”Why? ” Bai Liyue screamed, grabbing his collar and glaring at him. ”Why can you divorce me? Do you really take me as your prisoner, Qin Yufeng? I want a divorce and you will give me one. For three years, I have suffered enough. And now, I want my freedom. ”

Qin Yufeng was surprised. Her words shocked him but more than that, her fierceness, her anger shook him. He was missing this. He was missing this glare, that terrible anger, that fierceness of hers in these past three years. He was missing her rebellious nature, her way of fighting to get what she wanted.

This was her, the real her.

During these three years, he missed the real her so much.

But now, it wasn the time for him to be happy. She was asking him for a divorce and he needed to know the reason why. For three years, she kept mum, didn raise her voice, didn object to his stupid decision, and lived like a lifeless doll. What was the reason for this sudden change in her behavior?

He needed to know!

”Love, whats wrong? ” he asked gently, touching her cheek. ”Did someone say anything to you? Who is it? Who spoke lies about me? ”

”Humph! ” Bai Liyue sneered lightly, arched her brows, and looked at him. ”Do you really think they have the guts to speak a word against you on your own ship? ”

”Then why are you asking for a divorce? What did I do wrong? ” he inquired. ”If I have done something wrong, then I am sorry. I admit my mistake. But, don say such things. Don you know how much I love you? ”

”No! ” Bai Liyue yelled, pushing him away from her. ”No! You don love me. You never did. ”

”It is all fake. Your love is fake. Your care is fake. You are a liar, Yufeng. You lied to me, ” she accused, pointing fingers at him. ”I hate you! I hate you!!! Do you hear me? I. HATE. YOU. ”

Qin Yufeng was truly confused.

He didn know what was wrong with her. In their three years of marriage, he knew she didn love him but she never said she hated him either.

Why so sudden?

What happened?

”Love, hate is a strong word…. ”

”So what? Thats the truth. ”

”No, ” Qin Yufeng refused to believe. ”Love, you don hate me. I know that. ”

”You know wrong. Since the day I met you, I have always hated you. ”

”L-love… why are you saying such hateful words? What did I do wrong? Tell me, I will correct myself. But, don say such things. My love is true, not false. Don say that…. ”

”Stop fooling me, Qin Yufeng. ” Bia Liyue hissed, anger flashing through her clear misty eyes. ”I am not going to fall for that trap. Your trap! ”

Qin Yufeng frowned, moving closer to her. He raised his hand to touch her arm, but before he could do so, she pushed him away. Shocked by her sudden move, he staggered back and looked at her in disbelief. ”Yueyue?! ”

”Don touch me!!! ” she looked at him in disgust and hate.

”What did I do? ”

”Everything. ”

”What do you mean? ”

”Since the day I got married to you, everything is wrong. ” Bai Liyue muttered as tears began to well up in her eyes.

”Don say that…. ” he begged.

”You are wrong. Your love is wrong - ”

”Stop…. ”

” – Our marriage is wrong, ” Bai Liyue continued, ignoring his pleas. ”Everything about you is wrong. I shouldn have got married to you. I was – ”

”I SAID STOP IT!!!! ” Qin Yufeng roared. He grabbed her arm, pulling her towards the deck a little farther from all the bodyguards that were around them. He pushed her behind until her back touched the cold superstructure behind. ”WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??? ” he yelled.

Bai Liyue smiled, her eyes matching his fierceness and anger. This time she wasn scared of his anger, as she usually used to be. She knew him better than to be scared of him. ”I want a divorce, ” she demanded again.

”Never! ”

”Why? Why can you divorce me? Why do want to be in this loveless marriage? ”

”Who said its a loveless marriage? I love you! ” he declared.

”No, you don . ”

Qin Yufengs nostrils flared as he stared at her. He couldn believe that she was doubting his love for her after everything he did. In these three years, hadn he done enough? Didn he prove his love enough? Why was she saying this? Did she love breaking his heart again and again and again with her words, her actions, and her looks? In these three years, didn she feel his love, even once?

”Just give me a divorce, Yufeng. ” Bai Liyue requested stubbornly. ”Nothing good can come out of this marriage. ”

Fury thrummed through his veins when he saw that she was still adamant about her words. Anger began to consume his mind as he felt like the entire world was closing on him. His body began to shake, his hand clenching into two tight fists and his face began to flush red. Qin Yufeng knew that he was a short-tempered guy. It was easy for him to get angry and vent it physically.

But, when he saw his own reflection in her eyes, he paused. He didn want to scare her. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath, put his hand in his left pocket, and took out an orange-flavored lollipop. Unwrapping the lollipop, he put it in his mouth and enjoyed the wonderful nostalgic taste of the candy. Only then, did his anger cool down.

”Yueyue, you know I don like talking around in circles, ” he expressed through gritted teeth. ”GET. TO. THE. DAMN. POINT. ”

Bai Liyues eyes stayed on the lollipop in his mouth, sighing to see that he was already at his limit. He was getting angry and this was not a good sign. Not for her, but for the guard, the other people on this ship, and for the cruise ship itself. Qin Yufeng can do anything in his anger and she feared for all the other people who were there on this boat. His life motto was Act first, then think.

Yet, he never harmed her physically. During these three years of marriage, she can guarantee one thing about him. He would never direct his anger toward her even if she was the cause of that anger.

”I met Uncle Shen. ”

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