Chronicle of The Great Copycat

In Which, Monster Awakens Inside of Me.

I took over the Switch from Goofy. Im now in control of my body. My joyful face turns deadly serious. My eyes speak of undefinable calculations. All movements directed are intentional, and none is a waste of energy.

I watch Kota gulp down his last saliva, thinking of ways to escape this situation as harmless as possible.

He knows. I know he knows.

Inu-chan, behind me, is still skimming through her manga with her headphones on. The teacher has yet to come.

Atmospheric pressure began to place burdens upon Kotas back. He doesn know what to do. He knows that the person in front of him is the cause of Honmas recent ordeal.

*sigh* Now that I can see things directly from my eyes, Kota is already convinced that Im the cause of Honmas ordeal.

It was why I had left the city.

Numerous gang members tried to kill me after stealing their treasuries. Monster, being the monstrous personality that dwells deep inside of my brain, the most powerful personality and the most unstable.

He will fight if he has the chance to and nothing can stop him.

Now that all firearms have ceased to exist in this world, because of the world-changing event that happened in 2011,


Monster became the worst living nightmare humans can imagine. He fought the gangs who invaded Honma city with his bare fist. It was a 1vs100 situation and Monster came out as the winner, but it is to be noted that these 100 men Monster faced are all inexperienced fighters. They
e all wannabe gangsters who invaded Honma city because it is the weakest city with zero protection.

Honma city is a city of villages. It is very unpopular and thus making it weak. The government basically ditched this city after deeming it worthless. Then, the only ones who can defend the city are the villagers using the pitchforks they use for farming.

My vision began magnifying, and the students movements around me turned slow and steady.

I took a very deep breath and welcomed the schools new air.

Ah… Its been so long since Ive been in the outside world.

”Kota… ” I gaze around the room, trying to find any exciting event taking place. Then, I see it. Four larger boys are playing arm wrestling.

e the strongest in this class.

The Rulers.

There is a reason why I choose this school and not the others, not because of its academic success but because of the head of the school. The head of the school is not an ordinary man. He is the head of one of the most influential Yakuza on earth.

He made a system so intricate that it became the most popular system in the world.

The Ruler system.

The Ruler system is a system where high school students get to apply and then fight other applicants to gain more reputation and points. It makes excellent entertainment as well for the people on the deep web.

They would garner many views and money to gain more wealth and popularity. The Rulers, of course, are paid generously. I heard that the top fighters get more than 5k USD per month.

The system is only applied to the school which the Yakuza owns, and there are many of them. One of which and the current most popular one is Onizuka high school.

Im attending that school currently.

Onizuka comes from the word Oni which means Ogre and uka comes from the word tsuka which means tomb with overtures of spiritual shields and boundaries. Both words combined become Onizuka which means Ogres Tomb.

Quite an accurate depiction of the reality of this high school. This high school generates hundreds of prominent gangsters, Yakuzas, and Mafias each year, it also buries them alive by making them addicted to wealth and fame.

That is also the reason why I applied to this school. Its not that I want to fight. No-no-no-no-no… I want to make connections with the underworld to propose my business plan.

I made my plans to have a guaranteed success rate, except if there are unexpected turbulences that happen mid-way. My business plan is to sell them drugs. Chemistry has always been my thing, and since I can remember anything I see, my head is essentially the whole chemistry encyclopedia.

This specific school has branches sprouted across the city of Tokyo. There are four as of now, and they
e growing at a rapid pace.

Onizuka North, Onizuka South, Onizuka East, Onizuka West those are the four Onizuka highschool in this city.

Im now attending the North Onizuka. The one infamous for graduating Mado Kirisu, the head of the Yakuza who started the Ruler System.

Now, the Ruler system stretches across the globe. Creating the largest underworld network ever to exist.

”Kota… ” I say again. ”You
e a very smart boy. I don want you to get hurt. ” I pat his overly fluffy hair.

Hmm? What the **? His hair is so fluffy.

I continue to rub his hair when the door opens, revealing a 210cm giant man with tanned skin.

”I-Im sorry Im late. The traffic got a bit handy. Hahaha… ”

Oh. Its the history teacher.

I let go of Kota while obliquely watching him through my peripheral vision. I watched him teared up a bit.

What a fragile boy…

Alright, Ive done what I came here to do. You can take over the Switch now, Goofy.

But Goofy didn answer.

Oh yeah! I forgot you hate studying. Fucking idiot-

”Anyways! ” The teacher shouts, interrupting my parade of thoughts. ”My name is Yamamoto Shouta. You can call me Shouta-sensei. I will be your substitute teacher for history class. ” He introduced himself while he wrote his names kanji on the board. ”Please take care of me. ”

This man… Hohoho! Hes a fighter as well. Yamamoto Shouta. Hmmm… Never heard of that name. He must be some irrelevant cannon fodder. He seems excited to teach, though. I suppose that is one of the essential qualities a teacher needs to have.

I paid attention. I realized that this teacher, Yamamoto Shouta, is genuinely excited about this class. He teaches with a charming smile and positive energy.

Lets see what kind of character he is.

40 minutes later,

The recess bell rang just now. All student goes out of the class to the canteen where they will buy and eat their meals, all except for three students sitting adjacently, Kota, Inu, and me.

Kota wrote down his last piece of note before diving back down to his phone using his headset.


”Kota-kun! ”

Kota jumped in shock, ”Wh-what is it, Kenma? ” He tried forcing a smile.

e not going to eat?! ” I asked while tilting my head to the side.

”Ah! Umm… No… I have… business to attend to. ” He suddenly turns gloom with his hand shacky.

”Hmm? Okay. Inu are you coming? ” I tapped her table to get her attention.

”Ah. Sorry mortal! I can ! ” She said and, in an instant, directed her attention back to the manga.

”Hmmm? Okay! ”

I skip out of the classroom and go straight to the stairs leading down toward the canteen.


Goofy, don you think that Kotas reaction was off?


Hmm? Why? Theres nothing wrong from what I can see.


Nothing wrong, huh? Well, I suppose with your naturally developed airhead intellect you can detect nor deduce shit.


Blah blah blah. Not listening to your technical blabberings.

Logical didn respond, instead… he ponders in his imaginative brain about Kotas recent reaction. Something just doesn feel correct to him.

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