Crazy CEO Please don’t love me

Mysterious masked woman

Bai Liyue was frightened. Her heart was jumping up and down in her chest with fear and her body trembled slightly. She didn expect him to roar at her. His eyes were so dark as if he was about to do something terrible to her. She knew he would never hurt her physically but still, she couldn help but feel a little scared.

She took a step back from him but he grabbed her arm lightly, keeping her in her place. ”Y-yufeng, you…. ”

”Bai Liyue, ” Qin Yufeng called out her name, his dark eyes staring at her with anger and an emotion she couldn quite catch.

”We will never talk about this anymore, ever! I know its your dream to become an actress and trust me, you would make a wonderful one at that. But, I will never let you step inside that dirty environment. Now, before I do something crazy, lets go back to the party. We will go home happy and forget that this conversation ever happened. ”

”And, I dare you, Yueyue. You do not want to go against my words. Remember, you have signed a contract with me. Everything will start crumbling down if you ever go against my words. ” he warned her.

Hate and anger flashed through her eyes as she looked at him. His words hurt her. To know that he will never let her peacefully pursue her dreams broke her heart into two. Tears pooled in her eyes and she glared at him fiercely. ”You are a sick bastard!!! I HATE YOU!!! ”

”Hate me all you want…. ” he murmured, wiping her tears delicately with his hands. ”I can live with your hate for the rest of my life. ”

Looking at her hate-filled eyes, Qin Yufeng sighed in his heart. He knew she was hurt. After all, he just broke her beautiful dream and confirmed her perception of his character. She always thought he was a bad person and now, his actions confirmed it for her. He didn want to do this to her but his hands were bound. No matter what, he couldn bring himself to let her go and work in that dirty place and become something he hated from the bottom of his heart.

He sighed again. Wiping her tears carefully, he saw to it that she looked proper. Not that she wasn beautiful, she was and she always will be! Even when crying she looked like an angel. He was doing this because he didn want those stupid people inside the hall to know about their arguments and cook up crazy theories. He deeply hated when other people gossiped and talked about his wife.

At the same time, he also didn want some lunatics(crazy women and their crazy families) to get the idea to seduce him thinking that he was having problems with his wife.

He remembered how people reacted three years ago when his wedding photos were released in the press. Everyone was shocked to see the beauty of his wife. Everyone thought he was marrying her for her beauty, but they were wrong.

Everyone only saw her beauty, but he saw more than that. She was not only the most beautiful woman on earth but also the kindest. It was her kind heart and pure soul that pulled his attention toward her. She was like a light in his dark world and that light shined so brightly that it burned every fiber in his body, making him feel alive after a long, long period of time.

Like a moth drawn towards a flame, he was drawn towards her. She was the most beautiful, the kindest, the brightest, and the most wonderful person he had ever met. The more he met her, the more he began to fall deeply for her. And then, they got married. It was the most memorable and happiest day of his life. He felt so lucky to meet her, fall in love with her and have her as his wife.

Though she had the complete opposite feelings, he didn mind. He knew many people were waiting for that one chance where he would get upset with his wife and divorce her so that some can finally have a clear path to push their daughters onto him. However, he was never going to let them have that chance.

He belonged only to his wife!

No one can separate him from his wife, not even she herself!

”Lets go inside, love. ” Qin Yufeng said, taking her in his and leading her towards the grand hall.

However, Bai Liyue refused to move. ”Yufeng, I need some time alone. ”

”Huh? ”

”I want some time alone, ” she said.

”But, love - ”

”Please….. ” she looked at him with pleading eyes.

Qin Yufeng nodded, sighing. ”Fine. But only for 10 minutes and after that, you will have to come inside and be by my side. ”

”Hmm. ”

Seeing her going back to her obedient self, Qin Yufengs heart ached. He didn want her to go back to that detached, lonely, lost self. He didn want her to act like a puppet, who would listen to his every word without any reactions. But, he knew the situation itself was so cruel, and hence, he didn say anything to her. He simply hoped that she would forget about this night and cheer up.

”Hey you, ” Qin Yufeng looked at one of the guards. ”Get me a shawl. Quick! ”

”Yes, Boss. ”

Within minutes, the bodyguard quickly returned with a shawl and handed it over to Qin Yufeng. Qin Yufeng tested the fabric of the cloth in his hand and was pleased with its quality. Just as he was to drape it all over her body, Bai Liyue stopped him.

”I don need it. I am fine, ” she said.

”What fine? Love, its cold out here. I know your body better than you. You will catch a cold and suffer from high even in the morning. So please….. ” he said and draped it nicely over her upper part of the body. Caressing her cheeks, he looked at her gently and apologized. ”I am sorry, love. I really am. ”

Bai Liyue remained silent.

He sighed. ”I am leaving. After you feel better, come back to the party. Okay? ”

She nodded.

Qin Yufeng pressed his lips together. He knew that this was a heartbreaking moment for her and she needed time to process everything. Hence, he didn stay there any further. He took one last glance at her, told the bodyguards to protect her, and left from there.

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