[Age 19 – Year 20xx]

Kaia preferred hunting in the dark. She felt the most powerful when people couldn use their senses against her. She gazed around as darkness cocooned her body, blending her into the shadows as if she never existed, to begin with. She preferred to use shadow step to follow people but this target was more complex. He was a younger man that worked under the pseudo name ”Revive ” for a guild named Elevated Skies. She had done thorough research on Revive, finding interest in him because of his name and partially due to his dull lilac hair. On this planet, people often were given pseudo names based on their skills or worse, their ailments. Elevated Skies had recently been scouting Vaara, the village in which Kaia and her siblings took residence.

Her siblings Aether and Adenoid didn perceive them at first so Kaia decided to volunteer herself for a recon mission. Her hands itched with excitement as she thought about how much money shed get off of him once she could get him alone. Regardless, Kaia wanted to take this seriously. A threat was still a threat, and she needed information to properly assess the severity of the threat. Slipping between the darkness of different objects, she moved lightly on her feet before she decided higher ground would be the best ground. She swung her legs up smoothly as she scaled the various items so she could balance on the wood beams that stretched between buildings. The stench of death ruminated in the air of this town, almost as if the town was blanketed in it. Her nose wrinkled as the more pungent ones could be smelt from higher grounds. She continued to trail behind Revive as he ran quickly through the streets, not once stopping at those who waved at him. She strolled across building tops while watching him from above, completely shrouded in darkness.

Kaia had faith in her ultimate skill, Abyssal, and in System X. She knew that he wasn looking for her, but rather anyone else. Kaia sighed as frustration overwhelmed her. She couldn help but pity a man as slow as him. She even wondered what his stats were like for him to run as slow as a turtle. Nevertheless, she had a mission at hand and that was to find out why this stinky turtle had been following her younger brother around. Revive made a sharp turn down an alleyway and eventually landed before a door with a sign above, Lucky Cats Tavern, he pushed the Taverns heavy door with a groan.

Kaia hopped down quickly into the alleyway before following him inside. The tavern was large and had many people inside of it, none of which noticed the darkness moving around the room. It simply was out of their perceived ability. The dagger spun loosely in her hand on the off chance a Champion rank warrior was here. Kaia didn have the time or energy to go against one of them. She could probably win, but she wouldn be happy about it. Instead, she pushed herself to stick to the shadows on the outskirts which allowed her to keep her distance and ensure she wouldn be caught by anyone else.

Revive hurried past the bartender and instead went to the hallway that extended to an even longer corridor, he led her down a long pathway that was dimly lit. It allowed her to walk freely behind him and she admired the way his muscles bunched as he moved. Of course, she wasn in love, he was no comparison to Atlas, but he did have fluid movement in his body. He eventually came upon an empty wall with no doors, instead of turning to attack her he pushed on the wall and it soon gave way. He checked his surroundings once again before entering the hole. Beyond was complete darkness so Kaia threw herself into the hole before it had sealed behind her. The hole led to stairs with dimly lit torches, it looked and felt ominous causing a shiver to run down her spine.

Revive chose to ignore the staircase, simply jumping down to the bottom and firmly landing on the stone pathway. It was easily a 50-foot drop and Kaia was both impressed and astonished. She knew he was another prodigy but she didn realize he was already at this stage especially by gauging how slow he was. She followed him by jumping down and landing in a shadow, darkness once again concealing her. He walked lazily to the opening that was filled with light. Kaia chose to hang by the doorway, where the darkness would conceal her. Inside the room revealed an older man with bright red hair sitting on a couch sipping a drink that smelt of liquor. Revive kneeled and bowed his head.

”Raise your head, Revive, give me the details of your mission. ”

”Yes Sir, finding the red wraith was rather easy. His sibl

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