Chapter 167 – My Son is not Mine (part 1) 

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Li Su opened her eyes and felt that she was being held.
Someone was whispering sweet words in her ear. 

Li Su slammed her elbow against the person.
The man clutched his chest and took a deep breath.
“Susu, what are you doing?!” 

“What are you doing? Hmph!” Li Su sneered and looked around furtively, but couldn’t find any weapons.
So, she simply kicked the man and knocked him to the ground.
She then went to beat him up. 

At this moment, the door to the room was kicked open.
The group of people who came in to catch the adultery could only stand there stunned at the scene in front of them.
“What’s going on?” 

“What is going on? My husband has just passed away.
Before his death, this so-called friend came to seduce and bewitch me.
He wanted me to sell my shares and fly away with him! A-Yuan and I were in love with each other.
How could I betray A-Yuan?! I just made excuses with him before since I wanted to know what he wanted.
Now that I know, how could I easily let him go?!” Li Su said solemnly. 

Everyone was stunned.
Lin Siheng’s, the man dressed in a black suit, eyes widened.
Damn that bastard, Chen Zhijie.
Didn’t he say that everything was under control? Who brought them here? How did things turn out like this? 

“Since everyone is here, I will officially announce that I will give all the shares I have of Feiteng International to my son, Lin Jihao.
This will prevent others from thinking about them!” Li Su said as she looked at the silent teenager in the crowd. 

When everyone heard this, they flared up.  

Lin Siheng, in particular.
He had almost broken his teeth.
He had planned everything.
So long as it all went well, Feiteng International would have been his tomorrow.
He didn’t expect such a thing to occur. 

Before Lin Siyuan’s death, he left a will.
He didn’t leave the shares to his ex-wife’s son, he left them to his current wife, Li Su.
Therefore, although Lin Jihao was Lin Siyuan’s only son, his shares were similar to Lin Siyuan’s second younger brother, Lin Siheng.
So, the shares in Li Su’s hands were very important.
Whoever got them would get Feiteng International. 

Hence, the previous scene. 

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Only now, Li Su had offered to transfer her shares to Lin Jihao, thus making Lin Jihao the largest shareholder.
Since he was Lin Siyuan’s son, that made him the chairman. 

“Lawyer Li, please draft a share transfer agreement as soon as possible,” Li Su ordered.
She didn’t ask why Lawyer Li was here. 

“Yes, Madam Lin.” Attorney Li sighed in relief. 

“One more thing… It’s best not to have Chen Zhijie and the Chen family at places that I will go to in the future.
Otherwise, no matter who it is, I’ll fight them!” Li Su looked around at the crowd.
Lin Siyuan really loved the original owner.
Apart from the company’s shares, the property he left to Li Su could last her several lifetimes.
Therefore, she had the confidence to say such words. 

Immediately, someone stepped forward and dragged away Chen Zhijie, who was on the verge of death. 

“Okay, the show’s over.
Everyone should leave!” said Li Su. 

Everyone left.
Lin Siheng was about to turn around and leave with a dark face when Li Su stopped him.
“Second younger brother, why are you leaving in such a hurry? Stay and talk!” 

A trace of disgust flashed across Lin Siheng’s eyes, but when he turned around, he had an honest look on his face.
“Is there something wrong, sister-in-law?” 

“Your eldest brother said that you took a hundred million yuan from him before to invest in a movie.
It’s been over half a year now.
Have you gotten your money back? You know that, now that your eldest brother is gone and with Jihao and I not being very close, my heart isn’t at ease.
There’s nothing more assuring than money, right?” said Li Su. 

Lin Siheng bit down hard.
He really did borrow 100 million yuan from his brother, but it wasn’t to invest in a movie.
He secretly bought shares.
How did she know this? Right, his eldest brother was really good to this bitch so he must have told her everything.
Damn it! One hundred million in such a short time… How was he to get all this money together? 

“This matter… I was going to pay it back, but then that happened with eldest brother, so I forgot about it for a while.
Don’t worry.
I’ll find a way to get the money when I go back.” Lin Siheng pretended to be sincere.
He deliberately emphasised ‘money together’. 

“That’s good.
I thought you forgot,” Li Su said with a smile.
She pretended not to understand the subtext to Lin Siheng’s words. 

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Li Siheng saw Li Su pretending to be stupid and figured that she knew about his plan with Chen Zhijie.
But, she had no evidence, so she didn’t dare to accuse him. 

There was nothing to say. 

Lin Siheng glared at Li Su.
He turned to leave and saw Lin Jihao at the door.
The corners of his mouth barely twitched and he left without saying a word. 

Li Su sighed in relief when she saw Lin Siheng leave.
Shen then looked at her stepson, Lin Jihao.
“This is all I can do for you.
The rest is up to you.” She couldn’t manage the company.
However, as the number one villain, Lin Jihao should have this ability, even though he was still young. 

Lin Jihao gave Li Su a deep look.
The relationship between him and his stepmother had never been good.
His stepmother often spoke ill of him to his father and instigated the two of them.
If it wasn’t for his stepmother being unable to give birth, his fate would have been even worse. 

So, why did his stepmother change her mind and help him? 

He didn’t believe in his stepmother’s nonsense. 

Early on in his father’s sickness, he had discovered that the relationship between his stepmother and Chen Zhijie was not quite right.
However, he didn’t have any evidence and his father trusted his stepmother a lot.
Lin Jihao could only lie low and collect evidence. 

Before he could find any concrete evidence, his father died.
After his father’s death, his father’s lawyer took out his father’s will.
His father had given all his shares and most of the property to his stepmother.
He did not care about the property, but did his dad ever think about him?! 

That wasn’t the most important thing.
Lin Jihao was scared that his stepmother would be tricked into selling off her shares.
Feiteng International was his father’s blood, sweat, and tears.
He couldn’t let it fall into the hands of others. 

So, Lin Jihao had designed all of this.
He had organised it so that everyone would catch their adultery.
Lin Jihao even brought a lawyer and the police.
Then, he planned to doubt his father’s cause of death and the authenticity of the will, overturn the will, and get his shares back. 

For Lin Jihao, who would be a successful businessman in the future, this plan was not perfect.
It was like cutting off his nose to spite his face.
But, for Lin Jihao who was only 15, this was the best method he could think of. 

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In fact, Lin Jihao’s plan really succeeded. 

The original owner and Chen Zhijie had a tryst.
Chen Zhijie had encouraged the original owner to sell the shares to him.
The two would leave for a foreign country and live happily ever after. 

Under Chen Zhijie’s bewitchment, the original owner had agreed to do all those things.
The two couldn’t help themselves.
As a result, at this time, everyone came over from Lin Siheng’s instigation and found this scene. 

The crowd had been very surprised. 

At this time, the person who was arranged by Lin Jihao stood up.
He said that he had accidentally left his cell phone here and had luckily turned the recording on.
The conversation between the original owner and Chen Zhijie had been recorded. 

The truth came out.
The original owner’s reputation was ruined.
Lin Jihao questioned his father’s cause of death and the authenticity of the will.
In the end, he successfully got back the shares and property. 

Naturally, the original owner had nothing left and her reputation was ruined.
Chen Zhijie had abandoned her so she lived on the streets, abandoned herself to her vices, and finally disappeared into the vast sea of people. 

However, due to this suicide scandal, Feiteng International’s share price plummetted.
Investors lost confidence in the company and sold their shares.
It took Lin Jihao 4-5 years to turn the tides and another 10 years for Feiteng International to regain its former glory. 

During this period, Lin Jihao paid a huge price.
Because of the original owner, Lin Jihao lost confidence in women and suffered from a phobia of women.
In the novel, the first person the female lead fell in love with was Lin Jihao.
But, Lin Jihao didn’t trust her and took precautions against her.
When the female lead tried to get close to him, he pushed her away and humiliated her in every possible way. 

The female lead couldn’t bear such humiliation and finally left Lin Jihao.
She then went through a series of events and fell in love with the male lead, who was starting a business.
They got together. 

After the female lead left, Lin Jihao realised that he was really in love with her.
When he figured it out and wanted to get back with her, he discovered that the female lead had a new lover by her side.
No matter how much regret Lin Jihao had or how much he apologised, the female lead wouldn’t leave the male lead for him. 

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Lin Jihao couldn’t accept losing to a man who was inferior to him in every way, so he began to target the male lead, even attacking his career. 

Of course, the reason why the male lead was the male lead was because he had a lot of cheats.
The male protagonist had actually rescued a drowning old man in the park.
It turned out that he was actually the grandson to the drowning old man and they had been separated since he was young.
After the male lead went back to pay his respects to his ancestors, he transformed into a fourth generation Hong. 

With the support of his family, the male lead had a successful career.
Lin Jihao, who had been targetting the male lead, began to have bad luck after the male lead gained power.
First, he was reported for tax evasion.
Then, there were ancient tombs in the land that the company sold at auction for a high price.
There were many other incidents.
It didn’t take long for Feiteng International to go bankrupt. 

Lin Jihao couldn’t accept this fact and wanted to take revenge on the male lead. 

It so happened that the female lead was pregnant.
The male lead accompanied her to the hospital for a check-up.
Lin Jihao didn’t even think about it.
He hit them with his car.
Although nothing happened to the male and female leads, the female lead had been frightened so badly that she miscarried. 

The male lead was furious and sent someone to quietly capture Lin Siheng, fed Lin Jihao □□, and then found a few broad-shouldered and solidly built women.
He put them all together. 

In fact, Lin Jihao’s fear of women had not been cured.
He suffered greatly, and was forced to death. 

Lin Jihao’s death did not cause any waves.
The male and female leads soon forgot about him.
The female lead took good care of herself and eventually gave birth to twins.
The family lived happily together. 

Li Su sighed when she thought of this.
When you love me, I don’t love you.
When I love you, you don’t love me.
What a tragic love story. 

Li Su smiled.
She turned to the sofa and grabbed the cell phone in the corner.
She broke it with her hands. 

Lin Jihao’s expression changed greatly. 

“Okay, I know you plotted this.
But, have you ever thought about what would happen if you succeeded? Who would be embarrassed? It would be your father and Feiteng International!” Li Su said softly.
“Young people think that this kind of thing is worth the loss.
You should do less in the future!” 

Li Su patted Lin Jihao on the shoulder.
She put the phone in his hand. 

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