Chapter 163 – Rescuing the Transparent High-Ranking Official (part 18) 

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Lu Wei told Mother Lu about Li Su, emphasising Li Su saving his life.
He also mentioned a bit about helping her transfer jobs. 

Mother Lu took a deep breath.
“You have done a good job in showing your gratitude.” 

Lu Wei said sullenly, “I don’t understand.
They are siblings.
Why is there such a big difference?” His mother- and father-in-law couldn’t wait to give everything to Lǐ Wēi and Li Wei1.
If Li Shu hadn’t gotten married, then her fate would be similar to Li Su’s.
Why were there such parents in the world? 

Mother Lu frowned.
She didn’t understand what her in-laws were thinking.
They were university lecturers, so they had received higher education.
There should be no feudal ideology of favouring sons over daughters.
But, their words and actions proved that they still clung to those beliefs.
“This is also human nature.
Do you really not plan on taking care of Mingzhu’s uncle’s issue?” 

“I married their daughter.
Is the whole Li family my problem? Li Wei is fine.
He is with the reasonable Yue family and is managed by his wife.
But, Lǐ Wēi2! He is too daring.
Not only did he embezzle public funds, but he also dared to beat people!” Lu We got angry when he remembered it.
He paced back and forth in the room. 

Mother Lu was also very impatient when she remembered the Li family’s mess.
“I can’t let it go any longer.
They must be punished, otherwise, there may be more problems in the future! Although family needs to help each other, they also need to make clear distinctions! If you want to help the third sister of the Li family, then that’s fine.
But, Lǐ Wēi should not be helped!” If her daughter-in-law had not given birth to a granddaughter for the Lu family, then she would want her son to divorce Li Shu to save them from future troubles. 

“I think so too.
This time, I won’t intervene.
In the future, what happens to the Li family has nothing to do with me.” Lu Wei used to tolerate the Li family.
He felt that relatives should help each other, and he also thought Li Shu was ‘that person’.
But, he now knew that he was wrong.
Although he was wrong, he never thought about divorcing Li Shu, but he couldn’t deny that his tolerance for Li Shu and the Li family was much lower. 

Mother Lu nodded.
“It is good that you think like that.” 

Li Shu was afraid when she saw that Lu Wei was really angry.
She went back to her parent’s place alone. 

At the Li family, Mother Li and the eldest daughter-in-law, Du Qiao, had cooked a table full of food and were anxiously waiting for Li Shu and Lu Wei to arrive. 

Li Wei and his wife, Qian Li, were sitting next to each other with their children in their arms.
They weren’t sad like the rest of the Li family, but were talking and laughing. 

Du Qiao was about to go crazy.
She saw that her brother-in-law and sister-in-law still had the heart to tease their children, she said, “Some people are just heartless.
When such a big thing happened at home, they can still have the heart to joke.” 

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Qian Li sneered.
“Eldest brother got himself into that mess.
Eldest sister-in-law should be worried.
My younger sister-in-law should not cause trouble.
I am afraid of being gossiped about.” 

“You!” Du Qiao said angrily. 

“Okay, stop talking!” Father Li was displeased. 

“Grandpa, second uncle’s car is coming!” Li Wei’s eldest son shouted. 

Mother Li quickly came out of the kitchen.
She took off her apron and wiped her hands.
“What are you doing? Hurry up and make the tea!” 

Du Qiao was taking the opportunity to educate her two children.
“When second uncle comes, you should kowtow to him and ask him to save your father!” 

The two children nodded.
They had practiced this at home many times. 

Next to them, Qian Li had disgust all over her face.
She quietly pinched Li Wei’s waist.
“Let me warn you, you are not allowed to learn from your eldest brother.
If you dare make our son go through such embarrassment, then I will chop you up!” 

Li Wei quickly begged for mercy.
“I wouldn’t dare! With Lili here, I wouldn’t dare to, not if I had all the courage in the world.” If anyone asked him, he would say that his eldest brother was too outrageous.
Not only did he embezzle public funds but he also dared to beat people.
The one he beat up was still in hospital. 

Qian Li then let go of him and looked at everyone in the room with disgust.
This family was full of self-righteous fools.
Fortunately, Li Wei was not like them. 

Mother Li opened the door diligently only to see Li Shu alone.
She leaned out a little to check outside.
She confirmed that it was just her daughter who came back. 

“What happened? Why didn’t son-in-law come back with you for dinner? Why did you come back alone? Where is son-in-law?” Mother Li asked. 

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Li Shu threw her bag on the table impatiently.
“Don’t talk about it! Old Lu already knows about eldest brother.
I don’t know which wicked person told him! Old Lu was angry.
Not only did he refuse to come, he also said that he will no longer take care of eldest brother’s affairs and no longer take care of it in the future.” 

Mother and Father Li’s faces turned ashen.
Du Qiao suddenly fell off the stool.
“He won’t? How can this be! Second younger sister, you can’t ignore your eldest brother.
Your eldest brother is still at the police station.
Now the company wants to prosecute him and ask him to get the money back.
If he fails to pay, then he will go to jail.” 

“Then you just have to pay back the money!” Li Shu said impatiently.
“Is eldest brother so short on money? He embezzled public funds and dared to beat people.
Do you know that, because of this incident, I have no face? If it weren’t for Mingzhu, I would have been implicated by him.” 

Mother Li suddenly remembered.
“Yes, Mingzhu! Second girl, your eldest brother is Mingzhu’s uncle.
The Lu family can’t let Mingzhu have an uncle who has been in prison! Go back and beg son-in-law and your in-laws! Get them to save your eldest brother!” 

Li Shu snorted coldly.
“Let me ask you this first.
What happened to the money eldest brother embezzled?”  

Mother Li was speechless.
Du Qiao’s eyes were red.
“One hundred thousand yuan is all lost!” 

“He lost one hundred thousand?! Is he crazy?! Who does he think he is? Who gave him such courage?!” Li Shu’s fiery mind calmed down.
She only knew that eldest brother had embezzled public funds, but didn’t know exactly how much.
One hundred thousand yuan was not a small sum! She stood up abruptly, turned around, and walked out. 

Li Shu wasn’t stupid.
She just enjoyed the feeling that her parents and siblings, who had ignored her in the past, were now surrounding her.
It made her feel like she was the person with the highest status in the family.
She was now addicted to that feeling.
Now, she found out that she was wrong, so very wrong. 

Her indulgence towards them made them increasingly courageous.
Such a stupid and ignorant family will drag her down sooner or later.
No, they were already dragging her down.
She had to cut her losses! 

Li Shu thought of Lu Wei’s icy gaze and she felt cold all over.
What the hell was she doing?! She finally got what she wanted today.
Should she really sacrifice for these idiots? For what? The Li family has benefitted from her enough already! 

“Second girl, what are you doing?” Mother Li quickly stopped her.  

“What else can I do but go home?!” Li Shu pushed Mother Li’s hand away and continued to walk towards the door. 

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“Second younger sister, you can’t go.
You have to save your eldest brother.
He is your eldest brother!” Du Qiao quickly stopped Li Shu and winked at her sons.
“Li Qi, Li Lin, hurry and ask your second aunt to save your father! Hurry!” 

The two children reacted, and knelt in front of Li Shu.
They each hugged a leg and started to cry. 

Li Shu was caught off guard.
She tripped and fell to the ground.
All of a sudden, she felt a pain in her lower abdomen.
She remembered something.
Her face was pale.
She gritted her teeth and roared, “Get lost!” 

“Child, how can you talk like that to your nephews? They are still children!” Mother Li was a little unhappy when she heard Li Shu speak like this. 

It was Qian Li who saw that something was wrong.
She stood up and went over.
“Second older sister is afraid of a miscarriage.” 

At this time, Mother Li saw blood stains on Li Shu’s skirt, and her expression changed greatly. 

After some trouble, Lu Wei went to see Li Shu, who was still unconscious after the operation.
The rest of the Li family was in the hospital ward. 

When Mother and Father Li saw Lu Wei, they were a little embarrassed.
“It was our fault.
We didn’t pay attention to the water on the ground.
Li Shu accidentally stepped on it and slipped.” 

Lu Wei was expressionless.
“It’s enough to have me here.
Mother- and father-in-law should return!” 

Du Qiao didn’t care about this.
“Brother-in-law, I’m begging you.
Think of a way to let Lǐ Wēi out! I’m begging you!” 

Lu Wei gave her a cold look.
He then looked at Mother and Father Li, who were silent.
“Mother-in-law, father-in-law, should I help with this?” 

Upon hearing this, Mother Li ignored Father Li’s attempt at stopping her and said, “We are all family.
Those who can help should naturally.
A-Wēi really knows he was wrong and won’t dare to do it next time.” 

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“Don’t even think about it! Old Lu, don’t help!” Li Shu said weakly, but fiercely from behind him. 

Lu Wei turned around.
“You’re awake!” 

“I’m sorry, Old Lu!” Li Shu burst into tears before he could say a word.
“I didn’t know that eldest brother had so much courage.
I had no idea! I know that I’m wrong and was punished.
Can you forgive me? Can you forgive me for Mingzhu’s sake?” 

When Lu Wei saw Li Shu’s pitiful appearance, he saw that she really repented.
He heard her mention their daughter and sighed.
He took her hand and patted her.
“There is no need to talk about forgiveness between husband and wife.” 

A stone in Li Shu’s heart disappeared.
She leaned against Lu Wei and stopped talking. 

Mother Li’s eyes widened.
“Second girl, are you confused? How can you say such a thing? That’s your eldest brother!” 

“Yes, he is my eldest brother.
But, before he did all of this, did he even think about me at all? How did he get his job? Old Lu found it for him, he then embezzled public funds and beat people.
Had he ever thought how these things would affect Old Lu and I? Had he thought about it? No!” Li Shu roared.
“He only knows how to use Old Lu’s power to cause trouble.
How do you want Old Lu to help him? How can I have a family like this?! If you continue to force me, I will publish an article in the newspaper tomorrow to break away from you!” 

Mother Li’s chest heaved violently.
“I think your…” Before she could continue, she saw Lu Wei’s expressionless face.
She suddenly realised that her second daughter was now Madam Lu and not the daughter she used to trample all over. 

“Li Shu needs to rest.
Mother- and father-in-law should leave first.” Lu Wei decided to change Li Shu’s hospital when the Li family left. 

1.(李威 and 李偉) Different characters for the name ‘Wei’.
The Wei is also pronounced differently.
The first one is Wēi and the second one is Wěi. 

2.(李威) Lǐ Wēi.
From here on, I will denote the guy who embezzled money and beat people as Lǐ Wēi, while the one who is not in prison will just be Li Wei to make things a little easier. 

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