(The opening shows Clay dancing at a party with lights flashing)

(A goth club is shown)

(The library is shown)

(Utsumi is painting on a canvas)

(The words Clays tale floating above a school)

(El is kicking a soccer)

(Clay is looking out the school window)

(Clays mother takes out a cake out of the kitchen)

(Matthew walking with Clay, while talking)

(Clays father is reading newspapers)

(Clays father and Clay are arguing)

(Clay dressed like 18th century woman with a bunch of people surrounding him)

(Clay is drinking punch at the prom)

(The opening ends with Clay is reading manga)

(The episode opens with Utsumi, Lucy, and Nissho are gathered in a circle, while sitting on pillows)

Nissho: So, he is really nice, too nice.

Lucy: I agree, and why does he not like getting close to people?

(Nissho and Lucy look at Utsumi)

Utsumi: I can tell you, he is sensitive about it.

Nissho: I can respect that.

Lucy (looks at Utsumi) (with a serious face): So, did you ask to be his friend or did he come to you?

Utsumi: I came to him wanting to read his comics and now Im a part of a friend group. The other friends are Erica, Melvin, and Matthew.

Lucy (sarcastic): So, you have a whole friend group, you are one lucky guy (takes a sip of tea)

Utsumi: Come on, don be jealous, after all you can be friends with them.

Lucy: No thank you, you and Nissho can do that, Ill stick with my group.

Nissho: I guess goths must stay together, since you have a strong bond.

Lucy: Yeah, so Nissho, do you really want to be friends with Clay?

Nissho: Not really, I just want to meet a fan of my favorite show.

Utsumi: Alright.

Nissho (looks at Utsumi): Are you upset?

Utsumi (Shrugs his shoulders): Nah.

Nissho: Well, we should go to sleep.

(Nissho and Utsumi lay down)

(Lucy is reading, while her friends are falling asleep)

(The screen shows the sun coming up)

(The screen switches to Utsumi on the phone)

(Utsumi has a red shirt, blue shorts, and white shoes)

(Lucy has a black dress)

(Nissho has a yellow shirt, blue shorts, and white shoes)

(The screen shows Kawakamis car)

Utsumi: Bye (enters the cr)

(Kawakami hugs Lucy and Nissho)

Kawakami: Bye (closes the door)

(Kawakami drives off)

(The screen switches to Nissho and Lucy walk to their bus stop)

Lucy: Nissho?

Nissho (looking curious): Whats up?

Lucy: Nothing

(A school bus comes with number 32)

(Lucy and Nisshoo go on the bus)

A voice: Lucy!

(A girl who has long red hair, white skin, wearing a fluffy dress and heels is waving at Lucy. Her name is Sam)

(Lucy heads over to Sam)

(Across from Sam is a girl who has long blonde hair with a hit of black hair, white skin, wearing a black dress with a hint of green, and heels. Her name is Lily)

(Beside her is a boy who has long black hair on the front, spiky pink hair in the back, wearing a black suit and shoes. His name is Teddy.)

(Nissho sits by a boy who has short blonde hair, white skin, wearing a white shirt, blue pants, and white shoes. The boy is Tsuzuki)

(Tsuzuki is reading a manga)

Nissho (looks at Tsuzuki) (with a smile): Oh, you like manga, do you like anime as well?

Tsuzuki (sounding cold): Oh, so you want to talk to me today, yet yesterday you were too busy talking to the other people.

Nissho (looks confused): Those people, (snaps his finger) you mean the drama club? (curious)Are you upset that I was paying attention to them instead of you? If so, Im sorry.

Tsuzuki (looks at Nissho): Saying sorry isn necessary. I mean we only knew each other for one day, so what do you like?

(Tsuzuki turns around to see Nissho is looking like he is about to cry)

Nissho (sounding annoyed): What? What did I say? Why are you about to cry?

Nissho: Sorry, its just that you would feel this cold because I wasn paying attention to you, did I hurt you that much? Im sorry. Ill pay attention to you for now, lets be friends.

Tsuzuki (looking annoyed) (blushing): Whats with you? I wasn being cold because you weren paying me. Im not that petty.

Nissho (with a friendly smile): If you say so.

(The bus stop and more goths enter the school bus and sit by Lucy)

(The screen shows the bus at the school)

(Nissho, Lucy, Tsuzuki, Teddy, and Lily exit the bus and enter the school)

(They see a man who has long curly blonde hair, white skin, wearing a green shirt, blue pants, and white shoes. His name is Tamai)

Principal Tamai: Welcome to Day 2, newcomers (looks at Nissho): Nissho, you seem chipper as ever.

Nissho (smiles at Principal Tamai): I see you have a ray of positivity as well.

Lucy: Knock it off you two (pulls Nissho away)lets go Nissho

Nissho (waves at Principal Tamai): Talk to you later

Principal Tamai (waves back): Of course.

Teddy: What is wrong with you two?

Nissho: What? We love acting. As if we would really get into a principal and student relationship like that.

Lily (looks at Nissho) (looking serious): You keep acting like that and other students will believe that you two are dating.

Nissho (acting calm): Please nobody would believe that.

Tsuzuki (as he passes by Nissho): If you are this naive, I feel more sad for the person that made you realize you
e bisexual

Nissho (following Tsuzuki): Hey, I am not naive, and I will have you know I figured out I was bisexual on my own.

Tsuzuki (looking surprised): So, you aren dating anybody? (looks cold) ”You are such a liar.

Nissho (while running after Tsuzuki): What? Is it that hard to believe? (heads to the cafeteria)

Teddy (walks beside Lucy): So, how long has he known?

Lucy: For a while, but can tell you how he found out, its too much of a tragedy for even me to mention.

Teddy (looking shocked): To think its that much of a tragedy, so I won force it out of you.

(The screen shows Nissho is following Tsuzuki, when he phone rings)

(Nissho looks at his phone, then his face turns white, he answers the call, and heads into the bathroom)

Nissho (sits on the floor) (with an angry look on his face): What do you want?

(A shadow figure of an older man is shown on the screen beside the screen that has Nissho)

Nisshos uncle: You see I made a little deal with a son whose father is a friend of mine.

Nissho (looking angry): You sold me!

Nisshos uncle: Relax, youll know this kid, he goes to your school, goes by the name Mateo Palmer; So tomorrow will be my last day, so we will get to hang out tonight.

Nissho (looking serious): You promise tomorrow is the last day.

Nisshos uncle: Yes, don worry, I hear Mateo is a good kid, and what you should be worried about is how we are spend tonight, you better pick something fun.

Nissho (while putting his hand on his heart): Of course

Nisshos uncle: Oh, and Ill be picking you up from school, your mom and dad have an interview, so I promised I would watch you, and don try to hide at your friends house.

Nissho: I wouldn dare, see you after school.

Nisshos uncle: Aren you forgetting to say something important?

Nissho: Love you uncle.

(Somebody opens the door)

Nissho: Uh, go ahead, I was leaving (leaves the bathroom)

The person: Wait!

(Nissho has his hands on his knees and breathed heavily)

Nissho (looking angry): Im going to kill that man.

Lucy: Having a quarrel with your uncle again.

Nissho (jumped): That was embarrassing and yes, hes leaving tomorrow ”.

Lucy: Tomorrow isn that good, yet you don look happy.

Nissho: You see, he is watching over me tonight and he set me up with some guy.

Lucy (looks at Nissho) (looking serious): Name?

Nissho: Mateo Palmer, apparently he goes to this school, but I don think we will run into each other.

Lucy: Hmmm.

(The episode ends with Nissho and Lucy walk into the cafeteria)

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