Chapter 134 – Wealthy Bastard (part 9)

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President Su, there are too many strokes for this name.
Jiangping would cry if he had to write this name!” Li Su frowned.

“I haven’t blamed you for not teaching my son well, yet you still have the face to try and bargain here! There will be no discussion on this matter!” Su Wanzhe frowned as he looked at Li Su’s face.

How old was this woman this year? Was she 28 or 30? Did she spend all her money on looking after herself? How come 4-5 years have passed, but she looks a lot younger.
Her face was very clean, just like a peeled egg.

Su Wanzhe remembered Jiang Mi, his ‘new love’ of the past.
She was only 25 this year and she looked good with makeup.
But, he had seen her without makeup.
Although she was young, the condition of her skin was definitely not as good as Li Su’s.

When he thought about Li Su when they were together, her words were sweeter than honey.
But then, she ran away with the child.
This fallout was irreconcilable !

Hmph! Sure enough, heartless people looked younger than others!

Su Wanzhe was angry.
Fortunately, she had guarded their son in recent years and had not found a wild man.
If she had dared to give his son the surname of another man and had his son call that other man dad, then he would have flayed her skin off!

“Don’t open the milk tea shop.
From now on, I’ll put a sum of money on your card every month for Qilin’s living expenses.
The only thing you need to remember is that, for your share, I will give it to you separately.
This will all be Qilin’s!” Su Wanzhe said softly.

“I’m not charging you money!” Li Su whispered.

Su Wanzhe glared at her.
Why are you pretending? When you were with me, wasn’t it just for money?”

Li Su’s eyes turned red.
“I said I won’t charge you money! I have my own money!”

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Su Wanzhe rolled his eyes and said, “Fine! You don’t want it.
But, I will give Qilin money.
You are not qualified to disagree!”

Li Su lowered her head and didn’t speak.

Su Wanzhe said irritably, “I haven’t seen you in a few years, but your temper has grown a lot!” After he said that, his gaze towards Li Su became milder.
Could having a child really cause a person to change so much, or had he just never known Li Su?

As the general manager of Huitian International, Su Wanzhe wasn’t stupid.
He just didn’t bother to care about things sometimes.
Su Wanzhe believed that any problem that could be solved by money wasn’t a problem.
Su Wanzhe had the same attitude towards the women he had been in contact with.
For a long time, both parties had been fine to get together, then separate.
There had been no change, except for Li Su.

Su Wanzhe was quite sure that she wasn’t acting.
Her acting skills weren’t very good, otherwise she would have become a movie queen with his support.
Su Wanzhe was also quite conceited.
He preferred that Li Su love him since he knew that the two couldn’t be.
He would rather live with his own children.
Li Su’s performance in recent years also confirmed Su Wanzhe’s conjecture.

Su Wanzhe was a bit distressed.
To be honest, he had liked Li Su before.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have supported her.
It was just that what he liked had always come and gone quickly.
Now, he was quite sure he had no feelings for Li Su, but the other party was so persistent and affectionate.

Obviously, this affection could not be handled with money.
Therefore, Su Wanzhe was distressed.

“This should be clear to you.
In any case, it is impossible between us,” Su Wanzhe said as he knocked on the table.

Li Su rolled her eyes inwardly.
Were the rich really this conceited? She wasn’t the original owner.
She wasn’t blind enough to fall in love with someone like Su Wanzhe.
It was just that, on the surface, she pretended to be sad and whispered, “I know.”

Su Wanzhe had a headache when he saw her like this.
“Since you know, then you should let your feelings go.
If you don’t, you will only harm yourself!”

Li Su lowered her head and refused to speak, but her hands were clenched together.
She looked pitiful and helpless.

When Su Wanzhe saw her like this, he decided not to continue instructing her.
“Fine, don’t say anything.
You can do it yourself.
I will arrange for you to bring out Qilin tonight and we will have a meal together.”

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After a long time, Li Su nodded.

Su Wanzhe sighed.
“I have something to do, so I’ll be going first.” He then stood up and walked out.

After Su Wanzhe left, Li Su raised her head and looked at where Su Wanzhe was sitting.
She silently shed tears.

Su Wanzhe walked to the door.
He suddenly felt something in his heart and quietly turned around.
He happened to see this scene, and he felt sweet and helpless.
After watching for a while, he turned and left.
When he got in the car, he picked up the phone, made a call, and relayed some orders.

Li Su cried for a while.
When she finally did not see Su Wanzhe’s figure in the mirror from the corner of her eye, she breathed a sigh of relief and wiped her face with a tissue.
She then picked up the cup and drank the water in one gulp.
She hadn’t cried so emotionally for a long time, so she felt dehydrated.
She needed more water.

Li Su returned home and Mother Jiang greeted her.
“What happened? Why are you only back now? What happened to your eyes? Were you crying?”

Father Jiang stood a short distance away and looked over, worried.

Li Su knew that she couldn’t keep it from them, so she took Mother Jiang’s hand and sat down on the sofa.
“Godmother, don’t worry.
It was nothing big.
It was just that Jiangping’s father knows about Jiangping’s existence, so…”

“What?! He knows about Jiangping? What should we do? Does he want to take Jiangping away? No! This is definitely not good! Quickly, old man, go to the kindergarten and get Jiangping back!” Mother Jiang was immediately anxious and had red eyes.

“Godmother, don’t worry.
Listen to me.” Li Su quickly persuaded her.
“I have persuaded him.
He won’t take Jiangping away.
Don’t worry, godmother!”

Mother Jiang calmed down a little bit, then lowered her head and wiped away her tears.
“Blame me.
I knew he would find him.
I should have let you live abroad.”

Li Su sat next to Mother Jiang and helped Mother Jiang get more paper towel.
To make a full play, Li Su once mentioned life abroad, but Mother and Father Jiang weren’t happy, so Li Su didn’t mention it again.

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Father Jiang also sat down on the chair, dejected.

Godmother, don’t be sad.
I told him that he won’t take Jiangping away.
We will live like we always have.
It doesn’t make any difference,” Li Su persuaded.

Mother Jiang shed tears.
“Where’s Xue’r? Does Xue’r know? Is there anything she can do?!”

Li Su smiled bitterly.
“Sister called me and told me.
He already found sister before.
Godmother, don’t force sister to think about it.
It’s not easy for sister today.
Actually, it is my fault.
If I could have persevered, then this wouldn’t have happened.”

“What are you saying?! It’s all those people’s fault.
They think they can afford it just because they have money.” Mother Jiang directed all her anger to that damn man who was trying to ruin their lives.

Li Su was patient and coaxed Mother Jiang for a long time before she managed to calm Mother Jiang down.

Mother Jiang sighed and put her arms around Li Su.
“He has already hurt you and now he is coming to break us apart.
Why is he so bad?!” They all saw how cute Su Su was and believed that Su Su wasn’t the kind of girl who was conceited and coveted glory.
She must have been deceived by that damn man’s sweet words.

“Godmother, just talk about this at home.
Don’t talk about this outside.
If he gets irritated, then it will affect sister.
It won’t be good,” Li Su said quickly.

Mother Jiang’s eyes widened.
“Is he that powerful?”

Li Su nodded.

“If he is so powerful, then why would he listen to you and not take Jiangping away? Could he be lying?” Mother Jiang started thinking again.

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“No, godmother.
He already has a daughter with his wife when he was younger.
He also had another son last year.
Although he was also an illegitimate child, he was said to have been the son of his wife.
Now his wife is pregnant again and is expecting a baby overseas.
People like them pay the most attention to fame.
Jiangping is so old, so if he brings him back so hastily, then how can he explain it to everyone? Although his character is not very good, he still loves his children.” Li Su was doing her best to persuade.

Mother Jiang looked at Li Su blankly.

Li Su felt a little sorry when she saw Mother Jiang like this.
By doing this, she hurt the sincerity of the two old people.
They really loved Jiangping like their own grandson.
It was just that it had come to this point, so she couldn’t give up halfway.
She could only continue.
As for the damage to Mother and Father Jiang… She would slowly make up for it.

“Godmother, don’t worry.
We are a family.
Nobody can separate us,” Li Su said, her arms around Mother Jiang.

Because of this, the atmosphere at home was a little low.
Mother and Father Jiang didn’t bother to cook lunch, so the 3 of them ordered noodles at noon.

During this period, Jiang Xue called and asked about the situation.
Li Su said, “You don’t know, but I was disgusted at the time.
I couldn’t think of another way, so I could only do this.”

Jiang Xue sighed.
“Well done! I persuaded him to talk to you at that time since I thought you could impress him and persuade him to not take Jiangping.
To be honest, I was afraid that he would take Jiangping away.
My parents wouldn’t be able to accept it either.
I should have listened to you back then.
Maybe you should have moved to a foreign country.
I was too conceited and miscalculated.
It has been so many years, so why does he remember you?”

Li Su smiled slightly.
“I don’t know.
He even did a paternity test!”

Jiang Xue sighed.
“Then that’s the end of the matter.
This is the only way to go.
Don’t offend him.
Follow his lead.
You can’t let him take Jiangping away.” Jiang Xue regretted it.
Had she known this would happen, she wouldn’t have let her parents get involved in the first place.
If Jiangping was really taken away, then her parents would not be able to bear it!

“Mm, I know.
Don’t worry, sister.
Work hard.
I will act as the situation calls for it,” said Li Su.

Call me if you need anything.” Jiang Xue hung up, but she was worried.
She called Mother Jiang to comfort her mother.

Mother Jiang’s mood improved a lot.
She ended up persuading Jiang Xue not to worry and work to make more money.
She didn’t want Jiangping to be looked down upon!

Jiang Xue hung up, not sure whether to laugh or cry.

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