urinated. 

Li Su shook her head helplessly.
“Wait, mum will fetch some water.” Then, she carried her daughter into the house. 

“Auntie, where are you taking younger sister?” Little An asked as he tugged on Li Su’s clothes. 

“Older brother Little An, my younger sister has wet herself.
Mother is going to change her pants.
You aren’t allowed to go in.” Qiao Zhi took out the cookie box from the room.
“Older brother Little An, are you full? Do you want some cookies?” 

Little An nodded.
Qiao Zhi took his hand with a smile and sat on the bench before generously sharing his snacks with his friend. 

When Li Su saw this, she smiled.
Her son was really a warm boy. 

When Xue Gang saw this, he said to Lu Wei in a low voice, “Your nephew and sister-in-law can take care of others.
It is said that the children of the poor are more responsible earlier.
I don’t see anything wrong with that.” 

Lu Wei looked at his surroundings and sighed.
If the person who had a blind date with him had been Li Su, then she wouldn’t have to live like this now.
Unfortunately, it was too late to say anything.
In the end, the woman who had moved his heart was his wife’s younger sister.
He didn’t want her to have a hard time.
How could he help her quietly without burdening her? 

Lu Wei felt that he had to think about it carefully. 

Over there, Xue Gang had learned where the mountain ginseng Lu Wei was given had come from.
But, he didn’t give up.
He wanted to go up the mountain to have a look.
Even if he couldn’t find it in the end, he could just go out to travel and relax. 

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Xue Gang mentioned his thoughts and Lu Wei nodded.
“Okay, go back and tell her.”  

Xue Gang nodded. 

Li Su took Xuechen out with fresh pants.
When Little An saw them, he immediately ditched Qiao Zhi and ran to Li Su’s side.
Li Su was a little amused when she saw this.
She put her daughter in the walker and let them play. 

Xue Gang also told Li Su of his intentions.
“I want to go and try my luck.
It doesn’t matter if I can’t find any.
I can just go out to relax.
Don’t worry, I’ll make up for the delay.” 

Li Su also planned on going into the mountains in the next few days.
The first few times she entered the mountains, she dug a few traps deep within.
Therefore, Li Su agreed.
If you are going to discuss compensation, then forget it.
You are my brother-in-law’s friend, so of course I should help you.” 

When Li Su spoke, she was very candid.
In fact, she had experienced a lot of melodramatic situations, so she had long noticed Lu Wei’s attitude towards her was a little strange.
He sometimes felt distressed and guilty, and other times he was hesitant to say anything.
Li Su herself was still wondering if the original owner and Lu Wei had met before, or if Lu Wei liked the original owner, but mistook her for Li Shu.  

But Li Su didn’t take this seriously.
She knew that, compared to the others in the room, Lu Wei was actually quite upright.
From the very beginning, Lu Wei disapproved of asking Qiao Zhi to donate his kidney and his disapproval grew when he learned that the original owner deceived a child.
Later, Qiao Zhi was involved in a car accident, which Lu Wei didn’t expect.
When Qiao Zhi was sent to the hospital in his previous life, he could have been saved.
It was the original owner and the rest of the Lu family who bribed the doctor into saying that Qiao Zhi couldn’t be saved.
Lu Wei reluctantly agreed for Qiao Zhi’s kidney to be removed and be used in his daughter’s kidney transplant surgery after the original owner and the Lu family begged him. 

Later, when Lu Wei learned the truth, he felt guilty and uneasy.
He died due to depression during his prime.
Before he died, he refused to say a word to the original owner. 

In this life, there were already too many changes.
If she added Lu Wei’s attitude into the mix, then she believed that such a thing wouldn’t happen again. 

So, Li Su decided that she would do this in order to display an appropriate amount of gratitude to Lu Wei. 

Finally, the 3 agreed to go to the mountain this weekend. 

After the discussion, Xue Gang and Lu Wei were ready to go back to the hotel in town.
Little An was reluctant to leave, so Xue Gang finally said, “Xue Chao’an, don’t be so fussy.
We will be back tomorrow.” 

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Little An got into the car. 

They left Li Su alone.
Wasn’t Xue Chao’an the male lead? Shouldn’t his official match be Lu Mingzhu? How did it become her family’s Xuechen? Was this the benefit of being the heroine? No, she didn’t want such benefits. 

1.(糖醋里脊) sweet and sour pork

2.(西紅柿炒雞蛋) scrambled egg with tomatoes

3.(青椒肉絲) shredded pork with green peppers

4.(酸辣土豆絲) sweet and sour potato strips

1.(干鍋土豆片) claypot potato slices

6.(青菜肉丸湯) vegetable and meatball soup

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