( They are gonna tear her apart )

Chapter 10 & 11



”Security!!! ” Jennifer screamed as Arianna grabbed Anitas hair

Arianna pulled it roughly and kicked her legs, Anita falls and without wasting time Arianna was on top of her

Arianna grabbed her collar and started sending slaps to her face, she slapped her with the back of her palm and then her front side

”Argh!! ”

”Somebody help, ”

”Shes a witch, ” Anita cried

Arianna punch her mouth instantly giving her a cut, she shifted from her tummy and sat down below

Arianna started punching her brea$t as if she was practicing for a boxing competition

”Argh… My n*pples, ” Anita cried out in agonizing

”I will teach you what you don know today, ” Arianna said and slapped her again

Security came running to them

Anita was running out of breath already, her face was covered with Ariannas fingers print and it was reddish, and her hair was scattered

The security pulled Arianna away from her and she walked away without looking back

They securities helped Anita who was trying to catch her breath into the car and her friends Zoom off

Jennifer release the breath she was holding and Carried her cleaning equipment into her bosss office

e late, what took you so long, ” Maverick asked immediately after she went in

”I was… ”

”Its okay, lets go, ” he said walking out

”Sir…. ”

”Someone else will finish it up, cmon you don wanna be late for this, ” Maverick added and walked out

She reluctantly followed, having no idea of where they where going



Adrian just finished his first class, he brought out a business strategy book and opened it

Someone took it instantly and he looked up to see Maya

She smiled lightly and his heart Skipped a beat

”Maya, ” he called softly

”Mind if we study together? Am not doing well in business classes, will you help, ” She said in her tiny little voice and he found himself nodding

She sat down next to him, he couldn focus but he tried his best to teach her

”Thats it, ” he explained after telling her the things she needs to know and she smiled

He felt butterflies in his stomach as she pulled his cheeks gently

”Thank you, see you, next time Coach, ” she said and walked away

He touched his cheeks and closed his eyes, he placed his left hand that he used to touch his cheeks on his chest

”I can see it… Its beeping loud and I can hear it, ” Peter sang coming his way

”She touched me, and she even wants me to be her coach, ” he giggled

”Wow, thats one step ahead, I just wish her friend Knight will also want me to tutor her, ” Peter said sadly and Adrian hit him

”We are celebrating my victory….. ”

”No, your funeral, ” Eric the school bully said

He was with his minions

”What do you want? ” Adrian asked, he fold his fist tightly and maintain a straight face

”Stay away from Maya, if I see you anywhere around her again… ”

”What will happen, ” Adrian cut in angrily and stood

Eric chuckled

”This, ” Eric said and made to punch Adrian but he caught his hand and pull him closer

His minions move backs

”Apart from this what else can you do? ” Adrian asked staring at him

Eric tried to free his hand but Adrian squeezed it tightly

”Argh! Let go, my hand! ” Eric cried out in pain

Peter tapped Adrian gently and he let go of Eric, just then a professor entered

”Is there a problem over there? ” He asked, Adrian, glared at Eric as they send deadly glares at each other

”No sir, ” Adrian replied and sat down

Eric glared dangerously at him and left with his minions

”I will make sure you don finish college, ” Eric mumbled and left



”Guys, ” Arianna said beaming with smiles

”What took you so long? ” Thor asked and she shrugged

”Dealing with some garbage, ” She replied and looked at Johnny

”Whats with you? ” She asked and Oliver tapped Johnnys shoulder gently

”Hes in love but he didn know how to approach, ” Oliver said in a childs voice and they laughed

Arianna maintains a straight face

”So who is this lucky girl? ” Arianna asked and hit him lightly

”There she comes, ” Blaze pointed at a group of girls coming from the other end of the block

They watch as the girls entered the lab

”Lemme guess, Harper! ” Arianna said and Johnnys eyes widen

”How did you know that? ” He asked instantly

”Am a genius, ” She replied and Oliver nodded

”Of course you are, ” Oliver said and Thor hold his mouth

”sarcasm, ” Blaze mumbled and Oliver stood up instantly

Arianna ran after him and everyone started laughing, he ran around the hall and she stopped breathing heavily

She walked back to Johnny and ruffles his head

”Lets go get my baby boy a girlfriend, all these as*holes can keep one, ” Arianna said and they frowned

”Arianna! ” Oliver called and she showed him her middle finger

He giggled

”She plays a lot, ” Johnny said and she hit his head lightly



”yes, hit him, ” Jennifer said happily as she tried to overtake Maverick

They were playing a video game, her car was behind while Mavericks car was far ahead

They have been trying different kinds of games since morning and she seems to be enjoying it

”Go! Go! Go, ” she shouted

Maverick who sat next to her laughed at the way she was acting, one would think they have been friends for a very long time

At first, Jennifer refuses to play so he has to use his bosss power by telling her that shes doing her job, and right now she seems to be enjoying it more than him

”Thats cheating, ” Jennifer suddenly shouted when Maverick blocked her way

She was trying to overtake him but he wasn giving her that chance

She suddenly grabbed his pad without his knowledge and threw it on the couch a little bit far from them

”Nah, you
e the one cheating, ” Maverick said and went over to his gamepad

He took it and went back and that was exactly when Jennifers car Crossed the line

”Yeeeeeeh! ” She jumped up, her hands up, she stick out her tongue shaking her head childishly

Maverick found himself laughing, he laughed so hard and falls back in the chair

At that moment it was as if all her worries were gone, the only thing she was thinking about was playing video games

She was smart so it didn take him much time to explain how it works and she grabbed everything quickly

”I told you I have been playing games even before I was born, ” She said proudly

”Thats cheating, ” He said and she rolled her eyes

”Admit it, I won! stop being proud, ” she said and hit his chest gently

”Next one, ” Maverick said and she shook her head negatively

”Fine then, lets go to the theater and watch some movies, ” He suggest and she shook her head negatively

”I don wanna cry, this game was super fun, can we come again tomorrow? ” She asked staring at him

”Nah, ”

She pouted

”But why, ” She mumbled and he burst out laughing

”Stop laughing at me, ” she muttered, she has a big frown on her face

”Lets get going already, ” Maverick said, he covered his mouth with his palm as she squeeze her face

”Remember when my car crashed? ” He said and she nodded

”Thats what your face looks like right, ” He said and her eyes widen

”Whaaaaat! You
e dead! ” She said and he took to his heels

She ran after him, Maverick stopped by the door and she caught up with him

”So tomorrow is our second gaming day as friends, ” he said and she nodded

He opened the door and switched his mood instantly, no one would believe that he was the same person that was laughing a few minutes ago

He has that emotionless look on his face giving him the bad-boy vibe



”Thank you, ” Jennifer said, they were still inside his Limo

”For what? ” He asked and squeeze his face

”For making me laugh, have never laughed for years, like Three years or less, ” She replied and he raised a brow

”How come you don have wrinkles, ” he tease and she bumped her shoulder into his and smiled

”I use to smile but its never a genuine one, ” She replied and he nodded

”We are friends now, you will always smile, ” he said and brings out a bottle of water

”To our friendship, ” he said and she squeeze her face

”Water! Are you kidding me, who toasts with water? ” Jennifer asked

”Maverick, ” he replied

”Unbelievable, ” she muttered

The door flew open and Maverick was the first to step down, he opened his palm and Jennifer took it, she hold it tightly and stepped down

She let go of his hand and smiled lightly, just then Ivan walked up to them with Juniorprince

”Momma, ” Juniorprince called, Ivan dropped him and he started running her with his tiny legs

Jennifer spread her hand wide apart as he ran into her arms

”My baby, I missed you so much Honey, ” she said and kissed his hair

”Have you eaten? Are you hungry? Do you want some chocolate? How about chips? ” She threw a bunch of questions at him

”I want momma, ” he replied and she hugged him tightly to her chest

”Baby, I love you so much, ” She said as tears rolled down her eyes

”Momma, are you crying? ” Juniorprince asked staring at her face

”No, its… ” I think something is inside my eyes, ” she replied and Someone offered a handkerchief

She took it and wipe her tears, she was filled with joy

”I love my momma, ” Juniorprince said

She sniffed

”Momma don cry, ” Juniorprince said, he wipe the tears rolling down from her eyes with his little hands

”See you tomorrow, ” Maverick who was still standing beside her said and left

”Who is he? ” Ivan demanded instantly

Jennifer looked at him and frown

”Who doesn know Maverick, whats with you? ” She said and he scoffed

”I don like him, ” Ivan said and she nodded

”Go tell him that, ” She replied and made to Walk past but he quickly blocked her way

”Jenny, am sorry for your brother, I went to get him out but they said he has been bailed, ” Ivan said and she furrowed her brow

If Ivan wasn the one that Gets Adrian out then who did? ” She thought silently

”Jenny, am sorry, ” Ivan added

”Not to me, I wasn the one you said trash to, so go apologies to my brother, and our friendship is over, ” She said and walking into the company

”Jenny, please! Am Sorry, ” Ivan said but she ignored him and went in

”That Jerk! who the h£ll did he think he is? Shes mine, and am never letting her go, Maverick just watch your back, ” Ivan said to himself gritting his teeth



Jennifer took Juniorprince to the doctor before coming over, she couldn stop checking the time, and after what seemed like forever the doctor told her that he was fine

The security at the gigantic mansion open the big gate for her and she went in, she made her way towards Romeos room only to hear his loud voice

”Who will agree to be my girlfriend? A paralyzed man like me, ” Romeo shouted

”Son, we can still choose, there are different models out there, we can pay them and its done, ” Mrs. Thomson said softly

”I hate this life, you
e torturing me, I use to have legs but now am nothing, I use to be a strong man and no woman can stand before me and not fumble, ” he shouted and hit his hand on his wheelchair

”Son, take it easy, ” Mrs. Thomson said gently

”Why should I? Look at me being rejected and you
e telling me to take it easy, ” he took his last picture frame and dropped it at her face

”Look at me mom, just look at me! You
e telling me to take it easy when I can walk, ever again, does that sound like an easy thing? Maybe tomorrow the doctor will come running into my house with another piece of news and he will be like ” Romeo your stomach has been paralyzed too, and am afraid your hands will also be paralyzed within a few days, ” Romeo said in the doctors voice

”What kind of life is this? I Am tired of it, just let me die and you can even do that, you
e torturing me, ” He yelled angrily and rolled his wheelchair towards the window

”Son, what if I find another model? ” Mrs. Thomson asked

”I have already been rejected by many so give it up, I will not attend any wedding, ” he replied facing the window

”I will try and find one, ” Mrs. Thomson said, she was trying to make him happy but nothing seem to work for him

”I want a hot girl, can you find that? ” He asked and turned around

”I can be your model, ” Jennifer who has been listening by the door said

Mrs. Thomson and Romeo looked at her to see a little boy resting his head on her br£ast, she gently put the Juniorprince down

”Momma, ” he called about to start crying

”Am not leaving you honey, am right here, ” she replied and he nodded

She went to the end of the room and started cat walking towards them, she stylishly turned around and flip her hair backward then she started cat waking back again

”She can do it son! what did you think, ” Mrs. Thomsons face lit up

”All am seeing is someone walking like a pregnant Chihuahua, what am I even saying… A pregnant Chihuahua can walk better, ” Romeo said rudely and Jennifer gasped in shock

”Romeo! Be nice, ” Mrs. Thomson said, she couldn believe he just said that

”What! Thats the truth, ” he rolled his eyes

”Jennifer, you didn mention that you have a kid? ” Mrs. Thomson said and Carried Juniorprince

”Its my sisters kid, ” she replied gently

Mrs. Thomson raises a brow

”He calls me mom, cos we are pretty close, ” Jennifer added

”Oh, thats nice, such a sweet little boy! Mind if he stays with me for a while? ”Mrs. Thomson said and Jennifer nodded

Mrs. Thomson carried him towards the door and Juniorprince looked back at Jennifer

”Momma, ” he called about to start crying

”Its okay honey, I will come get you soon, ” Jennifer said gently and he nodded

”How cute, ” Mrs. Thomson mumbled and walked out

Jennifer turns to Romeo

”Did he just call me a pregnant Chihuahua? He compared me to a Chihuahua, ” she thought silently staring at him in disbelief

”What are you standing here doing? Get me a cookie, I need to eat my last meal before I die, ” Romeo shouted at her

”Yes sir, ” she left

A few minutes later she returns with freshly baked cookies and gently placed the tray of cookies on the table

He looked at her and rolled his eyes, he reached for the cookies and started eating them

”Its kinda nice, but I didn say is nice so don overthink, ” he said and Jennifer nodded

She stood up and walked over to the door

”I will be right back, ” she said and close the door behind

A few moments later

”911, Whats your emergency? ” Came a female voice

Romeo called 911

”Im dead. I think Im dead! Oh! Times going by really, really, really slowly and my heart is beating backward! ” Romeo cried out

”What makes you think your heart is beating backward? ” 911 operator asked

”Well, Normally, it goes goop boop but now is going oop gooooooop ” he panicked, sweat running down his head

”Are you having any other symptoms? ” 911 operator asked

”Uh! Ah! I can touch the wind! I can hear colors! I FORGET HOW TO SHIT! ” He shouted as he wipe the sweat running down from his face

”Sir, have you taken any illegal substances? ” 911 operator asked

”No! I just ate a cookie that a psycho gave me, ” Romeo said, his breathing quickened

”whats your emergency? sir! ” 911 operator asked

”I measured my butt crack three times and it was longer each time! Ooooooh! Im splitting five people! ”

”Ahhhh! ”

” Im seeing the universe, oooooh! There is like a pool in my bed, am going swimming at the roof…..


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