Chronicle of Arcadia

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End

” Heavily wounded in the battle of the Death Valley, our great leader, Ivar William Fortuna, the 9th ruler of the city of silver and the Emperor of the Arcadian Empire, had united with our ancestors in the hall of the Gods ”, the Grand Chancellor of the Frost Council announced a grieving new in the middle of the city square of Neverwinter. Immediately, wailings of women can be heard all over the place and every men present trembled in unbelief. On the moment when the Goddess of Night resigned her duty leaving the world under the bright light of the Sun God, the great heart of the Emperor gave up. On his death bed, he was joined by his dearest wives: the Dandelion of Cassandora, Queen Christina and the Statue of the Faith, her Holiness Liliana of Varnasiga. His last words were unknown until today, but we know he left a letter to his heir, Prince Omyrus, advising him the duties an Emperor must follow to protect the Empire and his family. Also, a mysterious book was sent to the Prince along with the letter; On the same day, the Magisters were informed that until the Prince finished reading the book and pass the challenges afterward, the Empire will be under the rule of Queen Christina and Queen Liliana.

Omyrus reached the capital several hours after the death of his father. His horse died of exhaustion the moment he stopped. His war armor died in red of his own and his enemies. Fighting as brave as his father in the battle of the Red Valley, many would expect to see him wearing the Frost Crown of the Silver City, Neverwinter. He rushed toward the chamber of his father, only to see an empty shell without a soul. He didn cry or show sadness, he knew the Empire was unstable and when this new spread, rebellions would rise. Before he could say anything, the Magister Councils shown up and lend him the letter and the book, also claimed that he must stay in the Magister Tower until he finished reading the book. The Prince did not like the idea; however, a kings words still counted after his death.

Omyrus sat alone beside the bed, and opened the book.

” History is not always glorious or honorable, my son. ” The Emperor wrote in the first page of the book ” But it will teach you somethings that no scholars in the Great Library can and dignify the person you want to be. Together with Magister Robert, I wrote this book recording the entire history of our people from the days we were slaves until now, when we are the greatest empire in the realm of men. Im sorry for leaving this world early, Omyrus. I hope that after inheriting the throne, you will still be the kind and energetic boy like you always are. ”

The title of the book was familiar to us, as it is believed to be one of the greatest writing in humans history.

– The Chronicle of Arcadia


In 500 BA, on the continent of Myra, King of Hollumia, the strongest and largest kingdom in the north, King Theodore had a strange dream. In his dream, a lighting struck the belly of his daughter, from which a four-eye lion ripped her flesh to get out; then, the kings body was cut in half and his upper part had to look at the lion slowly devour the rest of his body. Right at that night, the king summon his advisors and tell them what happened.

Many guesses and advises were raised that night, most proclaimed Princess Doras child would kill his grandfather and dye half of the kingdom in blood. The King needed to act, he summoned the nobles and ask them how to deal with the matter. Many volunteered to slay the Princess on the behalf of the King; most of their voluntary was not from their loyalty. Princess Dora was a known beauty with a cold heart; many noblemen had proposed to her and be rejected so they see this as an opportunity to revenge, or to satisfy their darkest desires. But the King deny all of them, no father, cruel or not, can sentence his own daughter to death. Instead, heprepared some tributes and offer the hand of his daughter in marriage to the King of Lyria, a small neighboring kingdom. Like other Hollumians, the King believed, a child of a lowly Lyrion would possess no threat to his throne.

And it was Theodores mistake to do so. 2 years later after the marriage, a vicious son between Dora and Illirio, the King of Lyria was born. The boy was named Cicerio; a large ceremony was host to celebrate the birth of the Prince. Illirio had had three wives at that point and none of them managed to give him a heir so the birth of Cicerio was like a blesh from the Gods to him.

The young Cicerio grew up under the love of his parents. He learned to how to wield a sword from the best swordmen; how to ride from the best riders and tutored by the wisest scholar his father could find. The young Prince was curious to everything and soon gain the title ” the Genius of Lyria ” as he learned so fast that even his tutors sometimes could not catch up with him . When he reached 14, he joined the military and fought alongside his father in two war against a neighbor kingdom, the kingdom of Laplace in the next four years.

Some records claimed that once the Lyrion army failed to take an outpost belonging to Laplace near the border after 5 months of besieging and news of a rescuing army was coming, King Illirio

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