That was the only word that rang through Qin Yufengs mind as he looked at his wifes lifeless body lying on the cold ground. His blank eyes stared at the body in disbelief. He was standing in the same spot, frozen and completely cold. He couldn believe his eyes and he was still in a state of shock. How could this be?

That was not his wife!

No! She was not dead!

Earlier when he left Bai Liyue alone at the deck, he went back to the party. Several people wanted to start a conversation with him, but he was still in a bad mood because of the fight between him and his wife. He didn want to entertain these peoples stupid conversation and hence, he stared at everyone who came toward him with his dark eyes, succeeding in scaring them away.

He took a sip of his red wine still thinking about the fight. He knew Bai Liyue was a strong, stubborn woman. Once she decided to do something, then she can go to any lengths to achieve it. She wasn the kind of woman who would back down easily or give up. For the last three years, she put up with his nonsense because of that contract and because of her family.

She didn try to go against his words just because of the contract she signed. Otherwise, she would have already left his side and divorced him. But now, he was worried that even that contract wouldn be able to keep her by his side. He knew how much her dreams meant to her. If she had to choose between him and her dream, then she would give up on his happily.

Now that the truth was out in open, he was panicking in his heart. He knew that she would rack that smart mind of hers and try to get away from him as far as possible.

And, this worried him.

Luo Jin, his best friend, and his psychiatrist noticed his bad mood and joined him with his own drink. He questioned the reason behind his bad mood and Qin Yufeng told him everything as he always did. Hearing his words, Luo Jin sighed and gave him a little advice as well told him about his mistakes.

Qin Yufeng listened to his words carefully however, when Luo Jin advised him to let Bai Liyue go and achieve her dream, his mood turn worse. He didn want to talk about it anymore. Hence, he ignored Luo Jin and glanced at his watch. Five minutes had already passed and he was already missing her. He wanted to get up and go to bring her back, yet he didn .

Knowing that she wanted some time alone, he stayed put and continued with his drink. His eyes glanced at the boring party when suddenly, his bodyguards who were supposed to protect and look after his wife, ran towards him. When Qin Yufeng saw them, he immediately realized that something was wrong.

He questioned them about his wife only to hear that she was missing. His eyes darkened. His knuckles whitened as he gripped the wine glass. Murderous thoughts filled his head and he wanted to kill them for not looking after his wife properly, but more than that he was worried about his wifes whereabouts. He knew he had several enemies and that itself put his missing wife in more danger.

For the next one hour, his men began to search every nook and corner of the ship and began to look for his missing wife. At the same time, Maximilian the special guard of Qin Yufeng pushed all the guests to one corner as the bodyguards began to question them thoroughly while all the servants on the boats were called and pushed into the other corner to be questioned.

With each passing second, Qin Yufengs mood was turning terrible. He looked scary and everyone started to fear for their lives. They had heard a lot of incidents about how overprotective he was about his wife and how he dealt with people who troubled his wife. Only Bai Liyue was capable to calm his anger, otherwise, it wouldn take much time for him to turn into a monster.

Finally under his scrutinizing and terrifying gaze, one of the guests broke down and confessed that he had seen someone falling into the sea. But because the person was drunk, he wasn sure whether he was seeing things or imagining them. When Qin Yufeng heard the persons words, his heart shuddered in his chest with fear.

Bai Liyue was standing on the deck when he left her. What if the persons words were true? What if she fell into the sea? He couldn even imagine the fear he was feeling at that moment. He rushed towards the deck, wanting to jump inside the sea to look for her but his friends grabbed his arm, stopping him. He fought against them but Maximilian and Luo Jin didn let him go.

Instead, all of his men jumped into the sea to look for Bai Liyue. Later on, a few divers were called to search for her. With each passing second, Qin Yufengs blood was turning cold. He couldn believe the possibility that his wife must have tried to commit suicide. She wasn such a weak person. However, when the body was retrieved from the sea, he collapsed on his knees.

”Yufeng!!!! ” Luo Jin rushed over to support him.

”Luo Jin, t-thats not my wife… No! Shes not my wife. Yueyue is still alive. She can die. No! I don believe it. I don believe it, ” he muttered, his eyes turning red and body trembling and shaking in disbelief. ”S-she…. she can leave me. She can die! She can die! Thats not her! Not her! I refuse to believe it. Thats somebody else. My wife is still alive. Shes still alive. ”

”Q-qin Yufeng, I am so sorry. ” Luo Jins eyes were filled with tears. Even he couldn that Bai Liyue was dead. At the same time, he recalled the fight that occurred between Bai Liyue and Qin Yufeng. Knowing the reason behind that fight, Bai Liyues death wasn much of a mystery to him.

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