Thinking about that unfateful day, Bai Liyue was filled with regret. She shouldn have taken that decision. During these three years of marriage, there were a lot of times when she regretted that day when she chose to get married to him. ”I made a mistake, ” she admitted out loud.

”What? ” Qin Yufeng was deeply hurt.


Anger was starting to consume his mind but he took deep breaths to calm himself down. He didn want to fight with her anymore nor did he wants to listen to her hurtful words. It pained him whenever she would utter those hurtful words to him. Was he that bad? He was truly tired of telling her about his feelings, telling her how much he loved her, telling her about his motives. No one taught him how to love but for her, he tried hard.

He didn expect her to fall in love with him but expected a little understanding from her side. However now, he was truly tired.

”Love, I don want to fight with you anymore…. ” he said, taking a tired breath. ”Lets stop. ”

”No! I want my answers. Will you stop what you are doing or not? ”

”No ” Qin Yufeng looked at her coldly. ”And, thats my final answer. We will not argue on this anymore. Lets go back inside. ”

”No. I am not coming inside. I need an answer. ”

”I have already given you my answer. ”

”If you won let me act, then give me a divorce. ”

”No and no! ”

”Then I will file for a divorce in the court. ” Bai Liyue stated stubbornly.

”No matter in which court you go, you will lose love. You will never be successful, ” he stated.

Anger flashed through Bia Liyues eyes and she sneered loudly. ”Why? Are you going to bribe or threaten every court to take your side and make you win? Is that how low you are going to get, Yufeng? ”

Qin Yufeng crossed his arms and smiled at her innocence. ”Love, I don even have to bribe the court or threaten anyone. I will win because I am not wrong. On what grounds, are you going to get a divorce from me? Do I not love you? Am I cheating on you? Do I have a relationship with some other woman? Am I not taking care of you? Am I not providing for you? Am I abusive in our marriage? ”

”Love, you know the answer better. You will lose simply because I have done everything and more to make this marriage work. On the other hand, if the judge asks about you then I am sorry to say but you have done nothing. You never cared about my feelings, never cared about my pain. You never tried to get to know me or understand me. You always misunderstood me and kept your distance from me. ”

”For three years I have been living like a monk even when I have a beautiful wife beside me. Who do you think will win if you tell this to the court? Do you think you will win? ”

Bai Liyue clenched her first. Every word that he said shot straight through her heart. He was right. If she took this matter to the court, then she will definitely lose. There was no point in going to the court. She never fully committed herself to this marriage because she never wanted to be with this man. How could she even fall in love with him when he was everything that she hated?

But now wasn the time to think about all of that. She needed to prepare for her next move. She knew him well enough to know that if he objected to something this strongly, then he would never let her do that. Getting separated from him was her only option!

But how?

What can she do?

”Yufeng, if you wanted to have an intimate relationship with me, I never stopped you, ” she told him.

”Yueyue, do I really have that kind of a bad image in your mind? What do you think of me, huh? Do you think of me as a man who would **** his wife and have sex with her without her consent? ”

”But I also never took you as a man who would who stop his wife from achieving her dreams, ” she retorted back in reply. ”I never thought that you would make a joke of my life, my dreams. You promised that you will take care of me and fulfill my every wish but you were clearly lying. Qin Yufeng, I always knew you were a bad person doing all kinds of bad things. You are the Mafia King, you kill people, you do illegal businesses, you have connections with the underworld and your hands are stained with blood. I knew that before our marriage ”

”You told me about your habits and what you needed from me in this marriage. You never hid the fact that you were an over-possessive control freak who wanted to keep track of everything I did. You never hid the fact that you were keeping watch over me, tracking my phone, and keeping all those stupid guards around me to report back to you about the things I did. ”

”When I was signing that contract, I knew what I was getting myself into. Thats why I never objected to your words and did everything you told me. But why didn you utter a single word when I told you about my dreams? Why did you hide the fact that you despised the acting industry? Why did you act like a caring husband in the back and stabbed me in the back? ”

”I did not stab you in the back. Don say that! ”

”YOU DID!!! ”

”ENOUGH!!! ” Qin Yufeng roared out loud scaring everyone around them. All the bodyguards jumped back in fright and tried to make themselves blend into the background as much as possible. This was the first time they had seen their Boss ever being so angry at their Madam. He looked like he was about to pour out all of his anger on their Madam and this was not a good sign.

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