Yna let out a deep breath because of the length and speed with which she ran so that the son of the Alpha could not only catch up, she did not think that the Hyenas territory was wide, and she hardly knew where her father was. She was currently hiding behind a tree for fear that some soldiers in the Hyenas Territory might arrest her, she didn want her father to feel sorry for her if she did something audacious, and she broke some law in this territory.

”It is a good thing I escaped that man earlier. ” She was about to turn around to find his father, as she said, closing her eyes tightly, when she heard a voice all of a sudden.

”You are a sorcerer. ” A boys voice, not having a clue what emotion surrounded him because his voice appeared calm. She had no idea where even the man was, yet she already knew who it was, so she gobbled with great hesitancy.

She was about to give a response to a man who have said those words even though she did not know where it was. But then she realized her magic wand had fallen, which is why her appearance had completely returned to normal; she quickly grabbed her head in frustration. She had no idea she had changed forms, and the boy must have noticed it wherever she was.

She looked up when she detected what appeared to be pretty weird sound in the tree, not going to expect to encounter the man whose face she had imitated previously.Despite his young age, he is a tall boy with brown skin that adds to his strong appeal, particularly the pointed and ostensibly perfect shape of his nose. Yna didn think the mans appearance or allure were particularly frightening, but the woman was unflappable, so she straightened up and raised an eyebrow at the Alphas son.

”How could you say that? You have no evidence, so don accuse. Do I look like a witch? ” Yna said at the same time as she avoided looking at the boy, because every time she lied it could really be seen in her eyes, and she had no escape because she would know the truth immediately.

”Only witches, according to my knowledge, have always had the capability of changing into another person or try to emulate either. I have studied all the creatures in Cartesian for a while, and I know what competences and characteristics they have and will know based on their discrepancies, so don assume that I am like those you had spoken to relatively early at the entrance to our territory, who were instantly persuaded by just one word. ” Gray said something that gravely, as as though he was absolutely certain of what he was simply stating and that nothing could change his mind because he did know what his awareness was.

Over time, one of his pastimes became spying on other unknown territories, observing every movement, way of speaking, and strength of every creature that lived there. His mind was already sharp at a young age, and it seemed that no one could match his intellectual prowess; at a young age, it seemed that other creatures could no longer believe in whatever was in his brain. Thank heavens, he is not apprehended by his fathers men, and his father is unaware of what he is doing in direct contravention of Cartesian rules. Because they understand that going to the leader of a territory without permission or invitation is also sinful act. As if you don value their privacy and the serenity they have maintained for so long.

The boy immediately came down from the top of the tree and immediately headed close to where Yna was.

”How did you know that, can you take me with you? I just want to learn everything you know. I have long wanted to meet other creatures in other territories but my father is very strict, he is afraid that something might happen to me and you can not really believe that— ”

”Can you shut up? Your voice hurts my ears. ” He complained, but that still was not enough of a reason for Yna to shake and it said a lot more about her eagerness to meet other creatures, and go to another territory.

But the woman immediately stopped speaking when the young man suddenly asked a question that caused her to frown.

”Do you have an evil plan in our territory? What are you planning that is not desirable for us? Do you know that I hate witches because when my mother disappeared because of them, she left us and was exchanged for a witch. Also, my great-grandfather died back then because of the poisoning they did, they are the only ones capable of poisoning a creature. I cannot explain and measure the anger I feel towards your race, and now you are adding to my hatred. You are probably the ugliest witch I have ever seen. ” When the boy gave up the words that caused Yna to feel so annoyed with him, the girl immediately crossed her arms and faced the Alphas son as if to indicate that she was ready for a massive argument.

”To tell you, I have no intention of harming you and your territory. I just wanted to see someone inside it, thats why I imitated your face because I heard they were looking for you and thats probably the easiest way that I thought of in order to enter here safely. Second, it was only a witch who caused the disappearance of your mother, why do you share your anger with all of us? We may not have been your mothers husband. Third, our race never had anything to do with the death of your great -grandfather Ferdinand, although he is known in our territory as a great leader and we admire him, we would never be able to kill a being who wants nothing but the good and welfare of all beings in the Cartesian world. And last but definetly not the least, don call me ugly because according to my mother and father I am the most beautiful witch in the territory of Beldam, do you think I will be affected by the words out of your stinging mouth? ” Yna asked one question after another as if it wouldn stop the argument between them and the son of the alpha.

But the girl frowned even more when suddenly Grey laughed out loud as if he was losing himself.

”Which parents would tell their child, that they are ugly, when they are one of the tools to increase their childrens confidence? Don believe your parents, they just don want you to be hurt by what the truth is. ” The boy teased at the same time as he laughed again as if he could not breathe because he was already holding his stomach.

”Are you calling my parents liars? ” Yna screamed in annoyance as she looked at Grey unpleasantly.

”I didn say anything like that— ”

Grey was not able to finish what he wanted to say when Yna suddenly took the magic wand she had dropped and ordered it in her mind to cover Greys mouth, which is why the boy could not speak. Because of that, the man tried to struggle and glared at Yna to remove whatever she had done to him.

It wasn long before Yna immediately removed the command she gave the magic wand, because she knew that the young man was already struggling. ”Be thankful that my conscience is not bad. ”

Grey was about to speak when they suddenly noticed several men running towards a direction as if something unpleasant had happened.

”Come on! Something bad happened to our leader! ”

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