Chapter 133 – Wealthy Bastard (part 8)

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Jiang Xue continued.
“President Su, Su Su really didn’t want to bother you.
Can you just forget it!?”

“Just forget it? It is easy for you to say.
That is my son!” Su Wanzhe said with a cold snort.

Jiang Xue was a little anxious.
“Does President Su want to take back the child? That won’t do.
Su Su will go crazy!”

Su Wanzhe looked at Jiang Xue like she was a fool.

Jiang Xue knew that she had said the wrong thing.
President Su didn’t care what happened to Li Su at all.
Jiang Xue racked her brains to say something else.
“President Su, you already have a son in your family.
Your wife is also now pregnant.
At this time, a four to five year old child suddenly appearing is not a good thing for you, the Su family, or Huitian International.
Can we talk about this later?”

Su Wanzhe glanced at Jiang Xue and found it was a bit interesting.
An illegitimate child suddenly appeared.
The board of directors and the An family would be difficult to deal with.
If that was the case, then he would not be reconciled.

In this life, no woman had dared to play him!

“President Su, why don’t you have a good talk with Su Su? For the sake of the children.
What do you think?” Jiang Xue asked tentatively.

Jiang Xue leaned on the sofa.
She remembered something, then picked up her mobile and called Li Su.
“Su Su, it’s not good.
President Su knows that Jiangping is his son!”

Li Su didn’t ask how Su Wanzhe knew.
She calmly said, “Okay.
Sister, don’t worry.
I’ll deal with it.”

When Li Su put down her phone, a sharp light flashed through her eyes.
Su Wanzhe moved faster than she thought.
This was very good.
It saved her from thinking of many tricks.

From the beginning, Li Su did not intend to let Su Wanzhe and An Wei off easily.
If she really wanted to stay away from this group of people, she could have taken Jiangping abroad and never come back.
She could have lived quietly.
The reason she didn’t leave was because she hated to part with Mother and Father Jiang.
She also wanted to live differently.

In the few previous missions, she was always on the defensive.
She was a little tired.
From now on, she would take the initiative to attack.

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The original owner was a mother.
She felt sorry for her son.
Now that she was here, she would naturally make up for it! She wanted to get back the people who owed her son, one by one!

Su Wanzhe came very quickly.
The next morning, Li Su took Li Jiangping’s hand and walked to the kindergarten in the community.
Li Jiangping asked, “Mum, Ruirui’s mother got him the newest Transformer.
Mum, I want it too.
Can you buy it for my birthday this year?”

Li Su smiled.
“Didn’t you just celebrate your birthday this year? Maybe for next year’s birthday gift! How about we talk about it again next year?”

“Okay, mum.
You have to remember!” Li Jiangping reminded her again.

Su Wanzhe followed the mother and son.
When he heard their conversation, he couldn’t help but frown.
His son had to wait until his birthday to get a toy.
This was too much! Did he not treat this woman, Li Su, well when she was following him? This was how she treated his son?

Su Wanzhe picked up his pace and walked over to the two.
This was the first time he saw Li Jiangping.
Although Mother Su always said that Su Qihe’s eyebrows were similar to his, he didn’t think so.
Su Qihe looked more like his biological mother.

But when he first saw Li Jiangping, Su Wanzhe knew that this was his son since they really did have similar eyebrows.
He didn’t get that feeling from the photos, but the feeling was stronger when he saw Li Jiangping for himself.

“Uncle, what’s wrong?”.
Li Jiangping asked as he looked the person up and down before looking at Li Su.
Li Su saw Su Wanzhe and pretended to be nervous and scared.

Su Wanzhe frowned subconsciously.
He felt that the title of uncle was very harsh.

“I’ll send the child to kindergarten first.
We can talk about this later!” Li Su lowered her head.
She did not wait for Su Wanzhe’s reaction.
She pulled Li Jiangping with her and walked to the kindergarten.

Li Su brought Li Jiangping into the kindergarten and repeatedly told the teacher that nobody could pick up Jiangping except her, and it was only when she came here in person.

When Li Su exited the kindergarten, she didn’t see any of Su Wanzhe’s people.
She was relieved and hurried home.

“Stop! Let’s talk!” Su Wanzhe suddenly emerged from behind.

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Li Su suddenly stiffened and looked like she was in a difficult position.
But, at an angle Su Wanzhe couldn’t see, the corners of Li Su’s mouth rose slightly.

In a café in the city, Li Su and Su Wanzhe sat across from each other.

Li Su kept her head down and said nothing.

Su Wanzhe frowned and looked at Li Su for a long time.
“You’ve lived like this for the past few years?” What was she wearing?! Jeans, a large t-shirt, a plain face.
It was slovenly!

Su Wanzhe remembered her exquisite appearance from before and compared that appearance to her current one.
He felt very disgusted.

“Why are you hiding from me?!” Su Wanzhe waited for a long time, but did not hear Li Su answer, so he continued to ask.

“I can’t bear it!” Li Su whispered after a long time.

Su Wanzhe became angry when he saw her like this.
“You can’t bear it, so you let your child suffer with you?”

“He didn’t suffer!” Li Su raised her voice.
After she met Su Wanzhe’s eyes, she lowered her voice again.
“He has had a good time in recent years.”

“He lives in this shabby place, goes to such an ordinary kindergarten, and has to wait until his birthday before he gets a toy? Is this what you call good?” Su Wanzhe said in disgust.

“This is one of the relatively high-end communities in City C.
My house is also quite large.
It is more than one hundred and fifty square metres.
I have also bought several houses and am collecting rent.
I also have several shops.
The rent is paid every month and is in the tens of thousands.
I am also planning on opening a milk tea shop.
Jiangping really didn’t suffer.” The more Li Su said, the less confident she sounded.

When Su Wanzhe saw that she could still feel guilty, his anger faded.

“You can only give him this.
But, do you know? If he came back with me, he could get everything you could get him, and more!” said Su Wanzhe as he stared at Li Su.

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“Are you going to take him away?” Li Su asked as she trembled.
“I’m begging you, don’t take him away! I don’t want a lot of money, I just want a home and a child.
That’s all! Jiangping is the same.
He grew up with me and thought that his dad was gone.”

Su Wanzhe’s eyes widened when he heard this.
Li Su said, “I couldn’t help it.
The children and kindergarten quarrelled and said that he had no father.
I didn’t know how to tell him, so I told him that his father is gone.
It was better than letting him know that he is an illegitimate child!” As Li Su spoke, she sounded increasingly more confident.

“So, do you think that you are still reasonable?” Su Wanzhe glared at her.

“I know this is my fault, but you have two children now.
You also have another one on the way.
I only have Jiangping.
Please, I’m begging you, don’t take Jiangping away.
He didn’t know the circumstances surrounding his birth.
If I told him rashly, I am afraid that he wouldn’t be able to accept it!” Li Su said as she knelt down.

Su Wanzhe glanced at her, then ignored her kneeling.
In fact, he was thinking about this issue on the way here.
Jiangping was already 4 years old and could remember things.
If he abruptly took him away while he was still attached to his biological mother, then it would be bad if something happened.
In addition, a four to five year old son suddenly appearing would be a difficult matter to explain to the board of directors and shareholders.

However, he wasn’t willing to forget about him.

Su Wanzhe glared at Li Su when he thought of this.
He blamed this woman for her guts!

Li Su cursed inwardly, but her expression remained pitiful.

“Get up first,” Su Wanzhe finally said after he weighed his options.

Li Su slowly got up from the ground and sat in the chair again.
She looked at Su Wanzhe expectantly.

“I don’t need to take the child away!” As soon as Su Wanzhe finished speaking, he saw the happiness on Li Su’s face.
But, before Li Su could be too happy, Su Wanzhe continued.
“However, you and your child must live under my nose in the future.
You can’t interfere with the child’s education and issues.
You have to listen to me.
If you dare to sneak away with your child and get caught, then you will never see him again in your life!”

Li Su looked embarrassed.
“How can it be like this?”

“Why not?! He is my son!” Su Wanzhe said angrily.
“You think I will let my son follow you like this for the rest of his life?!”

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Li Su finally lowered her head and agreed.

“First of all, you need to change where you live.
This community isn’t good.
There is too little greenery, the distance between buildings is too short, and the lighting is not good.” Su Wanzhe picked up his mobile phone and pointed her to the real estate in City C.

“We are used to living here.
Everyone is also familiar with each other.
Jiangping likes it a lot.
I am afraid that Jiangping won’t adapt if we change the place,” Li Su said cautiously.

Su Wanzhe frowned.
He glanced at Li Su and said, grumpily, “That’s fine.
However, this kindergarten isn’t good.
It’s too common.
I will contact one of the best bilingual kindergartens and immediately transfer him.
The important thing is that the child’s name should be changed for me! My son can’t be called Li Jiangping! His new name should be…”

Su Wanzhe couldn’t think of a good name for a while.

Li Su didn’t want her son to have his previous name, so she quickly said, “It would be too troublesome to change the name.
Besides, if Jiangping suddenly changes his name, then it would be difficult to explain it to him if he starts to question it!”

Su Wanzhe didn’t want to listen to her at all.
“How to explain it is your business.
You can solve the mess you caused by yourself! My son must have my last name!”

Li Su frowned.
Su Wanzhe was really domineering!

“I have thought about the name.
I will call him Su Qilin!” Su Wanzhe originally wanted him to be named Su Qilin1, but he and Qihe were brothers.
But, since he was the eldest son, he couldn’t wrong him by following his younger brother’s name.
So, he changed it to Qilin!

Li Su’s eyes widened.
Jiangping had learned how to write his name with great difficulty.
If his name was changed to this, then he would cry!2

1.(蘇其林 vs 蘇麒麟) Original name in the story was the first one.
He would have the same Qi as his younger brother Qihe (其和).
The second one is the one Su Wanzhe now wants to name Jiangping, which are the characters for the Chinese unicorn, the qilin.

2.(蘇麒麟 Su Qilin vs 李江平 Li Jiangping) As you can see, the characters for Qilin are much more difficult to write than Jiangping.
Even Su is more difficult to write than Li, although the simplified character for Su (苏) is not that difficult.

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