Chronicle of The Great Copycat

In Which, Kirisu Family.

Somewhere inside Kenmas imaginative world, which Logical calls Mind Conduit. The place where Kenmas three personalities were born at.

Mind Conduit can be any place you can imagine. Logical is the one who built it and he is the one who controls it. He made the place similar to a victorian eras castle, the one which fantasy novels always describe as,

Moat – a perimeter ditch with or without water. Barbican – a fortification to protect a gate. Curtain Walls & Towers – the perimeter defensive wall… An indestructible and perfect architectural design. There are many perspectives about what we see in a castle. The ignorant saw castle walls of rock, we saw our method of protecting whom we love.

In this case, it wasn a matter of whom we protect. It is who we are protecting against. Monster lives deep down the dungeon cells of the castle where Logical made it to be indestructible.

However, it is not enough. Monster is too strong. He stayed in the dungeon cells just because he wanted to just because he saw it interesting.

And when a fight breaks out in the outside world his fist-raging, violence-craving splendor will once more awaken.

The Switch we familiarized ourselves with is a metaphor. The real meaning lies beyond biological understanding. It is a mental infrastructure that controls the brain, the body, and everything alive in Kenmas body.

He who controls the mental infrastructure or as we like to call it he Switch will control the bodys vision, arms, legs, shoulder, etc.

So the Switch isn really a switch at all; it is a control system.

How do you access the Switch? There are two ways, either the one who currently controls the Switch willingly gives it to you, or you break in.

How do you break in? Its all in the mental game. The one who has more will win. Easy. Well, at least its easier said than done.

Monster has an enormous will on his mind. I can never win against him. Goofy has the lowest will as shown when he breaks out Monster for such a ludicrous reason.

*sigh* Now, I have to replan my future because of this misconduct. Fuck!

I can feel my body moving at a fast pace. Its Monster. He is now fighting outside. I then summon Goofy to my stead.

”Wh-what is it Logical?! Look… Listen… I- Im sorry but-

”I don want to hear it. *sigh* Goofy I know you
e upset about what happened in the past. I will guarantee you that the past will never repeat itself. Right now… we have no other choice but to be here. Monster is about to kill someone in the outside world. I can – I don have enough will to surpass his. I want us to work together, for once. ”

”But, if we put our will together, then won our personality collide and-and-and our control to the body will be split to two. ”

”Yes, that is what can happen. However, I have a plan. I will use both of our will to exert Monster. Then, I alone will take over the Switch. Got it? ”

”Oh… ” Goofy said disappointed with my plan. ”I thought we were going to work together. ”

”But we are! Goofy. We are working together! You will now give me all of your wills, and I will do the rest. See! We are working together. ” I said. ”Think of it like this, you are the producer, and I will be the distributor. Do you got that analogy? ”

”WOOOOH! I see! Alright, now what do I do?! ”

”Just concentrate on your will to take over the Switch from Monster. ” Then, we both focused and closed our eyes, trying to concentrate on taking Monster out of the Switch. ”Concentrate… Concentrate… ” I mumbled.

I see it. A sphere with indescribable color, located deep beneath my Mind Conduit.

”I- I see it Logical! ”

”Just try and reach far to it. ”

I reached it! I reached the sphere, now the process should go right about no-

”AAAAAAHHHHHH! ” We both screamed in pain.

”Hold on! ” Monster should now be feeling the same amount of pain. Now, its a matter of who can hold out the pain longer.

Since Goofy and I tried to take over the Switch together. The pain is shared 50-50 between both of us.

This is a contest of willpower.

5 minutes earlier in the outside world,

”Hmm… This boy sure is heavy. What kind of monster is he? ” A man with a formal tuxedo wearing a featureless white mask is lifting Kenma up to the hospital bed.

”Hes probably filled with muscles. I mean… *phew* Would you look at the mess he made. Jesu- Oh my god! That boys jawline is broken! ” Another one replied.

The man lifting Kenma looks at the sideline to where the other one points, ”Holy shit! Thats scary. His mouth is just dangling down like that. The governments medic is heading towards us as we speak. We should move now. We don wanna- *scuff* you know, get arrested for being too slow. ”

”Ah. Right. ”

Then, they both lifted Kenma and sent it towards the ambulance down below.

This ambulance, even though it seemed as if a normal one, its a fake one used by a particular organization that craves money out of anything in the world. One of the most influential Yakuzas in the world. The same organization built the popular system, the Ruler system.

The Kirisu family.

Inside the Mind Conduit,

”AAAAAH!!!!! ” After all Logical and Goofys struggles, Monster finally gave up.

Monster has been summoned back to the Mind Conduit and was sent straight back into the dungeon cell.

To Logicals surprise, Monster didn retaliate as much as he thought he would. This makes him pretty confused. Monster isn the kind to back down on anything, except if there is something that is blocking him from releasing the fullest extent of his will.

Because Monster had been kicked out, I was instantly teleported towards the Switch, taking control of Kenmas body.

Wait. Im… closing my eyes? Did Monster lose? No-no-no-no… That can be true.

I tried lifting my arm but to no avail. I tried to move any part of my body yet even my eyelid wouldn open.

I am now trapped in my own body.

Well… Shit. Just what happened to my body while I was gone? *sigh* I guess I can do anything but wait for something. I can open my eyes, I can move my mouth, I can move every single inch of my body.

I went through all of that pain for nothing. *sigh*

Its now just me and my thoughts alone.

Wait. Can I switch with Goofy and talk with him?

I suppose I did suggest that his presence is obnoxious, but being alone is even worse.

So I did just that. I gave access to Goofy to enter the Switch with me.

(AN: The Switch isn any kind of room by the way… The Switch is basically your consciousness. You
e awake, right? Well, when you
e awake, you open your eyes. Welp, just imagine that you are the soul that is controlling the body you possess right now, and you see things in a first-person perspective; that is the Switch. And Mind Conduit is the land of dreams, basically. In other words, the Switch is you, and Mind Conduit is a lucid dream.)

I can see nor sense if Goofy is present with me in the Switch. When Goofy thinks is when I will be able to hear him.


Hello, Logical! For what reason have thou summoned me on this beautiful evening?


Stop with your dramatic nonsensical stupidity. I came here to chat. As you can see, our connection to our body has been cut loose. Now, I don know what happened.

It could be because Monster had lost the battle, but that is unlikely. Therefore Im leaning into the fact that someone has captured us.


Thats… news.

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