(The opening shows Clay dancing at a party with lights flashing)

(A goth club is shown)

(The library is shown)

(Utsumi is painting on a canvas)

(The words Clays tale floating above a school)

(El is kicking a soccer)

(Clay is looking out the school window)

(Clays mother takes out a cake out of the kitchen)

(Matthew walking with Clay, while talking)

(Clays father is reading newspapers)

(Clays father and Clay are arguing)

(Clay dressed like 18th century woman with a bunch of people surrounding him)

(Clay is drinking punch at the prom)

(The opening ends with Clay is reading manga)

(The episode opens with Clay put the comics back in his book bag, then he noticed one of the comics is gone)

A boy: Is this yours?

(Clay looks up and sees a boy who has spiky blonde hair, white skin, wearing a blue shirt with a white circle, blue jeans, and white shoes; holding a comic)

The boy: I happened to pick it up.

Clay(as he takes the comic from the boys hand): Thank you, Im Clay.

The boy (smiles): Im Utsumi, nice to meet you.

Clay: Its nice to meet you.

Utsumi (looks at Clay): Is it okay, if I borrow one of your comics?

Clay (looks at Utsumi) (surprised): You want to read it?

Utsumi: If you wouldn mind.

Clay (as he hands Utsumi his comic) I wouldn mind.

Utsumi (smiles): Thanks.

Clay: I hope you like it.

Utsumi: Im sure, I will (walked away)

(Clay and Utsumi are talking, while walking in the hallway)

Utsumi (looks at Clay): So, you really like that cartoon?

Clay: I do, I watch every day, I even recorded it with my camera and downloaded it to my computer.

Utsumi: Maybe I could watch the show with you, I only watched one episode because it was talking about adult stuff and I was a bit confused.

Clay: Really, maybe I could help you with that ”, Clay offered.

Utsumi: Would you? That would be great, Im a little naive.

Clay: I understand, I can be naive sometimes too.

Utsumi: It seems that we have a lot in common.

Clay: We do (smiles) How about that?

Erica (with Melvin and Matthew): Hey, Clay.

Utsumi (looking surprised): Your friends with Erica Bloom?.

Clay: Yeah, say why don we all go to my house and watch Gambles and Shares.

Matthew: Sure.

Melvin: Im not doing anything.

Erica (smiles): I don have any auditions, I would love to see your house.

Clay: Great, then its settled.

Utsumi (looks at Clay): Do you live far from here?

Clay:Nah, its a simple card ride from here to there (starts texting on his phone) I should tell dad, Im bringing some company.

Erica (while speed dialing): I should call the limousine and tell them I don need a ride.

Matthew (while texting): I should tell my mom.

(Melvin just stands silently)

Clay (looking concerned): What about you, Melvin?

Melvin: Ill be fine, I already told my folks Im staying at a friends house.

Clay: Well, okay.

Melvin (rubbing Clays hair): Don worry about me.

(The screen shows Everybody walking out of school)

(Erica, Matthew, Clay, and Melvin are walking)

Melvin: Today was okay.

Matthew: What do you expect, its the first day of school, so not that much would happen.

Clay: That is very true.

Erica (smiles): My first day was lovely ”, said Erica.

Clay (smiles): That is great.

Erica (while looking at Clay): Its because of you.

Clay: I didn do much.

Erica (looks at Clay): You became my friend, and thats what really made my day not my classes, though music class was lovely.

Matthew (looks at Erica): So, you will get to go to this school all year?

Erica: Of course, I have a contract that I can go through middle school, but unfortunately high school is off limits.

Melvin: Darn, I would love to see you talking about high school drama and (blushes) wearing unique outfits.

Erica (as she hit Melvin on the head): You are a weird guy.

Melvin (scratches his head) Owww!

(Clays phone beeped)

Clay (looks at his phone): My dad said meet him outside.

(Clay, Erica, Matthew, and Melvin go to the school entrance)

(They see Mr. Sato in his red car)

Clay (waves at Mr. Sato): Hi dad.

Mr. Sato (thought): He already has friends.

Mr. Sato (looks at Clay): So, son, did you have a good day?

Clay: Yeah, I made new friends.

Erica (smiles): Hello, Mr. Sato.

Mr. Sato: Nice to meet you, aren you (looks at Erica) Erica Bloom the voice actor?

Erica: I am pleased to meet you, I became friends with your son because he is the first person to help me.

Mr. Sato (looks at Clay) (sounding curious and concerned): And you
e okay with that son?

Clay: I understand what you mean and Im totally fine.

Mr. Sato: Well, alright.

(Erica, Matthew, and Melvin go in the back of the car and Clay sits in the passage seat)

(The screen shows Clays house, which is a normal house with purple bricks)

Erica: Clay, your house is amazing.

Clay (looking surprised): It is?

Erica: Yeah, it feels so natural, where I love it is too perfect.

Clay: Well, I can give you a tour.

Erica: Okay.

(Clay shows the kitchen, bathrooms, living room, dining room, and a balcony)

Matthew (looks at Clay): What about the bedrooms?

Clay: Absolutely not, we are watching the movie in the living room.

Erica (about to open the door): Couldn we just take a peak?

Clay (blocks the door): No

(Erica, Matthew, Melvin, and Utsumi follow Clay downstairs)

(The screen switches to the living room, there are two couches, a table which has the TV on top, another table which is holding two remotes, a book, and a magazine.

(Erica saw that the magazine on the table was a fashion magazine for hair, and then looked at Clay who was turning on the TV)

(Matthew and Melvin sit down on the first couch)

(Utsumi heads back to the kitchen)

(Erica sits down on the second couch, while reading the magazine)

(Utsumi grabs a cup and turns on the water)

Utsumi (thought): This house is so lovely, and Clay seems so nice.

Clay (offscreen): Utsumi, are you here?

Utsumi (pours water in his cup): Yeah, getting me some water

Clay (while in the kitchen): Good, anybody else want a drink?

Matthew: Yeah, I could go use a drink.

Melvin: Sure.

Erica: Got any lemonade?

Clay: Yeah, my mom made some yesterday (enters the refrigerator) We also have orange juice.

Melvin: Ill have some orange juice.

Matthew: Ill have lemonade.

(Clay and Utsumi has trays with drinks, then walks into the living room)

Clay: Ill give everybody their drinks, you can sit down, after all you are my guests.

Utsumi: Okay (sits on the couch)

(Clay gives everybody their drinks

(The episode ends with Clay sits down on the couch by Matthew)

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