Two decades ago, in the territory of Beldam.

”I am delighted that we will finally have a peer sphere of influence that will be our friend on all levels, and I am confident that one day all the Cartesian territories will be reconciled, however hazily, but I will continue to hope. ” Samuels voice, hope can be seen in his voice as if he wants his words to come true when the time is right. He is the high priest or leader of witches in their territory.

At this moment, he and his wife, Yolanda, are preparing to go to the territory of Hyena, nest of Werewolves. The two sides agreed to be friends in all things, and to unite their territory for mass unity, because the creatures in their territories always find treasures, or riches buried by ancient creatures who lives in Cartesian. As well as all their leaders and subordinates are not greedy, they decided that the treasures they find will be given to mortals by planting treasures in their land, which will be needed by the individuals there when the time comes. They believe that when there is a treasure buried in the land of mortals, they will not be attacked by any disaster or storm, and their land will remain rich for them to benefit from for generations to come.

They had just seen mortals greatness, and as a recompense for their positive behaviour, the two sides decided to develop a deep understanding of there own subject as well as other living creatures within and without the Cartesian.

”That is also my prayer; I hope universe hears it; as well as I find myself hoping that there will be no more wars between the territories; all I want for us is tranquility. ” Yolanda uttered whilst also firmly hugging her husband, she didn actually know but it seemed like at that present time she felt anything really jittery, whatever the cause of that despair that caused her heart to beat incredibly quickly because of the anxiousness was nothing is the idea. She was glad that their territory, out of one of the Cartesians seven, would finally have a companion, but there seemed to be something wrong with what they were going to do, and she did not even know where the mistake was in seeking stillness? In search of ways to assist those in need? She just paused for a moment, managed to convince that she was only feeding her mischievous imagination and that nothing else would enter her mind.

Samuel smiled politely as he stared at his wifes face, having to agree with what she had said. Especially given the fact that they are a witch, which most people regard as awful looking and terrible because all they know is they casts curses and pretty odd wizardry on creatures they does not want. This is indeed a massive mistake, because the witches gained honor under the leadership of Samuel and Yolanda, even if a few of them were naturally evil and uncompassionate, which cannot erase and equalize the number of witches with hearts of gold. They, like their leaders, want peace; they have reached a point in their lives where any wealth offered to them is no longer valuable because what they value most is a complete family and a territory far from fighting and mess.

Others thought witches had large, ugly noses, displeasing faces, and disturbing voices. But what they do not really appear to understand is that the descriptions in the book have been far from precise and reliable truth, since all of the individuals in Beldam have an attractive appearance, which is usually favoured by creatures from other territories. However, trying to cut and loving a being who is not of your kind is a great sacrilege, and it is never permitted in the entire Cartesian.

”After the formal presentation of friendship between Beldam and Hyena later, the next day there will be an immediate treasure hunt. Our territory and the Werewolves territory will merge, the first thing we will look for is the hidden treasure that will be found in the forest. ” Samuel mentioned as he was fixing his clothes and preparing to leave, because it was almost time for Oliver and Emma to talk to the leaders of the Werewolves.

Cartesian is hiding a fair amount of gold and wealth; all it requires is somewhat more persistence and perseverance to find them. However, the three largest and most tucked away treasures have yet to be discovered. They are said to be hidden in the forest, desert, and under the sea, according to the prophecy. Several creatures have also dared to search for lost treasures, but none have succeeded. So, for the time being, they will prioritize looking for the treasure in the forest because this is not a joke to look for, and they have no idea what creature there is in the place they are going to, but the oneness they actually appreciate is also desired for them to be friends with all creatures in other territories. One of those who seek to achieve one of the hidden treasures in the Cartesian world are the vampires, but no matter how persistent they are in their search, which they endure and sweat almost every day just to find the treasures they have none blessed since according to the belief, treasures only show when they want to, and to whom they want to show, so finding treasures is not really easy especially if you want a lot of power and wealth.

”I wish for you to find the treasure, but for now, I wish for peace with the agreement that will take place later. ” Yolanda said as she smiled and refrained from showing the concern she was feeling at that moment because she knew she was just too much of a thinker, which was not pleasant at times.

The deep gaze of the couple was stopped when suddenly their only daughter came, she was only seven years old, and as she mentioned her fathers name.

”Father! ”

When Samuel and Yolanda had seen their daughter, reason why they instantaneously smiled; she is their source of happiness, and it inspires them to continue their pursuit for calmness and peace, because all they want is a stress free life where their child will be comfortable in the future. Even though their child is a girl, she is really close to her father, who despite her young age, Samuel is already teaching her about things. She and her mother have a good relationship but she feels closer to her father, in a way only she knows. But even so, Yolanda is still unable to feel jealous, because she knows that even though her daughter is more comfortable with her father, the love she has for both of them is still equal.

Their daughter likes to know the powers that a witch possesses, at a young age she wants to learn how to use them, because with Samuels help she can do that well. It is unbelievable but at a young age she already knew how to fight, and how to defend herself, something that her mother could not teach her, because she did not have enough knowledge when it came to fighting, because even then there was no who is interested in such things because she really does not want war. She would rather die without a fight, than stain her hands with the blood of another creature. Despite the strange power she has, she chose to hide it because she did not want to hurt and be hurt.

The girl immediately hugged her mother and father at the same time, she had just woken up and it could be seen in her eyes that still had something in the bottom of her eyes at that time.

”Where are you going can I come? ” their daughter asked which caused them to look at each other and laugh, because they knew that no matter where they went, their child would always be with them, and she would not allow her parents to leave their home when shes not with them.

”Yna… ” Samuel called his daughters name which caused her to look at him suddenly.

”Our destination is important, we will have a meeting in the territory of Hyena. Do you know that our territory and their territory will become good friends? They are good creatures, and I know you will tame them in time. But for now, stay in our home first, so I can make sure you are safe. We know that the reconciliation of some territories is what other territories don want to happen the most, I don want your life to be in danger at a time when someone has planned something bad against us . ” Samuel explained to his son in a low tone, because he knew that by this time his daughter had a long understanding and a deep understanding of things. Something that her parents are very proud of which is one of the good qualities she has. But there are times when she is indeed stubborn, and does not obey her parents, especially if she knows that what she is doing is right and has a purpose.

”You do know that you are the one we care about the most, don you? We do not want to put your life in danger. I know that you are pretty aware that today is one of the most important events in my life because everything our ancestors worked for long ago had finally has an outcome. We all want the same thing. I want you to witness that, but I hope you understand how dangerous things can be. ” Samuel said again when he noticed that his daughters look was still confused at that moment, and he knew that she did not fully understand what he was going to. He wanted to make the girl understand what could happen, not being an overthinker or not trusting in Hyena territory, it is just that everything is not impossible, and disaster can happen at any moment, all you need is to be prepared.

”But, I wanted to come along to make sure you were safe. ” Yna insisted at the same time that her appearance was sad, which is why Samuel suddenly took a deep breath.

”We won be able to protect ourselves if you are there, because it is definitely you well be protecting first. ” Samuel immediately answered while Yolanda nodded as if she agreed with what her husband was saying. Thats probably what he was worried about earlier, he knows that not all territories want unity and peace, because they think more about power and treasure that goes only for their own interests. They are ready to kill, and reverse the story the moment they see a creature rising, because they want to always be ahead. They can blame other creatures and point them to a sin they did not commit, only to say they are innocent. That is what Yolanda fears will happen, and shes trying to pray to the universe that her suspicions are wrong, because she can bear it if she witnesses a war and something bad happens to her loved ones.

”I can protect myself and so can you at the same time. Didn you tell me that I should not be discouraged? ” Yna said the reason why Yolanda and Samuel could only shake their heads because of the awkwardness it has, and they sometimes do not know what to do.

”Yna… ” Samuel mentioned that what followed was a long litany and she wanted to make his daughter understand everything but she was really stubborn.

”Please… ”

After a while, the door of their home opened, which is why they all turned their attention to whoever opened their door.

”High Priest. ” Said by Elias, Samuels right hand. This is what he expects from everything, and he hides important information such as will only happen today. This is what he orders in everything, and trusts in anything. He has a lot of confidence in him, because they have been together for almost twenty years, he doesn have a child yet and he does not know Yolanda yet, Elias is already his best friend.

It had just arrived and his messy hair was evicent, and some stains on his clothes. He immediately adjusted his stance, thinking that he should formally face the leader of their territory.

”My apologies, my mother ordered me to fix some of her liquids in the forest earlier, thats why I am not looking good right now, and I even spilled some on my clothes. ” Elias excuse, Samuel immediately went to his place and patted his back as if he was saying that he understood his situation.

Elias comes from a poor family, and it is necessary for him to help his family in finding food for them every day. So that Samuel understands him in case he does not arrive at the time he says. After that moment Elias immediately handed a paper to Samuel;

”The creatures in Hyena has sent this letter. ”

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