Chapter 135 – Wealthy Bastard (part 10)

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When it was time for Little Jiangping to leave school, Father Jiang prepared to pick up his grandson.
Li Su stopped him.
“Godfather, I’ll pick him up.
His dad said that he would like to have a meal with Jiangping tonight and I agreed.
Don’t worry, we will definitely be back before nine o’clock!”

Father Jiang was not good at words, so he nervously rubbed his hands together after he heard that.

Mother Jiang came out of the room.
“He wants to eat with Jiangping? Is that…”

“Don’t worry, godmother! I will bring Jiangping back!” said Li Su.

Mother and Father Jiang wanted to stop her, but they didn’t dare to.
They sent out Li Su pitifully.
They thought that their grandson would come back and were planning on making something delicious, but now they weren’t in the mood.
The couple sat on the sofa and sighed.
They wept when they looked at the picture of Li Jiangping.

Li Su picked up her son.
She took his hand and walked out.
Su Wanzhe called her and said, “I’m on the opposite side.
Come here!”

Li Su saw Su Wanzhe’s car.
She hung up the phone and walked there as she held Li Jiangping’s hand.

Li Jiangping was still wondering.
“Mum, why aren’t we going home? Why did you come pick me up today? Why didn’t grandpa come? He promised to take me to the supermarket!” He covered his mouth after he finished speaking.

Li Su glanced at him.
“No wonder you want grandpa to pick you up every day.
It turned out that you were coaxing your grandpa to take you to the supermarket! Li Jiangping, what did your mother say? You can’t eat sweets.
If you eat too many, then your teeth will go bad.
You don’t like brushing your teeth!”

“I didn’t eat a lot.
I only ate one!”

Li Su looked him over.

“Two!” Li Jiangping said pitifully.
“I really only ate two! Mum, can’t I brush my teeth often in the future?”

While he was speaking, the mother and son had reached the side of the car.

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Su Wanzhe opened the window and motioned for them to get into the car quickly.

Li Su opened the door and got into the car with Li Jiangping in her arms.
But, Li Jiangping clung to the door and refused to let go.
“Mum, where are you taking me? Are you going to sell me?! Mum, I won’t go to the supermarket in the future and I won’t eat sweets anymore.
Don’t sell me!”

Su Wanzhe stared at Li Su.

Li Su felt a little helpless.
“Jiangping is still young.
His grandmother is afraid that he will be taken away by strangers, so she often taught him this.”

Then, she patiently said, “Don’t think about this.
Who is going to sell you? This uncle is a former friend of your mother’s.
He came here to have a meal together.”

Li Jiangping looked at Li Su with suspicion, then looked at Su Wanzhe.
“Mum, you lied to me again! Where did you find such a rich friend?! He drives a Maserati, wears Armani, and has a Vacheron Constantin watch.
One watch costs more than ten houses.”

Li Su was dumbfounded.
“How do you know this?”

Li Jiangping looked at Li Su with judgment.
“It’s all on TV.
What’s the actual relationship between you and him? I am not against you remarrying, but at least find someone who is right.
He is too far from you.
It won’t end well.”

Li Su was stunned again.
“What kind of messy TV series are you watching with your grandma all day long!?”

Su Wanzhe found it interesting.
Not only did his son look like him, but he was also very clever.
“I’m your father!”

Li Jiangping immediately looked at Su Wanzhe with vigilance.
“Hah! I am your father! Give me a break.
You’ve come to take advantage of me!”

Su Wanzhe’s eyes widened and he stared at Li Su.
“How did you teach the child?!”

Li Su was afraid that Li Jiangping would irritate Su Wanzhe so she hugged Li Jiangping.
“Son, get in the car first.
Mum will tell you about it.”

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Then, she hugged Li Jiangping and got into the car.

Su Wanzhe snorted coldly and drove off.
He looked at the rear-view mirror from time to time.
He wanted to hear how Li Su would explain things.

Li Su pondered her words.
“Son, he really is your father.”

“Nonsense, grandma said that my dad is dead!” Li Jiangping blurted out.

Li Su and Li Jiangping were caught off-guard and were propelled forward.
The screeching of the breaks filled the air.
Fortunately, Li Su was holding Li Jiangping tightly, so Li Jiangping did not go flying.

“What are you doing?!” Li Jiangping asked as he rubbed his forehead.

Su Wanzhe fiercely stared at Li Su.
Li Su avoided his gaze.
“Godmother was just fighting injustice for me.
She just said it casually.
Don’t be angry.”

Li Jiangping saw this and looked at Su Wanzhe.
“Why are you staring at my mum like this?! You aren’t a good person.
Mum, let’s get out of the car and go home!”

“Son, Jiangping, listen to me.
He really is your dad.
Your dad didn’t know about you.
He only found out recently.
He just wants to meet you and have a meal together.
There is no other meaning, you have my word!” Li Su knew that her son was very smart, so she winked hard at him.

Li Jiangping blinked, indicating that he knew.
He was familiar with this plot.
When he watched TV with his grandmother, he saw such a plot.
The man was fickle and heartless, the mum ran off, then the man discovered his existence and wanted to reconcile.

If LI Su knew what Li Jiangping was thinking, then she would not praise him.
Although, it wasn’t far from the truth.

When Su Wanzhe saw that Li Jiangping had calmed down, he was a little satisfied and continued to drive.

Su Wanzhe chose a high-end restaurant with a small children’s playground inside.
Li Jiangping had never been to a place like this.
Mother and Father Jiang always said that the things outside weren’t very clean, so they didn’t let him eat out often.
So, he was happy coming here and ran straight to the playground.

When Su Wanzhe saw Li Jiangping like that, he didn’t know what his kid was thinking.
He stared at Li Su again.
Is that how she raised his son for him?

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Li Su explained in a low voice, “His grandparents said that the things outside weren’t clean, so they rarely take him out to eat.” She raised her son very carefully, okay? She wouldn’t abuse children!

Su Wanzhe frowned.
“Grandparents? Are they Jiang Xue’s parents? Your relationship is very good! What values do they instill in Qilin every day?!”

“Godmother and godfather are very good to us.
I have no relatives or friends.
I must thank godmother and godfather for helping me in the past few years.
Without them, Jiangping and I would not be where we are today.
They are very nice.
The reason they taught Jiangping all these things was for me,” Li Su said in a low voice.
“After I got pregnant, I was afraid that if you knew about this child, you would take him away, so I didn’t tell anyone about our matters.
Sister Jiang didn’t tell anyone.
Godmother and godfather didn’t know, so they could only guess.
Don’t blame them.
They are really nice.”

Su Wanzhe snorted.
He naturally knew that Mother and Father Jiang were kind to his son and Li Su and that they loved his son like their own grandson.
Otherwise, with his temperament, he would have attacked them a long time ago for daring to tell his son that he was dead!

Li Jiangping played in the playground for a while.
He came out by himself later without being called.

Su Wanzhe saw that Li Jiangping was obedient and his heart was filled with joy.

The 3 sat down separately, and Su Wanzhe handed the menu to Li Jiangping.
“You can order whatever you want!”

Li Jiangping glanced at Li Su.
When he saw that she had no objections, he opened the menu and ordered a few dishes at random.

When Li Su went to the bathroom, Li Jiangping jumped from his seat, ran over to Su Wanzhe, and sat next to him.
Su Wanzhe was happy.
It was just natural for a father and son.
How long had it been before they managed to see each other? Did the child like him so much?

“You really are my dad? Are you married? Do you have any other children? What are you going to do this time?” Li Jiangping snapped.

Su Wanzhe had a headache.
This child had so many things to say! But, this cleverness was like him.

Su Wanzhe thought for a while, then said, “I really am your father.
When I met your mother, I was already married.
As for you, you have an older sister and a younger brother.
No, you have two younger brothers.”

Li Jiangping’s eyes widened.
“So you have two sons and one daughter.
What are you doing? My mother is the only one!”

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“Did you understand what I just said? I said that when I met your mother, I was married and she knew.
Why are you surprised?” Su Wanzhe didn’t want to say bad things about Li Su.
He just wanted to know how smart his son was.

“What is there to be surprised about.
My mother was fairly young at that time and didn’t know much.
She was coaxed by your sugar-coated words! It is often like this on TV! Don’t try to meddle with my relationship with her! Hmph! My mother used to be a star.
For me, she gave up her career and everything.
My mother loves me very much!” Li Jiangping jumped off the chair and crossed his arms.
He then looked at Su Wanzhe with contempt.

Su Wanzhe wasn’t angry, but smiled.
“You really are a smart boy.
What a pity.
If you can receive the best education since childhood, your future could be limitless when you grow up!”

Li Jiangping turned around and assumed a posture of not wanting to talk to Su Wanzhe.

Li Su came out of the bathroom and saw this scene.
She walked over to Li Jiangping and knelt down.
“Son, what’s the matter?”

Li Jiangping dove into her arms immediately.
Although he didn’t speak, his trembling body let Li Su know that he was crying.

Li Su couldn’t help but stare at Su Wanzhe.
She asked quietly, “What is going on?”

Su Wanzhe saw that Li Su didn’t dare to stare at him.
Not only was he not angry, but he was pleased.
No matter what she was like before, Li Su was now a good mother who loved her son.
Under these conditions, she was able to teach her son so well.
She was careful.

Su Wanzhe didn’t urge them, but patiently waited for his son’s emotions to pass.

Li Su didn’t ask.
Jiangping had been a caring and good boy since he was younger.
Since he cried, Su Wanzhe must have said something.

Li Jiangping cried for a while.
Then, he was able to control his emotions and wiped away his tears.
He then sat on the chair to eat.
He didn’t say a word until the meal was over.

Su Wanzhe drove the mother and son back.
“I will take you to see the new kindergarten tomorrow morning.”

Li Jiangping had no expression.
He didn’t object.

Li Su was a little surprised, but nodded.
Then, took her son’s hand and walked inside.

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